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  1. Aaand this is why I suggested to send emails to all remaining people that "thanks for applying, but unfortunately you weren't selected this time" - would've reduced questions a lot. 😄
  2. As I expected, I didn't get in. Shame, really, since I had some ideas to tweak the gamepad handling, but oh well. Probably also doesn't help that I wasn't participating in any league 😄 (and also doesn't help probably because of all the various stuff I do/did) Good luck to all the Beta testers, and remember the rule #1 - "The first rule of the Beta Club is we don't talk about the Beta Club." (Faya, 2018)
  3. Well, good luck everyone on the Beta, and remember, this is a BETA, not just Early Access for the game - find bugs with the game and report them! Looks like I didn't get an invite, but that's completely understandable. (Though if reports that Xb1 and PC players didn't get invites yet are true then maybe there's hope for me? Haha)
  4. mantazzo

    F1 2019 Images

    At least the UI resembles the real one a bit more, even though it's not the exact one.
  5. mantazzo


    I can try, at least. So let's just say you "sign up" to a league which has 10 races for "this season". If you attend all, your "league attendance rating" will be 100%. You can, however, miss races for particular reasons, but if the race happens and you're not there, your attendance rating will decrease. So if you miss 1 race in a 10 race season, your rating will be 90%, and so on. Leagues, when approving the "sign up applications" (yep, that's also a thing for leagues) can pay attention to your average league attendance rating, so if you miss races frequently, some leagues may not want that you'd race there (say you have a 60% attendance rating, that's 2 out of 5 races missed on average - league might want only players with high attendance rating, like 90%, so they will probably reject your "sign up application"). Hopefully this explains how it should work.
  6. mantazzo


    Yes, from what I know, Leagues are now a thing (and should be with online R&D, proper part wear and part management, (maybe) manual penalties and so on, but Codemasters will explain themselves), also Highlights Reel is also a thing, which is basically saveable replays, or at least great racing moments (with export to video on PC as it seems). I'm just waiting if we will get any "Showroom" mentions or "Driver Transfers" mentions (because yes, these should be a thing in F1 2019, and not just player transfers, but normal proper transfers).
  7. mantazzo


    Probably just not available to pre-order yet. It will be available on PC.
  8. mantazzo

    F1 2019 Clip

    That's definitely F1 2019 game. The information layout on the wheel itself is different than F1 2018's, for example, there seems no big ERS bar in the bottom middle, gear number font is different, other information layout looks different...
  9. mantazzo


    I mean, it's not exactly hidden if you show it up on SteamDB with name like that... 😄 Still, cool to see that!
  10. Let's not start bashing other people in this topic shall we... (Though if we continue on this topic, I think most people agree 2015 was the worst in the series (we don't count the 2009 one) - 2016 was decent, 2017 was very good and 2018 was also very good, though all the games were plagued with bugs and glitches, more or less. When the games worked, they were great fun to play.)
  11. @Faya maybe a bit too big of a question, but when selecting people for the beta, could you also email those who wanted to get in but didn't get an invitation? Would hopefully reduce questions like "how do I know I was selected or not for the Beta" in the future whenever the Beta starts. Just a suggestion. 🙂
  12. mantazzo

    How to change ERS on controller?

    I guess you could potentially map "ERS increase" and "ERS decrease" buttons to the right stick left/right? Could be a potential solution. You won't be able to look left/right when driving though.
  13. mantazzo

    Handling for F1 2019 - David Greco PLEASE READ

    ..what's wrong with playing rf2 on a pad? I do it sometimes, and it's fun with the right settings. Especially fun with that great FFB...
  14. Signed up also - I still want to help making the game even more fun, even though I might not be 100% on the good side with Codemasters... 😄 Jokes aside, good luck everyone! Also, I want to thank Codemasters for again giving us the opportunity to participate and try and help making the game as good as possible.
  15. mantazzo


    Also, guys, we just got news, let's not rush them with our questions yet... 😄 Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will get more details about the game, because what we got here is pretty limited (Driver/Car Customization, "BASE" car for Multiplayer, F2 *wink wink*).