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  1. A video of the issue would be most helpful in this case.
  2. English speking forum, please use google translate before posting. And if you want to report an issue, use the proper bug report form. HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT - Support - Codemasters Community
  3. Thanks for your post. Please fill out the proper bug report and there is no need to post this issue four times. I will deleted the other three. HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT - Support - Codemasters Community
  4. I have made a new report because this one is not G29 related.
  5. Please refrain from bumping, against forum rules.
  6. @steviejay69 can you have a look at the DXDiag and other info provided?
  7. First of all, please use the proper bug report form. Next to this, there are a lot of post regarding this issue. Use the search engine to see if there is a possible solution/workaround for your issue.
  8. With a little effort (reading, using the search engine) you could have found this post;
  9. Hi there, please refrain from double posting. Allthough not FFB related, please check the below post regarding how to update driver and firmware. This might solve your problem.
  10. A few remarks, double (in your case triple posting is against forum rules, please refrain from doing so or get warned). Next to this you need to report an issue using the proper bug report form. A video would be helpful, but in this case, there have been similar reports. Please use the search engine before posting to look for similar issues.
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