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  1. Greetings, My question is could anyone made this game work with friends nowadays? The game starts with the  "Cannot connect to news service" - message on the bottom. Promissing!!!!!! Every multiplayer game we try to host or join to gives  :  Could not join - The lobby may have closed.     // it wasn't We opened all ports, firewall options, registered on racenet.codemasters.com, even added each others as friend, and linked our profile to steam. So yeaaaah topic on! //Naki
  2. NakiCoTony

    F1 RaceStars multiplayer not working!?!

    I just have to write this here :  "Support" contacted me asking for me and my friends system spec.... perfectly normal. and after that they sent me this mail :  That flipped the switch!! and i wrote them something like this : (edited it so that it can be shown on the forums) So yeah.... I am sure that my case is in good hands!!! Would recommend buying more Codemaster products sooo much!!!!
  3. NakiCoTony

    F1 RaceStars multiplayer not working!?!

    Already did that! Now it is the waiting game!