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  1. mantazzo

    PC Optimization

    There might be something seriously wrong going on with this game regarding optimization, especially for Laptops - I have 1050Ti in my Laptop, and on 1080p Low settings I get barely 40 FPS... Just for comparison, F1 2017-F1 2018 runs on High Preset 1080p on pretty much stable 60 FPS. And yes, I checked, it runs on the external GPU (Nvidia).
  2. mantazzo

    F1 2019 - News?

    I know, I know... Still, was worth a shot. #ITried
  3. mantazzo

    F1 2019 - News?

    Well yeah, I'm now checking and F1 2018 game was originally announced mid-May and Beta was announced mid-April. F1 2017 was announced again mid-May, though Beta was announced way earlier - early February. That's why I'm just asking, should we expect any news any time soon, or "lips are sealed" (a.k.a. rare to no communication until announcement) again?
  4. mantazzo

    F1 2019 - News?

    It's that time of the year already. Haha. With the new season starting in just over 2 weeks, can we expect any news about the next game soon? Plus, hopefully Beta testing will continue on.
  5. Steam version. Not sure if this was already reported, but while in Replay Mode, Heli cam, if I select Co-Driver calls to be Off, Co-Driver talks, but if I selected it to On, then the Co-Driver shuts up. Strange one. 😄 Also, I personally think AI are a bit too... "packed"? Drove the 16km course on New Zealand on 50 difficulty, had a puncture, just to find out I finished 19th (since 20th already DNF after stage 1 lol) and a whole minute and a bit behind P18, who finished about 1:30 behind P1. After 16km. That seems unrealistic to me, especially on low difficulty. (And I think same differences happen in smaller stages?) What I'm trying to say is that I feel like there should be more time variations between AI on lower difficulties, especially after Long stages. Another thing - game optimization. For comparison, F1 2017 and F1 2018 runs on my Laptop on High settings without problems on 60 FPS; this game on Low game preset barely stands at around 40 FPS on the same laptop. I mean... The ****? (and yes, it does run on the Nvidia GPU) And of course, FFB is weak, even on my gamepad (Xbox One Wireless Gamepad). Feels like the FFB needs more oomph, more power to the vibration itself, alongside with more details of the FFB (probably because I'm just now used to the rFactor 2 FFB, which is amazing).
  6. mantazzo

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Ironically, "qatestbranch" on SteamDB just got updated yesterday, so maybe an update is on the way..?
  7. It is known in this game that doing Race Strategy programme breaks the fuel load for races (or was it Fuel Saving programme?). This bug was even back with launch version 1.04, and, apparently, it wasn't fixed.
  8. Well then, seems like forums got a big overall change and a few new features here and there... Nice.

    Firefox is not fully friendly though - glitches every now and then, but overall forums feel great.


    Also, I guess - Hello? How is everyone doing?

    1. UP100


      I've had very few issues with Firefox, but it could have something to do with it being the linux version and I don't know have I even updated it.

      Also hey!