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  1. verifies the partials of the three sectors. you will probably see abnormal times in one or more sectors. maybe you have internet network problems. usually happens when you have a strong lag.
  2. when I start the game with dx11 and try to enter a multiplayer session I get written: "you've been kicked for cheating". With dx12 the problem is not there. i try nvidia driver 430.64 and 430.86. same problem with both (with 430.86 and dx12 game crash but you already know the problem)
  3. karnak00

    [PC][BUG] Time Trial no update rankings

    now if i try to get into an online room he says "you were expelled for cheating" what should I do?
  4. I did a few laps in the time trial, improving my time twice, but the ranking remains updated with the first time I set. The first time I had done it with custom setup. the others with standard setup. maybe that's the problem
  5. karnak00

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    I try to report this player. Pls codemaster provide to ban him. I hope that by 2015 implement an improved system Anticheat. Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny2hdBAWXUE
  6. karnak00

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    improved multiplayer (chat, host, kick, lag) pls