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  1. I believe this has been the case for all the games, but Codemasters take the car design from the first race of the season, so at Australia, that was how the camera mounts were. Changing it takes a lot of work too, which is really unnecessary for this I think. thanks but i really do think they should play close attention to the cars all season and change them when they get changed in real life to make it more realistic. Hopefully we will see this in next gen f1, due to in season updates
  2. LFMAO "the option to deny Brazilians to my lobby" Fail what you wrote means: "Laughing F****** My A** Off LFMAO is also a group
  3. The red bull camera mounts are missing deeming the car illegal in the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCFQ0vIBAZM&list=PLdeld3cKzBQ892xt1j8bJKVsD9G3eLks7  go to 24 seconds not even their illegal camera is there, just nothing.
  4. if you do hot laps for the rest of the season could you do it with engine sounds as i wanna know i will be buying an f1 2014 game that has the sound and depth that a v6 engine has
  5. if you are going to input tyre scaling ad it to the ai as-well as they will be setting new fastest laps at the end of the stint and so i always lose time at the end of a stint.
  7. on moto gp 2013 you have an engineer that can help with set up i.e: understeer improve spring settings. i am constantly looking for setups on the internet but they never suit my driving style but when i play moto gp the car always feels good and i can always drive very confidently something that i couldn't do in f1 2013 especially as there was not fp1 and 2 in the game. i also fell they need to get in season testing now as we have now got in season testing at four? circuits maybe also giving them the oppurtunity to add a 3rd driver system where if you ain't good enough at the young drivers t
  8. F1 2013 lacked because codemasters put in the classic content. Saying this if you look at 2010-2012 the games were amazing but then 2013 came around with the highly anticipated classic content and look what happened they forgot about the rest of the game and took a massive step backwards in the development of the game. if they spent the 12months after they released f1 2012 just developing the game improving game play listening to what everyone wanted and not just a few people who practically begged for classic content they could have had a much better game. If you look at YouTube and look at t
  9. i like your ideas although your manage a team wish might not happen depending on if you want an option to start a new team or be a team principle of a current team. if you want the option to start a new team it wouldn't be possible because the licensing restricts them from doing so although if you wanted an option to be so you could manage a current team it would be possible as licensing cant stop that from happening. But overall i like how your thinking it what should be added to the game especially the track temp affecting the circuit. i also felt they should add a wind as in the game wind
  10. So your going to listen to us this year and use some of the things we want or are you just getting us to make the forums look busy? I'm pretty sure the staff looks at and considers all the suggestions in this thread, but due to the licensing and development strategies, it's not always possible to implement all suggestions that are made here directly into the game. Name one thing they have added that was asked for by the community. Erm... most recently Classics? i dont belive most of the f1 gamers asked for classic content. I also felt they put too much effort into it. Als
  11. Licensing probaably restricts team manager mode. but being a manager of a current team in the sport may be possible and i would be a big fan of that especially adding the gp2 and gp3 but again licensing restricts this. maybe a new license contract may be needed to allow them more freedom when creating games.
  12. The career mode in my opinion could be improved with the r&d. When you upgrade a car their should be a noticeable difference and you should be able to see different parts i.e. more panels on the front wing, instead of your engineer saying "we've fitted some new parts...". Also i feel that p1 and p2 should be re-introduced as with some circuits it takes me longer than an hour to fine tune a setup, as in i can feel their is more time in the car in circuits like Monaco and Melbourne and many others. Melbourne because if you start season 2 you get 1 practice session in a car you might have no
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