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  1. So I just found there isn't any practice mode in the game. Neither career mode, free play or online. 

    I know there is a suggestion thread, but it's just so basic that I thought would be good to know what people think of this particular feature.

  2. The absence of two things are really preventing me from enjoying the career:

    - Practice mode.

    - Option to disallow restart. 

    I find myself having to restart qualifying again and again until I have proper pace. No need to metion this is totally unnatural. And lowering the difficulty would make the racing dull, as I would never have similar pace as the AI players. 

    And disallowing restarting would make the races much more interesting. Like in real life, you mess up and it's over. And also giving you a plus of money would make the challenge rewarding. 

    Happily though, the poor design and lack of polish the game suffers (it hurts because it has huge potential and lacks stuff GAS had) is more or less fixable.

    I'll be posting later a list of races the campaign has. Thing I would not have to if you could at least see what races the events of the campaign mode have. 🙄

  3. On 2/3/2020 at 5:51 PM, ChrisGrovesMCM said:

    Ah! I've got you now, apologies 

    There are two separate classes - one with the four Track Day Supercars, and one with the two bonus cars. The Ford GT and Ferrari 599 have slightly different performance stats to the Track Day Supercars, meaning putting them all in one class would make things unbalanced. So you'll find two more classes in the Seasons section 🙂 

    Makes no sense for me Chris. It's like getting the Tatuus fA01 and the 458 GT2 in the same class because they have similar performance. 

    There are already cars that can't keep up with other cars of the same class. Better that than having car classes that make no sense. IMO. 

  4. Hello. I bought this wheel thinking it would work for the game. The wheel does work, but it has a huge dead zone that makes me impossible to play. Looking on the internet I found out that you can modified that dead zone and other settings (Options/wheel options/advanced wheel options), but when I am conected with the wheel that option doesn´t appear at all. Is like the game doesn´t reconize the wheel. This thing anoys me very much, because the wheel is OFFICIALLY suported for the game. Is there any program or solution that can fix this problem?

    Thank you very much