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  1. I think he meant the Q2-Q3 bug, where if you don't get into Q2 or Q3 in later seasons, all the remaining times are simulated using data from the Season 1 Australia data, and not the actual data in the "current" season.
  2. mantazzo

    Classic Cars for 2020

    I would actually prefer either classic tracks, or something more recent as a "classic car" (like the 2013 Red Bull).
  3. According to Autosport: So basically, we will need another DRS zone here. Hopefully we will get an update to add that. P.S. For those who don't know which turns are these - it's the small straight after the bridge (ex-Singapore Sling is Turn 10). P.S.S. More details in this document.
  4. mantazzo

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    That's literally Microsoft David voice in Text-to-Speech. LOL. Not sure if it's just a "fallback" when recorded lines don't exist, or did Codemasters think they could get away without recording a few lines regarding female drivers?
  5. mantazzo

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    From what I'm hearing, it's the livery update. Ferrari now has the "90 years" logo, other cars also updated.
  6. Looks like someone hit the Jackpot with Driver Transfers already. https://twitter.com/AE_BeauAlbert/status/1143484589706379265
  7. mantazzo

    Classic car top speeds

    I'm honestly MORE surprised as to why they don't give you an option to modify gears for classic cars. They're not the "Current" cars, only current cars have one set Gear Ratio and that's it, older cars could choose from at least a few...
  8. I see aarava also mentioned that, with a screenshot oh Hulkenberg in Racing Point. People were saying I was wrong about it, and it's nice to see I wasn't and FULL driver transfers are in the game. FINALLY.
  9. mantazzo

    No F2 cars in Leagues?

    As I was watching the "LEAGUES" video, I noticed that for cars there are only 2 choices - either the Multiplayer Car (which I still like to call "BASE") or F1 2019 official cars. I didn't see any F2 mentions anywhere. Does this mean F2-type Leagues (and also F2 cars) will not be available at all? Because that looks like a MAJOR oversight for me.
  10. mantazzo

    F1 2019 Career news & gameplay

    Speaking about cutscenes, looking again through the first video, I wanted to say first "how did the other half of the wing disappear?" then I noticed it dropping off in a split second. But then I noticed another thing - spot the problem in this cutscene. I mean, I hope this will be fixed, because while it's not a big deal, it's annoying.
  11. mantazzo

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    I have seen a video where a person tried out the F1 2018 comparison between Denuvo exe and Denuvoless exe - the average performance improvement with Denuvoless exe was about 10% FPS increase in dry conditions, loading times decreased slightly and most of the lagspikes were gone. Says quite a bit I think.
  12. Seems to be they went a bit overboard with the "confetti" of carbon fibre there. All that happened was the guy on the right his the guy on the left (rear wheel to front wing contact), and only some of the front wing flies off (as I marked in the attached picture in yellow), but for this collision you get a huge amount of "confetti" (marked with red). Seems a bit unrealistic to me.
  13. mantazzo

    Highlights feature

    I am yet to see a race highlights on F1 channel longer than 8 minutes. And after all, this is not a replay, this is highlights. Though we don't even know how will this work.
  14. I will have to agree with the answer above - with only a month to go until the game gets released, we have almost no "official" news about the game, and what we got now... is classic cars list. Not to be rude, but we seriously need more details about Career Mode and Multiplayer - How will the Career Mode look like, were there any other major changes made, how about Multiplayer and the Leagues component, how will it work, etc... What we saw now is just some gameplay (which is more of the same as every year, tbf) and some new cutscenes. People need more details. I, for example, am thinking of not pre-ordering because I'm not sure how will the Career Mode play out. Are the things said in various articles true or?..
  15. Aaand this is why I suggested to send emails to all remaining people that "thanks for applying, but unfortunately you weren't selected this time" - would've reduced questions a lot. 😄
  16. As I expected, I didn't get in. Shame, really, since I had some ideas to tweak the gamepad handling, but oh well. Probably also doesn't help that I wasn't participating in any league 😄 (and also doesn't help probably because of all the various stuff I do/did) Good luck to all the Beta testers, and remember the rule #1 - "The first rule of the Beta Club is we don't talk about the Beta Club." (Faya, 2018)
  17. Well, good luck everyone on the Beta, and remember, this is a BETA, not just Early Access for the game - find bugs with the game and report them! Looks like I didn't get an invite, but that's completely understandable. (Though if reports that Xb1 and PC players didn't get invites yet are true then maybe there's hope for me? Haha)
  18. mantazzo

    F1 2019 Images

    At least the UI resembles the real one a bit more, even though it's not the exact one.
  19. mantazzo


    I can try, at least. So let's just say you "sign up" to a league which has 10 races for "this season". If you attend all, your "league attendance rating" will be 100%. You can, however, miss races for particular reasons, but if the race happens and you're not there, your attendance rating will decrease. So if you miss 1 race in a 10 race season, your rating will be 90%, and so on. Leagues, when approving the "sign up applications" (yep, that's also a thing for leagues) can pay attention to your average league attendance rating, so if you miss races frequently, some leagues may not want that you'd race there (say you have a 60% attendance rating, that's 2 out of 5 races missed on average - league might want only players with high attendance rating, like 90%, so they will probably reject your "sign up application"). Hopefully this explains how it should work.
  20. mantazzo


    Yes, from what I know, Leagues are now a thing (and should be with online R&D, proper part wear and part management, (maybe) manual penalties and so on, but Codemasters will explain themselves), also Highlights Reel is also a thing, which is basically saveable replays, or at least great racing moments (with export to video on PC as it seems). I'm just waiting if we will get any "Showroom" mentions or "Driver Transfers" mentions (because yes, these should be a thing in F1 2019, and not just player transfers, but normal proper transfers).
  21. mantazzo


    Probably just not available to pre-order yet. It will be available on PC.
  22. mantazzo

    F1 2019 Clip

    That's definitely F1 2019 game. The information layout on the wheel itself is different than F1 2018's, for example, there seems no big ERS bar in the bottom middle, gear number font is different, other information layout looks different...
  23. mantazzo


    I mean, it's not exactly hidden if you show it up on SteamDB with name like that... 😄 Still, cool to see that!
  24. Let's not start bashing other people in this topic shall we... (Though if we continue on this topic, I think most people agree 2015 was the worst in the series (we don't count the 2009 one) - 2016 was decent, 2017 was very good and 2018 was also very good, though all the games were plagued with bugs and glitches, more or less. When the games worked, they were great fun to play.)
  25. @Faya maybe a bit too big of a question, but when selecting people for the beta, could you also email those who wanted to get in but didn't get an invitation? Would hopefully reduce questions like "how do I know I was selected or not for the Beta" in the future whenever the Beta starts. Just a suggestion. 🙂