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  1. SlimCharles

    GRID Season 2 Coming February 12 - Track Day Supercars

    Makes no sense for me Chris. It's like getting the Tatuus fA01 and the 458 GT2 in the same class because they have similar performance. There are already cars that can't keep up with other cars of the same class. Better that than having car classes that make no sense. IMO.
  2. If tuning options are included, please add something so we can see before entering the lobby if that lobby has or doesn't have tuning options. There's nothing more annoying than getting into a lobby and not knowing what you are going to find (this applies to everything else). And also, would be good that you can still choose turning off tuning options. Fixed set up is something common even in full blown simulators, would be sad to loose race configurations with same conditions for everybody. IMO.
  3. SlimCharles


    I think it's a problem deep down the physics engine because it happens in other codies games (not just Grid), although not specifically the kerb thing, but more like some sort of pattern regarding how the car rotates. Fixing it has to be very difficult... I also think kerbs are nightmares, and that they also aren't realistic. So why should be there something that is neither realistic or pleasant? And I don't think the the path of finally managing them is rewarding.
  4. SlimCharles

    Please Improve The AI

    I think they handle better fast tracks, like Barcelona or Okutama, rather than tracks with big breaking zones. Like you say, they break too much and very inefficiently.
  5. SlimCharles

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    @FlashStealth I agree it's possible to create a public multiplayer with custom lobbies that's not a complete mess. Like you said, Autosport is a fine solution. But I just think a system controlled by devs it's always going to be better. Radical position, I know, but I have my reasons. Exactly. For one well behaved host, you will get a ton of selfish ones. And the only lobbies that will succeed will be those that follow the mainstream. Im gonna stop just on that. Kunos promissed for ACC matchmaking, and players thought that meant something like Iracing: either pushing a button and getting matched with players of the same ability and behaviour (what we have in Grid minus the rating stuff) or a set of races prepared by the dev that would start in a specific time (Iracing, Sport mode of GT Sport). When people found out the final structure of the multiplayer would be custom lobbies, they complained so much the thread of the discussion achieved 1600 posts in less than one month (one of the largest threads in the forum has 2200 posts in 22 months). https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/about-1-0-multiplayer-structure.56833/ ACC is dead precisely because of the custom lobbies system.
  6. SlimCharles

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Thrilled. First time I can use the correlation/causation meme. First, many people online doesn't negate at all my point: sure, there is a buch of players on AC and PC2, but a high percentage of them are doing the same thing or playing in lobbies with 2 or 3 players. Second, the correlation doesn't always match: DR2.0 has custom lobbies and right now it only has 10 lobbies online while Driveclub, that doesn't have custom lobbies, was capable of reaching full lobbies not a year ago (the game is 5 years old). Third and foremost, correlation =/= causation: those games have those numbers (numbers of players, not online users) but could be for a dozen other reasons. In PC Assetto Corsa has that number because mods, Stefano Casillo said the percentage of online players was quite low. I could search for the data, but what's the point: you either are gonna ignore it or grossly juggle the stats to appeal to your bias.
  7. SlimCharles

