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  1. Alright folks,
    so I got as one of the awards in DRC Championship GRID Autosport. I spent around 2h yesterday playing it in multi. Well, let's start from good things:
    - I like the fact I can buy cars and earn money and that there is calculation of costs after the race. Really great idea because the most problematic thing is that there are people who want to crash. This kind of punishment is well over thought.
    - I noticed that I wanted to do one run and then again and again so there is a kind of magic keeeping you from leaving the game.
    -graphics are alright but nothing above it
    - good that there are penalties for going out of track
    Now minuses:
    -Graphics in arcade game (GRID) is worse than in a sim (Project CARS). Something is not alright there.
    Despite the fact that pCARS requires lot of calculation going on in the background for complicated tire model, tire wear, tire heating etc. it also provides stunning graphics. Usually arcade games have better graphics because they haven't complexed physics like that that demand lot of process. GRID is not a sim so there are no complicated calculations going in the bacgkround so I'd expect that this room left they are going to use for making awesome graphics, better then in pCARS. And graphics is not only not better, it's not even equal, it's worse. Still it's not bad but it shouldn't be like that.
    - driving with wheel is strange. I'm using default settings btw. I feel like I should rather drive with gamepad or keyboard because driving with wheel is not easy. It should be accurate and give me lot of precision but instead it makes my life harder so it's other way around than it should be. Also, quite often I'm losing rear without any apparent reason. There is no feedback from game, just it happens out a blue.
    Saying that I'm going to play in GRID Autosport from time to time but not all the time :)

  2. Okey folks, I've been waiting for some kind of sum up with general results but I guess we won't have one so just a word from me on the end:

    I'm a really rookie in Dirt3, played less than 50 hours before championship (but around 1000h in other racing/rally games) so when @Dave (North3rnstar) invited me to his team I wanted to refuse to not slow him down haha Thank you Dave for this invite and good job, 1st in Team Standings, who would think, huh?

    When seeing my times aren't that bad after first round I pushed harder as I saw an opportunity to jump to top 3. As far as I'm concerned, now in overall Single-driver standings I'm 2nd and that's something I hadn't have expected in the beginning. 

    It was sometimes quite a good fight against @StuntmanMike but his skill and general experience was way beyond my level. Good job man, you won every stage, that's impressive. My congrats go also to @yar72, you were pushing really hard, that was most equal duel I've had in this event! Congratulations to every single on of you who have participated, the more people the better atmosphere :) 

    And thank you Big Lee, I realize you are short of time so thanks for giving us this little you have and organizing this championship :)
    I guess I should also say thank you to my sponsors... so,namely, my mom who provided me food without which I wouldn't make it hahha
    Personally, I'm hoping to see a multiplayer championship  because Time Trial stages are fun only for couple of runs and then it's just  boring restart-restart-restart as you are trying to put a perfect lap together. And that can last hours.

    And, see you guys in multi!
    add me to gfwl so we could play together, nickname Vorrtz. I won't be around till the end of this month because I'm struggling with finals and projects and stuff but will be there soon :)

  3. I'd opt for multiplayer rallyx championship as a break from TT. It might've be harder to organize  (quali, runs) but maybe we could check if anyone wants it? I'm quite tired of running the same stage couple of hours in a row in time trials in order to get a good time...Rallyx could be fun.

    Break is surely needed. I have projects and finals all way long till the end of this month so even if I wanted I could not participate :|

  4. Good run @mikeyar72, that was quite demanding, I liked fighting with you through last four stages, good you joined us because unfortunately I lack in time, skill and track knowledge to fight equally with StuntmanMike :)

    I won't run Monte, I'm out of time to do any more rounds :|


    I can't wait for Final Standings and really curious about the prizes :P

  5. I complained that 70% of people didn't submit ANY of the stages, not that not enough ;) And I didn't want to offend anyone, just pointed out to submit one stage to avoid  later a confusion if Lee wanted to pick stages. But Lee has been already quicker and just has set a new round. Good luck! 
    Avenga76 said:
    Vorrtz said:
    Come on mates, over 24h since Lee has announced results and rules for next round and only 5 people out of 30 bothered to submit their proposals in this thread... If you really don't care where and what you want to drive then may someone who hasn't posted just give the name for last stage so Lee could kick off with last round. It's not that hard, just four words.

    Vorrtz said:
    Each of you can nominate one stage/event and I want you to submit your suggestion like this.

    Haha. So you complain when people don't submit enough stages and you complain when people submit too many stages.

