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  1. mantazzo

    Codemaster F1 2019 Gear ratios

    Since 2015, teams choose their gear ratio before the season and it can't be changed during the season (a.k.a. you can't change gear ratios). The usual way of altering the top speed, nowadays, is by increasing/decrasing the wings.
  2. mantazzo

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    As always, it could be some driver issue, so a full clean reinstall would be great for him (as in, use Display Driver Uninstaller and then just install new drivers), also, a check with Borderless Windowed mode would work (though I don't know if it runs okay with higher framerates than 60 - since I have only a laptop with 60Hz monitor it's okay for me). And the issue really seems like a switching issue CM games have for quite some time, especially on higher graphics settings. I've had these issues a few times before myself, hence I'm mostly running CM games on Borderless Windowed mostly - seems to fix the issue most of the time. (But then again, I don't own F1 2019 game on PC (only tried Free Weekends so far) so I'm not sure how's everything working.)
  3. mantazzo

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    I think this might be more of an issue with Lando's PC, but I'm not defending the game - game crashing when transitioning is unacceptable. Though I noticed Lando does Alt-Tab a lot I think, so probably running the game in Fullscreen Windowed might help him? I have no idea unfortunately. Also F1 2020 game news when? Since so far I have no idea what to expect in the game, even from F1 2019 files.
  4. mantazzo

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    For me, it was quite entertaining to watch. Auto ERS/Fixed Setups was a good equalizer, because with Manual ERS pro eSports drivers would've dominated even more. Full Damage and Regular Corner Cutting is also easily explainable - some people were racing for the first time on the game. For the Bahrain race, I hope they will up the Corner Cutting to at least Strict. Driving camera selection - once again, event was for fun, so I don't mind people using whatever they want. Until Codemasters implement Forced Camera option, of course. Considering this even was made for fun, this was quite entertaining to watch - also it gave us some good battles. Now, regarding The Race event, it was also good, however there were a few problems: Driving level was, well, quite dirty. Many Collisions, and also damage level was low. Maybe even too low. All races were way too short. 8/12 laps in Nurburgring (GP layout) is not enough IMO. While rFactor 2 is a very decent sim, it still lacks in some departments. And overall, I didn't understand if the event tried to take itself seriously, or it was just for fun. Seems like some drivers were there just to have fun, however some took it very seriously (and not to mention the commentary team was, what I would consider, professional). Still, looking forward to both #NotTheBahGP and "The Race, Event 2" this weekend.
  5. I'd rather like to keep this suggestion pretty simple. This will be about the Multiplayer part, of course. Basically, currently you can have no assists lobbies when you disallow assists in the lobby settings. Assists can only be set as "allowed" from what I remember, but there's no way to make people use certain assists as "mandatory". What about having a functionality to FORCE assists to be on? Same as disallowing assists, but then all people in the lobby would have same assists on. Example: Forcing TC Off, but ABS On, and Racing Line Off, etc. This would potentially be another way to balance out the drivers in Custom Lobbies, same as disabling Setups does. Plus, that could give some interesting races I suppose. Just an idea.
  6. mantazzo

    Neutral gear is incorrect in all F1 games by CM

    Well, regarding rF2, there is also a setting to downshift to neutral if you press "Shift Up + Shift Down" at the same time - so the lowest gear normally you could select is 1st, if you want to reverse you have to get to neutral first then downshift to reverse. Upshifting to 1st is fine. I guess a similar behavior could be implemented in Codemasters F1 games...
  7. mantazzo

    F1 2019 DENUVO

    I think it's a worthless discussion to go on about. Yes, it made a considerable difference in F1 2018, but I think it's way better optimized for F1 2019. And no, it won't get removed (99% sure).
  8. mantazzo

    Classic Seasons/Game remaster

    If we're doing a remaster, I'd love a proper F1 2010 remaster, as in the game being basically the same as 2010, but with features from new gen (voice commands, current physics, current replay cameras, etc.). Would be great to see the comparison of how much have the Codemasters games came forward since 2010 (if they have, lol).
  9. mantazzo

    Will we see a final 2019 Update?

    I agree with you. It's now only a few days until Christmas, and from what I recall Codemasters always go for a break for about 2 weeks around this time, so highly likely no more patches this year. In unrelated note - congrats on becoming a moderator!
  10. I think he meant the Q2-Q3 bug, where if you don't get into Q2 or Q3 in later seasons, all the remaining times are simulated using data from the Season 1 Australia data, and not the actual data in the "current" season.
  11. mantazzo

    Classic Cars for 2020

    I would actually prefer either classic tracks, or something more recent as a "classic car" (like the 2013 Red Bull).
  12. According to Autosport: So basically, we will need another DRS zone here. Hopefully we will get an update to add that. P.S. For those who don't know which turns are these - it's the small straight after the bridge (ex-Singapore Sling is Turn 10). P.S.S. More details in this document.
  13. mantazzo

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    That's literally Microsoft David voice in Text-to-Speech. LOL. Not sure if it's just a "fallback" when recorded lines don't exist, or did Codemasters think they could get away without recording a few lines regarding female drivers?
  14. mantazzo

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    From what I'm hearing, it's the livery update. Ferrari now has the "90 years" logo, other cars also updated.
  15. Looks like someone hit the Jackpot with Driver Transfers already. https://twitter.com/AE_BeauAlbert/status/1143484589706379265