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  1. I think it's phenomenal, but depends on what you think it's more important. To be honest, that hasn't changed much. I feel there is rubberbanding (don't mind it in an arcade racer). And there is, indeed, situations where they spin you out. But honestly I feel those were my fault because I put my car where I shouldn't. I do think the awareness they have of the player and the rest of the grid is exceptional, while also being perfectly fair and feeling so lively. I think it's an evolution of Autosport, but so much better in every aspect. They defend changing the side they are on track
  2. It's probably the best AI I've seen. Great awareness of your car. Really fast. Can race in packs very easily. Not sure if they run with the same physics, but they don't seem otherwise: to explain my point, in Project Cars 2 (for example) AI rivals are extremely fast or slow depending the corner. Clean while feeling lively: I know they tend to generate caos sometimes, but far from being an issue it actually makes it fun and less predictable (occasional caos is good). I can see specific aspects where other AIs are better, for example Assetto Corsa's ability to retain position. But in gener
  3. I can't find it anywhere. The soundcloud files have ok quality, and IMO is wasting the potential of the OST. Also, the menu tune is not there and neither this awesome long loop of one of the replay songs. No need to say I would (very) gladly pay to get the full soundtrack in lossless...
  4. Update is out. As predicted, Veyron shouldn't be nowhere near that class. If you, as devs, think it's ok to have in that class a car 10 seconds slower or so that can't even match the others in straight line...
  5. Spliting the 599xx from the other trackday-only cars and putting it with the Ford GT is wrong. Codemasters: Hold my super light track-only hypercar and my 2 ton grand tourer.
  6. The absence of two things are really preventing me from enjoying the career: - Practice mode. - Option to disallow restart. I find myself having to restart qualifying again and again until I have proper pace. No need to metion this is totally unnatural. And lowering the difficulty would make the racing dull, as I would never have similar pace as the AI players. And disallowing restarting would make the races much more interesting. Like in real life, you mess up and it's over. And also giving you a plus of money would make the challenge rewarding. Happily though, the
  7. Makes no sense for me Chris. It's like getting the Tatuus fA01 and the 458 GT2 in the same class because they have similar performance. There are already cars that can't keep up with other cars of the same class. Better that than having car classes that make no sense. IMO.
  8. The game has the current full grid of GTE (except for the BMW) and couple of DPi... And the AI handles very well overtaking slow cars. Can't comprehend why multiclass is not a thing in GRID. It could be so much fun...
  9. Hello. I bought this wheel thinking it would work for the game. The wheel does work, but it has a huge dead zone that makes me impossible to play. Looking on the internet I found out that you can modified that dead zone and other settings (Options/wheel options/advanced wheel options), but when I am conected with the wheel that option doesn´t appear at all. Is like the game doesn´t reconize the wheel. This thing anoys me very much, because the wheel is OFFICIALLY suported for the game. Is there any program or solution that can fix this problem? Thank you very much
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