    Okay then. My ONE choice is

    Lake Gratiot

    It is a much longer and I think better Trailblazer than the Lake Superior TrailBlazer we did in the Michigan round.

  6. That was fun! Four stages were really demanding and the most pleasurable was one in Norway which I did on last run. Anyway, I love that moment when after driving relatively slow Bowler I switched to Quattro S1, almost like I would activate hyperdrive lol

    Name: Vorrtz
    Team: STP
    Stage 1 Time: 2:42:732
    Stage 2 Time: 
    Stage 3 Time: 
    Stage 4 Time: 

    Total: 10:04:766

  7. @Avenga,

    sorry mate, didnt mean to offend you. Wanted to point out that we have to submit one stage because later Lee wouldn't know which of them you want :) But Lee has already set a new round so never mind. And I complained that 80% of people didn't submit any of the stages, not that "not enough stages" by one person. Small difference :)

  8. Come on mates, over 24h since Lee has announced results and rules for next round and only 5 people out of 30 bothered to submit their proposals in this thread... If you really don't care where and what you want to drive then may someone who hasn't posted just give the name for last stage so Lee could kick off with last round. It's not that hard, just four words.

  9. [Rally ]


    [Taveta Descent]


    @justbiglee I'm sorry mate, I do realize you have plenty of work but if we can't get general standings of Drivers after 4 rounds could we be at least informed how points are calculated? :) Then everyone interested can do quick math and see where he is.

    Is it 10,9,7 points etc.. system like for teams other one?

  10. You forgot to add Team STP,

    if @justbiglee could count Dave's points for STP anyway, that would be cool.

    Here are my times for the Snow Blower Rally
    kantvegan  : 2.32.547

    lilitkaupanger : 2.23.489


    Bobsleigh run


    And good luck all.

  11. Well, it's not that hard to figure it out...:
    One driver can get maximum of 10 points per round. 1st place-10points, 2nd-9points etc. You have only one driver in team, so you have 10 points because Mike has won all rounds. But you don't have a second one so your second driver gives you 0 points.
    On instance, looking at Dave and me in team STP, e.g. last round I was 3rd, so got 8 points, Dave was 4th so got 7 points. In total 15.
    Not sure though if in the same way we count overall Driver Standings(I mean, by points).

  12. Thanks for results! Good fight with yar this week! Unfortunately, hadn't enough time to get closer to Stuntmanmike, good win :)

    Gj Dave, first place in Team Standings, would you think of it when teaming up? hah

    @justbiglee, May I suggest something Lee, if you have a second please put overall Team Standings along with overall Drivers Standings (if done) to the first post, much easier to follow the stuff. :) If it comes to Driver Standings, will we have time from all rounds summed up or there will be points for each one? Would be great to know how quick or slow I can be in round 4. 

  13. That's really inspiring thread, I mean, it's cool to listen how others' dreams are coming true. Personally, I've always wanted to be a race driver (more of GT3 cars) and I hope to share equally interesting story in the future. If it comes to DiRT.. DiRT2 was the first one I bought, I spent around 80h, I loved rally stages (but those were too short) and trailbrazer but for me it was just another game to chill out with. DiRT3, well, I bought it to race with Dave but untill this event I've started to being fed up with this game(I was playing only with Dave, frontfender,frontbumper,yar72, was losing one stage after another all the time :p). Honestly, there is something missing there, no idea what though. Or maybe nothing is missing just the spirit is different. Back in days I was playing CMR2.0 on keyboard with brother (but can't remember punishing him for crashing cars :D) and it gave me quite a lot of emotions. Enough to say I don't remember much from childhood years, only some flashbacks and playing CMR2.0 was one of them. I really like watching cars sliding in dirt, and getting dirty with mud and that was so fun. Btw, GRID was the game making me go full hardcore and playing in cockipt view with no aids at all.. On keyboard. I haven't the faintest idea how I managed to keep control over the car. Then I bought DFGT which now is falling apart (after 5years I think), potentiomater is working randomly. Now I'm more into Project CARS but when DiRT4 comes out I will have something to devote all nights to.

  14. Yeah, honestly it's not that fun to try going the quickest way and nonoversterry and nonundersteery at the same time. I mean, it's quite satisfying seeing time being reduced and getting closer to the top but if only I wasn't fighting for podium I would go sideways as well :p I guess Monte Carlo, the bonus stage, I will drifft all way long. Ok, I'm not doing Off topic anymore :D