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  1. Well I doubt they'll throw out a next gen version because few guys on the forum would like one but it still niggles at me...I mean there are very few next gen exclusives..take your fifa's..cod..bf4..ac:bf there are plenty of cross gen games and that don't really exploit next gen but have made themselves accessible to the next gen consumers...yet grid can run at 1080p & 60fps but the techs not ready? I assume that is the tech to make the game physically playable on a next gen console rather than just to make a game that's 'worthy' of the title of being a next gen game or something because by t
  2. well as I said considering the lack of competition I think there was an opportunity to get something out that doesn't have to be a next gen game per se but still make a bit of a slam dunk in terms of sales but then again I've no idea what it takes to even make a game accessible on 2 generation's of console, maybe even if your making a game that doesn't make use of any of the next gen features & just make it playable then maybe that alone takes resources that aren't available, it's a bit disappointing, but there you go we'll just have to wait until those resources are available 
  3. yes granted if there's a flaw or flaws then there would no doubt be endless threads about it but i genuinely think you could get away with stating from the off its a "last gen /current gen whatever" game simply made accessible to next gen owners because of the lack of games in the racing genre, I mean considering what alternatives are available I would think that would be acceptable 
  4. I can appreciate wanting to make something a "true" next gen game but considering the lack of options in the racing genre for next gen consoles, from my point of view whether it was optimised for it or not I'd rather take something than nothing & I could imagine that a large portion of the multi million next gen console owners would probably feel the same & I'd think if your going to design something specifically for next gen then by the time thats arrived so has all your competition, project c.a.r.s., driveclub..., rumours of GT7, I just think it's maybe a bit of a missed opportunity
  5. I don't see why it can't be accessible to next gen users , to be honest it seems like a ridiculous thing not to do seeing as they have no competition (ps4 wise) in the market, I mean the community is crying out for a racer & they could just totally own it not only that but the game itself dosn't need to be designed for next gen, it just needs to be accessible to it , if it was released saying it looks no different to the ps3 version you could still guarantee huge sales because there's 7million units of the ps4 alone sold & no racing game apart from nfs rivals ( which is about as close
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