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  1. OK thanks. maybe it solved. I had him reinstall the pc network card. we tried a session and it seems to be fine now. if the problem occurs again I will report it.
  2. my friend has the same problem. we have tried everything, but we can't solve. it's not an internet connection problem. some news? @Bramhendriks03 @BarryBL
  3. karnak07

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    thanks, i know it is not an easy thing, but we hope it will be resolved soon. unfortunately I have the impression that this year there is something wrong. I think this is more serious than usual. many players have noticed the fake times in Time Trials and found that they can also be used in multiplayer sessions. it happens to me every day to see players who, perhaps frustrated or not satisfied with their performance, suddenly within 24 hours, lower their times by 1sec. this after they had failed in a whole month. there is a risk of ruining the online leagues and the whole game in general.
  4. karnak07

    Multiplayer Suttering/Freezing. [BUG]

    same issue. too many freez in online race the problem seems to occur after the last patch
  5. karnak07

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    edit: removing and re-adding again the ticks to the dlc in the properties of the game and restarting it, the contents are active again (except that relating to prepurchase)
  6. equal pace for hamilton and verstappen? 🤪 🤪 😂
  7. verifies the partials of the three sectors. you will probably see abnormal times in one or more sectors. maybe you have internet network problems. usually happens when you have a strong lag.
  8. karnak07

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    I try to report this player. Pls codemaster provide to ban him. I hope that by 2015 implement an improved system Anticheat. Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny2hdBAWXUE
  9. karnak07

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    improved multiplayer (chat, host, kick, lag) pls