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  1. I have one question.. i was 100% sure there is no slipstreem in Dirt3.. but now i am not so sure. I play with my friend, and we make better speed when we play behind. Can someone tell me if there is slip or no in Dirt3?? I need others opinion. Thanks
  2. I see the good drivers have problems with average players who think if someone win few games in the raw that player must cheat, and in playlist they have terror in microphone saying he must cheat, he vote for kick, if he have some friends they vote too and good fast player would be kicked... how to stop this?? I have problem with Mothball from ITS club... and i spoke with few fast guys, they have problem with this player too, and players from his club. They think if someone win few  games in the raw, he cheat,  and they kick them
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