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  1. I absolutely agree with you on the AI being BCM's.  (Love the acronym btw.)  That's the single most asinine aspect of GAS.  As if real live racers try to smash into each other constantly on purpose.  Right.  It's neither good game design, nor a realistic simulation.  I get aggressive driving, getting in your way (however annoying), occasional tapping, sure... but being BCM's?  Not cool. That said, it's not the programmers that decide whether or not something goes in the game.. that's the product managers and designers/architects... aka the powers that be &nb
  2. Honestly, I think on the whole you guys did a great job with GRID Autosport.  I'm a game developer myself, and as such I have an excellent perspective on the sheer magnitude of achievement you've accomplished with this title.  The simulation mechanics are really quite good and IMO very underrated by those accusing it of being "simcade".  HOWEVER... and I truly hope this is read by the "Codies" (and I truly hope that they fix the problem)... I find myself in the unusual position of generally really liking a title, and yet NOT feeling confident in recommending it to others, nor mo
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