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  1. For point d), you can already do that - just send the file (from Documents/My Games/F1 2021/replays) to your friend, your friend can just put the file in the same folder and then watch it through his game.
  2. As far as I know, TrackIR should be working as normal with F1 2021 already (might need to check Camera Settings for that, I think - I forgot where that option is right now).
  3. I can agree on a Dark Mode - it shouldn't be too difficult IMO, just invert the background colors and it *should* fix most of the issues.
  4. Well I pre-ordered from Fanatical, but that was a few months ago (since they offered me a good discount, I bought the game), I received my key a few days ago, so can't complain about anything... Though current shortage seems odd - maybe planned "not-selling" from resellers?
  5. Obviously, with the new Podium Pass we will get a patch, because, after all, Codemasters need to "implement" the new stuff (it's not in the game files yet, last I checked). Of course, it will include other game changes, but I'm not very sure what changes will happen.
  6. So... Seems it is fresh news, but EA has "tabled a potentially knockout bid for Codemasters, trumping an offer agreed last month with Take-Two Interactive Software". https://news.sky.com/story/games-giant-electronic-arts-gatecrashes-725m-codemasters-takeover-12160582 So... Who would we like to see more, EA or Take-Two?
  7. So far, I think the most annoying thing Jeff says was in every start: "After the points finish last weekend, let's aim for another Top 10 finish" Bloody hell, I'm a front-runner car, I fight for wins, and you expect only a P10 for me? And not to mention this happens more or less every race... Say something more for once please.
  8. (This procedure seems oddly familiar... 😅) 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I was returning to the pits manually (or the so-called In-Lap) and when I entered the pits, I got some confusing information - even though the game UI reported the Fuel Mix is set to 1 (Lean) (as I selected), a dashboard in SimHub I'm using (which uses the UDP data stream) reported that my fuel mixture while I was in the pits was Level 3 (Rich). Looking at the fuel usage, it seems like the game is actually using the "Rich" Fuel Mix, even though the UI says other
  9. I think it's not only sound issue, but the engine performance itself isn't switching also. Might be a major bug if that's true.
  10. Oh boy, here we go again... 😆
  11. Regarding "Steering assist" - it's not even an assist, it's just values of steering in the game files. From my understanding, there are "SteerIn" and "SteerOut" (for both sides) values (or called something like that) for every team separately, and they control the turning speed for gamepads. Some guy some time ago (I think for patch 1.10? unsure, can't remember) made a mod, which was posted in RaceDepartment, which changed the turning speeds to be literally "linear" - it made quick turning adjustments available, however the turning speed was so fast it was hard keeping the car in the stra
  12. Well then, seems like forums got a big overall change and a few new features here and there... Nice.

    Firefox is not fully friendly though - glitches every now and then, but overall forums feel great.


    Also, I guess - Hello? How is everyone doing?

    1. UP100


      I've had very few issues with Firefox, but it could have something to do with it being the linux version and I don't know have I even updated it.

      Also hey!

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