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    One tells me Im the only guy saying something in particular while not explaining the obvious and the other basically copies what I said. Not much reasoning, but never mind, let's pass reasoning and get into facts: Im using 3 games with custom public lobbies (ProjectCars2, Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally 2.0). Diluted player base Assetto has 39 of 52 half empty lobbies (or filled with less players). https://gfycat.com/respectfulamusedcomet Project Cars 2 has 16 of 20 half empty lobbies (or filled with less players). https://ibb.co/s1gMw1w https://ibb.co/p0Sprjy Dirt Rally 2.0 has 7 of 10 half empty lobbies (or filled with less players). https://ibb.co/yskkC1k https://ibb.co/bNnXbRd Variety of lobby options and consequent unpredictability Assetto has about 18 different options to choose not counting track/car combinations. https://ibb.co/vjcLxKg Project Cars 2 has about 40 different options to choose not counting track/car combinations. https://gfycat.com/thinwaterloggedamericancrow Dirt Rally 2.0 has about 10 different options to choose not counting track/car combinations. https://gfycat.com/teemingfreshdowitcher Poor track/class variety Assetto. 17 most populated lobbies: either trackday or drifting lobbies (no races available at that moment); either GT3, drift car class or a random mix of cars; using 5 of the 19 locations avilable in the game. https://gfycat.com/briefbrokenbull Project Cars 2. 20 lobbies: using 9 of 35 car classes available in the game and 14 of 60 locations. 11 lobbies using GT3 or GTE and gathering 62 of the 99 online users. https://ibb.co/s1gMw1w https://ibb.co/p0Sprjy Dirt Rally 2.0. 6 lobbies: only 2 have the same car class (5 of 13 rally classes available in the game). Of all the 10 lobbies online at that moment: only 3 have the same location (8 of 25 locations available in the game). https://gfycat.com/distortedaggravatingdeer If you prefer custom lobbies for honest reasons, like much larger variety of races and possibility to create more unique lobbies, great. But dont try to sell what is not true, for example, that it's the obvious path to create a balanced and accessible multiplayer.
  8. SlimCharles

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    I´ve made 5 6 posts regarding the custom lobbies matter. I either get rethorical responses, funny reaction emojis or downvotes. Little to non reasoned responses. Interesting.
  9. SlimCharles

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    The game has the current full grid of GTE (except for the BMW) and couple of DPi... And the AI handles very well overtaking slow cars. Can't comprehend why multiclass is not a thing in GRID. It could be so much fun...
  10. SlimCharles

    Please Improve The AI

    It depends on the track (and maybe the class). On some tracks they are indeed very slow, I cant win starting from last. But in other tracks they are mighty fast. In Barcelona for example the races are fantastic thanks also to IMO one of the best AI behaviours out there. Definetly improved from Autosport (they don't ram you anymore if you are on the outside).
  11. SlimCharles

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Im neither a fan of AI. There could be a use to it, but it should be extremely restricted. The AI of this Grid is fantastic, but I dont get online to play against it... I get online, precisely, to play against other people. And at this moment, with the only public multiplayer mode we have, the AI is a big obstacle for battles between humans. I would even remove it completely. But I disagree custom public lobbies it's a solution. I think it's even a problem for the wellbeing of a public multiplayer. Like you say, it will dilute the player base. Second, it will hurt the variety of races to choose (happens in ALL games with that system). Third, it will increase in a big way the uncertainty of what are you going to find when playing online. There is a place for custom lobbies: private lobbies. You can mess around all you want with the options the game offers you, without messing up the public multiplayer. Although doesn't matter at all what I say. It seems Im the only one in the forum defending that and most of all, they already confirmed custom lobbies. I agree with you what should be an ideal multiplayer system. GT Sport it's exactly what you are saying. But GT has the biggest community in PS4 (even in racing games?) and ridiculous developing time to create a complex rating system, Poly can achieve the ideal stuff. Grid doesn't, neither Driveclub. And EVO did a fabulous job (although I suspect DC community is way larger that what Grid will be ever be): no custom lobbies, keep the player base together. Great variety of races and even the posibility to choose while again, not diluting the player base (lobbies start every 30 secs or so, but one at once).
  12. SlimCharles

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Im happy quick match is improved and not abandoned in favour of custom lobbies. I might be one of the very (very) few that thinks custom lobbies should not be an option for public multiplayer and that the public multiplayer should be managed by the developer. I think they are covering most of users desires with this update: let's see how it works.
  13. SlimCharles

    Multiplayer Lobby System

    That would be very good. It's what this Grid has, but without AI and with the possibility to choose track/car combination.
  14. SlimCharles

    Multiplayer Lobby System

    I do agree with that. AI always is not good. You can't hardly race (like really race) with real people.