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  1. 1512marcel


    I understand your frustration, but being rude or ranting doesn’t help so please try to stay constructive.
  2. 1512marcel


    Posts hidden for abusive language. Strong request towards OP to be respectful towards others. You have been warned twice. Don’t let us black flag you.
  3. 1512marcel

    New liveries and sponsors

    Correct, and for the record, its a PEGI 3 game, for the very young addicts 😉
  4. 1512marcel

    New liveries and sponsors

    Good discussion guys, but keep it respectful. Nobody is a loser until I say so Post hidden.
  5. 1512marcel


    It's not a bug. Will move to Suggestions
  6. 1512marcel

    Contest Of Speed Recruitment all regions (PS4)

    Guys, I can't be the judge in this matter, but I urge you to have this discussion outside the forum or let everyone judge for themselves.
  7. 1512marcel

    Multiplayer Suttering/Freezing. [BUG]

    Great job Stevie
  8. 🖐️ Just added some weaving here. That's a start...
  9. Not providing the required information makes it very hard to replicate your issues. Just ranting is the easy way out then. As you can see lots of issues are looked into seriously and solved. One sooner than the other. But we need your help.
  10. Because you have always done your shifting that way, doesn't mean we all have to go back to your way. Over the years improvements have been made and some require you to adapt. 2019 was more like ice skating and I had to change my driving style dramatically in order to finish a race. I managed to do so and are now benefiting from this change in style. Hardly ever over-drive the car now. You can still "slam" the gears by braking a little later and start down-shifting under braking (as preferred trail braking). Just wait a little longer in downshifting to the preferred gear. Lets say you normally enter a corner in second gear. Try taking this corner in third gear, downshifting to second gear mid-corner. This doesn't make you slower and taking corners in a higher gear than you are used to, mostly third gear instead of second gear will probably make you faster too. The other way round works too. Entering a corner in second gear and up-shifting earlier that you are used too third gear less than the optimal moment is still productive and faster when performed correctly what brings me to one point already mentioned several times; it all comes down to timing (not saying the bug doesn't exist, but these are things to try that will reduce gearbox wear and at the same time improve your track times). And it makes perfect sense that you have less wear on favorite tracks than you have at tracks you don't favor. There is a reason behind the fact that you don't favor a track (you're not good at it which leads to over-driving the car).
  11. 1512marcel

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    In English please, English speaking forum. Use Google translate if your English isn't ok. Thanks.
  12. 1512marcel

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    So it’s not only Codemasters games suffering from this issue? That could be useful information for the devs. Can you add a link from an official site backing this statement?
  13. If there is no response by the end of the day I will delete this topic.
  14. 1512marcel

    Leagues Fault

    Link to topic please.