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  1. laz1973

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    Don't really see the point in it. If your playing online surely you should have a headset after all they dont cost much for a cheap set and when you have 8 people texting away convo's become a mess imho. What I want to see is voice chat even when the next race is loading. Kinda get pissed off getting cut off in the middle of a sentence when the loading screen comes up.
  2. laz1973

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    I have plenty of games for it. Between Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Resogun, Outlast, Tomb Raider (previous gen port, works great btw),Infamous, Don't Starve, Strider, Mercenary Kings, and soon to be Child of Light and MLB 14 The Show I have plenty of amazing content to play.  There are 13 million+ people who have adopted the current generation of consoles already. You can't just blow off these people for any reason. It's insane. And how many of those 13 million gamers have got rid of their old console not that many. You cant blame Codies for this they NEVER said their next game would be out on the new consoles and dont forget most of those other games you mention that where ported where done by other companies and not the main Dev company. Codemasters arent a massive company and want to be the only ones working on their games. Buy yourself a cheap ass 360 or PS3 and get the game then enjoy it like everyone else.
  3. laz1973

    Grid Autosport

    Nobody made you buy one, and Codemasters certainly never promised they were going to immediately start making games for it. There’s rarely any great benefit with any tech to being an early adopter, and consoles are no exception. Weird, because my copy of Tomb Raider, a straight port from previous gen to current gen, is outstanding and works just fine. Sticking with the past generation of consoles isn't going to help Codies here. I would prefer to see something new for this gen consoles and with over 150 million consoles out there for last gen they would be crazy to snub them. And I really dont get people moaning about why it's not out for this gen of console, why did you get rid of your last gen console in the first place. If it means so much to you buy a gaming PC then you wont miss out ;-) lol
  4. laz1973

    Grid Autosport

    Theres only one thing I dont want to see is communications being cut off while a race loads. Nothing worse than having a convo then the loading screen comes up and you miss part of it or need to start the convo again. This has been my only complaint with the racing games.
  5. laz1973


    Hmmm could it just be a classic Toca pack for Dirt2 something like what got done with F1 2013 ? then again when quizzing them on twitter it was kinda hinted at the next thing out would be for all platforms including last gen and next gen. So I go with Grid 3 Toca Driver
  6. laz1973

    The Future at Codemasters

    LMAO Tuk Tuk racing is on the apple store lol iStore
  7. laz1973

    The Future at Codemasters

    Codies new IP racer is going to be Tuk Tuk GP lol Get ready to too burn rubber in your 3 wheeled dream machine. Fully mod out your tuk tuk and race through the streets of India and try not to hit anything as you go. LMAO When thinking about it this would make for a crazy game lol
  8. laz1973

    The Future at Codemasters

    Well I would love to see Codies do a full blown Rally sim, BTCC sim and just for a mad laugh and a bit of fun Truck&Bus banger racer ;-) lol
  9. laz1973

    First topic

    Hi all I'm another one from Scotland :-)
  10. Hi all, just thought I would start this thread to ask, what would you like to see Codemasters bring out in the future ?. This could be anything from the Mororsport world, maybe a new FPS or just a revamped old classic. Not saying Codemasters will bring any of them out just want to see what others would love to see as a next gen game release. THANKS
  11. laz1973

    New Forums - Feedback thread

    We haven't enabled them for a few reasons: They do make pages bloated and slow to loadIt can make reading the actual content very difficult, especially if people use very large imagesThis is an area prone to abuse ;)I do understand but those things are easly fixed lol. Just asking anyway ;-) This is your forum, your rules and I'm cool with it.
  12. laz1973

    New Forums - Feedback thread

    I think we can't have image's in our signatures 'cause it slows down forum browsing. :) I've never had a problem on my own forum website as long as there are limits to the size of them.
  13. laz1973

    New Forums - Feedback thread

    why cant we have image sigs ? bit mad having a strip image from sig tick box when they arent even allowed