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  1. Soon. Yeah they can atleast take the site offline again. Got more 'coming soon' on it then any info 
  2. Website is back online...nothing has changed
  3. It's working for me... no new content that I can see. In Spain, when you try to go to the official website is not working. It stays in the http://www.codemasters.com/game/f1-2015/ page Yeah, have the same website here. 
  4. you must be new here. In fact im not new here. It's just that everyone is complaining about the game already, and it isnt even released yet.  And people like you irritates me by trying to be 'funny',,,,
  5. Well, i cant wait for the game  They are working their asses off to give us the game. And things changeing all the time, that is part of developing. You can't write a game without bugs. Just give em time.  Yeah there is lack of info, but don't complain about the game if you haven't seen anyting or know nothing
  6. I guess we get something 2/3 week before release, But i hope we get something next week. 
  7. @Britpoint Finnaly a word form someone :). Thanks! :D
  8. I think they release a video before and one after. Can't wait though :P
  9. @justbiglee Thanks for taking one for the team! Good job! :smile: 
  10. @ChromeChrome no, but i think it will come to pc some day 
  11. @justbiglee About the steering wheels, are they going to be the same 'full lock' as in the previous F1 games or is it going to be the full lock as irl? Btw, you guys got me very, very hyped for this game :smiley:.  And thank you for trying to answer all the questions, good work! :smile: 
  12. @petetheduck Awesome how this is going :), can't wait for the video's :smirk: 
  13. Ooh well said! I've much respect for you(and everyone at CM btw) @justbiglee, you're just giving us as much info as possible. Just looking forward to the game though :smile:. I saw the comment of how someone was battling it out with AI so that is getting me hyped :). And all the other game modes, and i think that the career mode change could play out very well. Maybe it was time for something new ;). 
  14. Can't wait :smiley: And btw, is there going to be a trailer 'soon' :)
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