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  1. I'm looking for some information regarding the button layout on the Fanatec Formula V2. On several pictures I see the specific Xbox buttons positioned on the top right hand side of the wheel therefor making the top lefthand thumb buttons useless on Xbox. (RT, LSB and LT) So, if anyone has information regarding this it will be most welcome since I'm planning to get this wheel.
  2. 1512marcel

    Can we get Keyboard support on Xbox

    @RedDevilKT and @Hoo, can one of you explain why it is so hard to implement keyboard support for XBOX so that we can fully enjoy the potential of our hardware.
  3. It's the same for all wheels. I have Fanatec gear and friends of me Logitech and Thrustmaster all with the same outcome. But I agree that it's up to Codemasters to implement keuboard support. Reason why did they decide not to implement it for Xbox is still unclear.
  4. It's not a driver limitation. It's a limitation within Xbox. Keyboard support is present within Xbox, but Codemasters need to implement it and they already said they will not. How bizar. Regarding the evidence, I have been reading a lot about this subject and came accross a very informative article explaining the inns and outs but can't find it again. The Elite Controller has more buttons, but if you want to use them, they should be supported in game. If not supported in game you can't bind the extra button to a function in game. Same as with our fancy wheels.
  5. 1512marcel

    Codemasters F1 licence

    If Geoff Grammond is still around doing his stuff, let him have a go at it.
  6. 1512marcel

    Can we get Keyboard support on Xbox

    Would be nice to get an explanation why they are not considering implementing this feature.
  7. But the Xbox keybindings are restricted to the same number of buttons you find on the controller. For that reason you find so many doubled bindings on the steering wheel. In PC2 the devs have found a way around this by enabling keyboard support within the game but you still have the doubled bindings on the wheel. To overcome that a keyboard or buttonbox offers you more options. That is not possible in 2018 or 2019. Only way to overcome that is the use of an extra controller.
  8. I support this one hundred procent, allthough not sure if it's entirely up to Codemasters to implement this. In fact, the lack of mappable buttons made me switch to PC and even there the McLaren wheel is not fully supported.
  9. I don’t expect a solution for the Xbox since this all has to do with the way Microsoft handles the protocol. Not for the V2 wheel and not for the McLaren wheel. But a thorough explanation by Codemasters would be in place here, just to manage expectations and stop all the guessing posts about the subject. @Faya Then we all know what to expect and what not.
  10. Like to see an update regarding the XBOX One. Would be great to see that at least the buttons on the Mclaren wheel are working. New F1 wheel will be coming once confirmed it is working on Xbox One.
  11. 1512marcel

    Why the PC version does not have Chinese

    Tell me, I'm very curious
  12. 1512marcel


    Weird, but I guess he's trying very hard to correct his post after the comments. I agree, the actual title was perfect, your comment wasn't but this for sure is a meaningful thread, so please restore the original title. That covers about everything posted here. Sorry to confuse you.
  13. 1512marcel


    Thanks Worntoathread. I will look for means who to implement a controller in my hardware config. Might disassemble one and be creative. Using the extra controller also means it needs power.
  14. 1512marcel


    OP's posts is unclear. The title is selfexplaining but the info given by OP in the textfield is totally off. This post however is meaningful and based on trial and error I managed to map multiple functions to one button. Just those functions that only work in certain sections of the track can be used like the PIT limiter function and DRS. You can map other functions to those buttons were the original function overrules the other function once used in the designed section of the track. I haven't tried using the controller next to my wheel. Kalamazoo123 is raising this question and I'm interested in the outcome. Alex TT mentions keyboard support. I question this, because if present we wouldn't suffer from a lack of mappable buttons on our wheel. I still have a surplus on buttons on my Fanatec gear which is completly useless on Xbox. PS4 has some more options but it still is very dissapointing that all the wheel possibilities from different brands are not support by this years edition for agruable reasons.
  15. 1512marcel

    Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

    I will, the moment I have figured out to go for either Tobii or TrackIR.