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  1. Gerie

    An old question renewed, Joystick

    Guys, thank you so very much, you made this old man happy, it works!!!!! Made my first rounds on Monza and it feels great!!! Dus.... heel erg bedankt!!!
  2. Gerie

    An old question renewed, Joystick

    Thank you guys!!!!!!!
  3. Gerie

    An old question renewed, Joystick

    I guess it seems very oldfashioned to everyone to use a joystick, since everybody is working with controllers or steeringwheels, but I can tell you that there are a lot of people who would appreciate it a lot if there would be some more informations around the use of 'oldfashioned joysticks'.
  4. Gerie

    An old question renewed, Joystick

    Hi Barry, I remember that I tried it once With Codemasters F1 2018, and the joystick was in every way so sensitive that driving was far from possible... Thats why I was very surprised when I saw the post from Killingjoke197 that he is racing with a joystick. I am very curious what kind of joystick he plays with and how he managed to get the joystick less sensitive to every movement.
  5. Gerie

    An old question renewed, Joystick

    Hi Marcel, I am able to use one hand / arm. I always played F1 from Microphrose, I was really addicted to that game because it was playable with a joystick, steering, trottle, brake, and changing gears with the fire button. The post of Killingjoke197 gives me hope that there is a way to play F1 Codemasters. Asked him a couplemof questions but he doesn't responf anymore, sadly..
  6. Gerie

    An old question renewed, Joystick

    Oh wow, what joystick do you play with? Does that mean that you use the stick for three things? Throttle (pushing forward) Brake (Pulling Backward) en steering (Push sidewards?) I would very much like to have more info from you since, this could be a big deal for me. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi you all, as I said an old question again. Could you please help me with this? For me it is impossible to use a steringwheel and pedals since I am disabled. Playing F1 with a gamepad is just not the way I get the feeling of real driving. Since I am an older guy, in my early days of gaming I played Microphrose F1 with a joystick, which for me was the closest to using a wheel and pedals. With the joystick it was steering, throttle and brakes in one, so just the stick, that worked perfect for me. Now, can anyone tell me, if it would be possible to play Codemasters F1 the same way? Hope to hear from you. Greetings
  8. Hij there my name is Ger, 51 years old and I come from Holland. A long long time ago i was fond of playing formula 1 games, but at that time it was very usual to play with a joystick. A good steering device or a joypad, were not popular bij then..... I bought F1 2014 last week to get a bit of the old feeling back. The game is up and running but...... Is there a way or a patch which makes it possible to use a joystick for racing? I gues not, who knows someone has figured it out... Well that's it, thanks in advance and greetings from Holland in spring. Ger.