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  1. There will be more updates. Some of the content (especially for Podium Pass) is still missing, so updates will come. As for my best guess when - likely early next week, before next Podium Pass starts. Was thinking that it will come this week, but I see the Podium Pass is actually starting only next week again. So yeah, update before that, if it doesn't get delayed.
  2. wrong NFS there, bud... From what I recall, some people in the community managed to open those files and get direct audio from them. Any specific reason why would you like to open the files?
  3. Looking at forum topics, that would be correct, however it seems that at least in this forum, the following post was not posted (Driver Ratings Update alongside patch 1.14): https://www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-driver-ratings-qatargp so technically this would be Update 5. Small technicality only, no big deal. 😅 EDIT: Anyway, here's my "Excel Table" with the full list of stats. Nothing major to point out here, except the -5 Awareness for Verstappen. Also, here's a table for previous Update, "Update 4", which came out with patch 1.14:
  4. ..Shouldn't this *technically* be Update 5, since you guys updated stats with previous patch and didn't post the update to forums?
  5. As the title suggests - does anyone know whether trying to use Reserves in Leagues on F1 2021 is completely broken or not? I've been trying to get some Reserves to use for my League races, but whenever I try to assign them in the lobby as Reserve, nothing happens - even drivers themselves say no new options appear to select a spot or something. Assigning as Spectator works as intended - the lobby immediately shows the drivers as Spectator, but when trying to assign as Reserve keeps showing them as Unassigned, and the menu after just says "Cancel" when I try to select any driver (not just
  6. 1) AI is a bit less, well, aggressive, I would say, but IIRC less issues with AI on out laps/in laps. Still good fun to race with, as long as you don't abuse them. 2) Classic cars can be freely used in multiplayer, but not in Leagues as far as I know. You can have a full lobby of same car, or a lobby full of cars from certain tier (80-90s cars in Tier 2, 00-10s cars in Tier 1). As for AI - can't comment, haven't tried. 3) Multiplayer friendly? What do you mean by that? 4) Generally speaking about multiplayer, it's a lot more stable than in 2021. Sure, some bugs can happen wit
  7. As far as I know 2020 had a similar feature (if needed), so it's not exactly new, but glad you got the issue fixed.
  8. If you're trying to play this in LAN Mode actually - there should be an option when selecting LAN mode to "change name" (or something similar in your language). Have you tried using that?
  9. Next update will (most likely) happen with the new Podium Pass, so give it good 2 weeks at least - expect the next patch (or mini-patch, at this point it's anyone's guess) in the 2nd half of January.
  10. The game would be decent, however, it still feels quite unfinished I would say - even after all the patches so far (and expect the next patch only in January now). Let's get straight with the negatives: Online is a big mess at this point - heavy desyncs (to the point where the same driver is in different positions for different people), lags (inevitable at this point), SC issues (oh boy don't get me started on those, as I had a league race recently which had completely broken SC to the point we had to restart the race), timing issues (when a supposed 3 seconds gap (after one 3 second
  11. ^In Anti-Aliasing settings, select AMD FSR 1.0 instead of anything you currently have. That's pretty much it. Another option would be to try a different dll - there was a topic on this in the forum, seems that newer DLSS dll does fix the ghosting issue.
  12. As intended. Since mid-2020 season, F1 Teams cannot change engine settings as much, including fuel mixtures - so in this year's game, you can only use Lean now sometimes (whenever you want in Practice, on out-lap in Qualifying and during SC/VSC in races).
  13. From my testing, should be Ultra Quality (highest setting).
  14. Short answer: no. Longer answer: due to the time it would take to make the updates, retrain the AI and deploy it, there will be no updates for this year's game on Abu Dhabi.
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