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  1. 1512marcel

    Is this the final version of the game?

    I'm not sure if that is possible in the current contract, but it makes sense.
  2. Have you tried a different controller (if possible) to rule out an issue with the controller?
  3. 1512marcel

    Formula1 2019 chash for D3D in laptop SONY VAIO

    I believe you, but technically things are developing fast and three years in computer terms could mean the VAIO is from the Stone Age by now. Just compare the minimum specs from F1 2016 to F1 2019 and look for the differences.
  4. 1512marcel

    F1 2020 compatibility with ps4???

    I believe the “dev sets” of the new platforms will be available if they aren’t already. However, that doesn’t mean the new game will be developed with the new platforms in mind. Like Sloppy says, the new game will be out long before the new platforms arrive.
  5. 1512marcel

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    I have noticed that too, but like to keep things organized for now. Would love to see the forum being split up into platform based sections and one general multi platform section. Have mentioned this to Barry already.
  6. The Hori wheel isn’t on the supported wheel list, so that’s one of your problems. What platform are you on? What I don’t get is why you have to set a deadzone on your controller when you are using a wheel? Controller is only used to plug in the headset and does nothing else or do I misunderstand?
  7. 1512marcel

    [PS4] - CP7 Error Code

    Glad your problem is solved. Please explain how telemetry was the issue. Just to help out other players experiencing the same problem.
  8. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    I have split your contribution into a new post, please reply there to keep the forum clean.
  9. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    I will move this post to the technical assistance section once you have confirmed you and your friends are visible in the global leaderboard. However, although you don’t care about the global leaderboard you have to be in it in order to be shown in the friends leaderboard so please check with your friends. The friends leaderboard is a data subset from the global leaderboard.
  10. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards Xbox One

    To compare, can you provide us with at least one XB1 player tag from your friends list from who you are sure he has a time in the global leaderboards which doesn’t show on your friends leaderboard. Since we recently have more issues regarding this it needs to be looked into @BarryBL
  11. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards Xbox One

    Thanks, I needed to ask. Wouldn’t be the first time to start a wild goose chase. I will try to split this post and make two seperate posts and move them to the right section.
  12. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards Xbox One

    Sounds like a stupid question, but you are both on XB1?
  13. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    That's incorrect. My friends are all shown in the friends leaderboards and in a recent discussion regarding the same issue it was confirmed that you need to be faster than the 15.000 place to be visible in the friends- and normal leaderboard. Check this post. If my information is not correct or your times are good enough to be listed (so faster than slowest in the list) I will move this post to the technical assistance section.
  14. 1512marcel

    Friends leaderboards ps4

    Could be the times are slower than the top 15.000 times. Times will show in both leaderboards once they have achieved that.
  15. 1512marcel

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    I agree to that. Shouldn’t be that hard to reach the 15.000 level. It just takes a little bit of practice if your aim is not the top 100.