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  1. 1512marcel

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    Thank you Faya
  2. Exactly, so just be patient and remember you are selected to test the game, not just to play early 😇
  3. 1512marcel

    How can I improve my times in time trial mode?

    Practice my young apprentice, practice a lot.
  4. 1512marcel

    No driver hands or wheel in cockpit

    Or use a third party app to replace the on wheel info (that's what I do and with a little effort you can get your visuals almost perfect for a setup were you don't want to see the wheel. Downside here is you don't get to see the mirrors (which is even with a proper position in car difficult in some cars) I hope one day the third party guys will develop an app were the mirror data is shown on a smartphone. That would be cool.
  5. 1512marcel

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    Hopefully not, as long as there are no VR sets capable of handling me using reading glasses.
  6. Signed up a while ago. So many new names here. Feel like a stranger
  7. 1512marcel

    F1 2019 Beta Testing Information/Sign-Up

    Custom liveries will make it far more unrecognizable. I do hope they don’t turn it into a circus act, allthough it might be nice for the leagues.
  8. 1512marcel


    Would be a nice addition if you have to perform pretty good in F2 to get (good) offers from F1 teams. Time however is an issue for most of us playing games and if you need to do a decent season before entering F1 that would be a shame. However, these are all asumptions.
  9. Don’t agree with you Wildcat. Allthough the moderators should partly fix misplaced topics it saves those who search a lot of time if they can search dedicated subforums. Next to this will it make the lives of the devs easier to pin-point specific bugs related to a specific platform. However, and that’s were I agree with you; it has to be placed in the right section.
  10. I have raised this so many times. Beats me why they haven’t implemented this in the new forum. Also makes the life of the devs easier to figure out the bugs on each platform.
  11. 1512marcel

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Same goes for the Xbox. So may buttons and so little to configure. I do hope the new Fanatec SDK will cure this problem for the Xbox users allthough I'm under the impression that some support is needed from Microsoft as well.
  12. 1512marcel

    F1 2019 wishlist

    These are by far the best options I would like to see in a future game.
  13. 1512marcel

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    Is miss the feeling wearing shoes.
  14. 1512marcel

    Bite-point mode Fanatec McLaren wheel

    I guess you are right. It will be difficult then to configure. Manual clutch however is easier to use than the pedal. Improved my race starts anyway. But the bite-point mode would be better. I will try to configure it in PC2. There is a lot more support in that game.
  15. Has anyone got the bite-point mode working on Xbox One? I have the McLaren wheel together with the Clubsport base 2.5 and V3 pedals. Following Sim Racing Girls tutorial I get to the point to push the throttle but the car starts moving when I do so. So it seems the pedals on the wheel do not act as a clutch pedal. I configured them as such and they show up as being a clutch pedal, but don't act like one. So, if anyone has a solution to use this feature on the Xbox One, be my guest. If it is not working because it simply just doesn't work on consoles, that's an answer too. Or, does the clutch only work during actual race starts? Tried to configure it in time trial.