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  1. i have refunded my oculus version. no idea when dlcs will be around and cant play multiplayer games with my friends from steam. just now worth it at that price point. if the steam version gets oculus support i will jump back on. if not, its codemasters loss.
  2. no. there is no vr support on xbox. period. you cant use any vr headset with any xbox at the moment.
  3. oh come on. he is obviously talking about people with a rift when he is comparing steam/oculus home versions. no, we are not thinking that all people use the facebook hardware. we are fully aware that many people are using vives, indexes, wmr or pimax devices. thats not the point he is making and i think you are aware of that?! its a major step in the right direction that the game comes with open vr support from the get go. thats fantastic and thats how it should have been for dr1 aswell. that however does not change that the game runs 200% better on oculus home with the native oculus sdk for oculus rift users. (i can run 4x AA on oculus home, everything on high and still rock 90fps - not possible under any circumstance on steam atm) and no, putting in "-vrmode Oculus" does not use the native oculus sdk. we are not yet fully sure what it does because it does something for some, but it certainly is not falling back to the oculus sdk. steam vr is still launching and it still runs way worse then on the rift store. this is frustrating for a lot of players (with an oculus vr headset) who supported the game early on after vr support was announced because those people now have spend money on a game that they would most probably wouldnt have bought if that would have been clear to them. and what makes this situation even worse is that the 2 versions are different. you cant join steam multiplayer lobbies if you buy the game on oculus home, and the rift version is missing a lot of content atm with no date or any idea when all that stuff will be available. its also frustrating because its undeniable that the work for the oculus sdk has been put in. there is a version on another store that runs the rift hardware natively. so there is aboslutely no reason to take that feature out of the steam version. other games are able to support 2 sdks and allow you to choose whatever you wanna run with your software. so as a rift user you have 2 options, either get the full game with multiplayer capabilities to play with your 2d friends and have ****** perofrmance, or buy the game on oculus home (maybe even a second time) for better performance but miss out on all the other things. how that is a desirable approach for a developer is beyond me. at the end this is only really hurting the consumer. i am really looking forward to what @PJTierney gets as an answer on wether they are working on putting the rift option up to steam. its undeniable that it is possible, its undeniable that the most of the work for that has already been put in. so there arent many reasons to not include it.
  4. @Wonderbolt ah thx. didnt see that. i think i am fine for now since i didnt play any dr2 so far at all. even though i am not happy how codemasters handled the vr rollout i decided to go with the oculus version in the end for the better performance. have to say it runs really really well. (3700x, nvidia 2080, oculus cv1) can bump almost everything up to high with 4XAA and constant 90fps without anyframedrops. would have loved to have the game on steam but oculus store works for me aswell. (sad i cant play with my friends online for now, but hope i can get my moneys worth from the careermode.
  5. @PJTierney where do i buy the dlcs on the oculus store?
  6. Ouch. How anti consumer can a company handle a vr release. What a shame. I either buy the game through steam and get horrible performance or i get it through oculus Home and cant play with my friends. what a Joke....
  7. hey @Jake Cushing whats your hardware? whats your vr headset? and what version are you running ( steam vr or oculus home)?
  8. these are the most important questions. the fact that they are not answering them atm doesnt really mean good things does it?! but lets wait and see. @PJTierney care to answer anything?
  9. @PJTierney can you confirm that racenet for oculus and steam version run on the same server this time around? or is it like the first time where oculus users were not able to join leagues and timetrials with steam users? that is really important to make a decision on where to buy it.
  10. its possible the worldsize is off. in pcars2 for example you can change a setting to adjust for that. the first time i started it a formula1 wheel looked lik it would 30" in diameter. but then you can tune it and it gets better.
  11. yeah that should work. let us know how the performance is and what your pc specs are. i am hesitating to buy through oculus home because i know with dr1 all the online featrues were linked to the store. so oculus store players couldnt play in leagues with steam owners and vice versa. if it is the same this time around again i have to wait what other people say how the performance is with steamvr. i am really sad that thy took away native rift support. i mean its brilliant that there is steam vr support now, that was needed, but why not let the player decide which runtime to use. especially if its developed for the oculus store anyway. there obviously is a build version with oculus support but they choose not to release it. shame.
  12. buy on ouclus home. (as it seems it only has native oculus support through oculus home) it should still start with steam vr if you use a rift automatically though, so in theory just install the update and start it. should detect it and run it. (just with worse performance. steam vr was always a bit buggy for me with a rift.
  13. nice. does the steam vr have native oculus support aswell? or is steam openvr only and the only way to get native oculus support through the oculus store?
  14. MTOJay

    DiRTy Gossip

    ouch. so it doesnt even prevent cheating? thats hilarious and sad at the same time. there is a cracked version around on the internet already. so assholes who are downloading instead of buying it can enjoy the single player career without the always online connection and have a better experience. just Codemasters™ things. honestly. the honest paying customers get the bitter end again. it doesnt prevent cheating and it doesnt prevent cracking. all that it does is stopping people to enjoy it completely. so annoying. edit: sry, i correct. i just read that the cracked version does not have a working career at the moment. sry
  15. MTOJay

    DiRTy Gossip

    i dont suspect them to be that incompetent. there are multiple ways to handle that. not including them would be the worst by far. thats not going to happen. i expect them to just include the dlcs you own with no questions asked. so from there on they are selected randomly for your career. (maybe give you an option to enable or disbale dlc before you start your career)