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  1. 1512marcel

    XBOX Series X issues

    So, if I understand correct, you had the same setup on your other Xbox, presumably the One X. And you didn’t encounter this issue on that setup? I do however think that BarryBL is correct.
  2. 1512marcel

    F12020 does not start

    Have you tried running the DX11 version?
  3. 1512marcel

    Wheel not detected

    Only thing I can think of is that since the wheel is recently released it's not (yet) supported in game. However, I know Codemasters is working on implementing TrueForce which might make the wheel compatible. Do you also own ACC? In this game all features of this wheel are implemented. (Still looking for video proof of all the features like full button support, rev lights working etc regarding another matter) I take it you are on Xbox One (Forza 4)
  4. 1512marcel

    Wheel not detected

    Have you tried upgrading to the latest firmware?
  5. This is the code generated in the left bottom of the screen and is there to use if you encounter an issue. This code has to be copied into the bug report and makes it easier for the devs to trace the issue.
  6. Thank you so much. This is the information we were all waiting for and the proof is there that ACC is using the functionality offered by the extra SDK.
  7. 1512marcel

    Racenet login/create account Troubles

    Thanks for your input. Removing the multi language translation will help not being blocked by the spam filter.
  8. 1512marcel

    Error creation lobby

    Any news on this issue @Raffaello
  9. Any news on this matter @MichalWojtas
  10. 1512marcel

    F1 2019 Online

    No need for double posting. It's against forum rules. Next to this, please file a proper bug report. I will delete the other post.
  11. 1512marcel

    No more sound in F1 2018

    Thanks for editting your post. Not sure if there is still someone around to help you out, but we need more information so please fill out the proper bug report so we can help you out. In the green bar overhead your post you can find how to do that.
  12. 1512marcel

    Weather Algorithm is off

    Global warming my friend, climate is changing and Codemasters weatherman programmed it just the way it is 😉 But to be serious, check out the forum before posting another thread. There has been said enough about this were you can simply add your comment. I will merge this post soon.
  13. 1512marcel

    New way for Track acclimatisation ?

    @BarryBadmutz wat is je punt? You posted in Technical Assistance with no further issue mentioned besides being very perceptive.
  14. https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/52-bug-reporting-please-follow-rules-and-complete-reports/
  15. 1512marcel

    Missing content

    Any update on this @AlfH If not we will close this post.
  16. 1512marcel

    No more sound in F1 2018

    This is an English speaking forum, please write in English.
  17. @LogiUK can you share some light on the extra SDK you mentioned earlier. I trying to get my head around it and not fully understand what the basis is that is needed to get a wheel working on Xbox. Is there like a standard SDK that all third party manufacturers use in order to get their hardware working? And in what way is Microsoft engaged in this whole proces, or is it just a proces between game devs and third party devs? Logitech shook up this community (at least the once using high end gear like Fanatec) by showing that it is possible to get more buttons to work on Xbox, rotaries and rev lights etc. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but if your latest wheel had 10 buttons more, you would have been able to get them to work in the extra SDK. Correct? This is quite essential for me to understand. You can pm if you like, and understand that I'm not a Codemasters employee, just a moderator with no more knowledge than the common forum user.
  18. 1512marcel

    XBOX - Fanatec/ Logitech (and other wheel) button support

    Maybe, just maybe, we should take this to the next level.
  19. 1512marcel

    XBOX - Fanatec/ Logitech (and other wheel) button support

    Just like I predicted. Thomas (Fanatec) is a master in walking away from his responsibilities. I have posted there aswell with no reaction whatsoever. Very dissapointing.
  20. 1512marcel

    XBOX - Fanatec/ Logitech (and other wheel) button support

    That’s new to me. Thanks for the headsup.
  21. 1512marcel

    XBOX - Fanatec/ Logitech (and other wheel) button support

    I looked it up yesterday. Actually it was a comment of one of the Xbox Ambassadors, not an actual employee of Microsoft, but like me kinda of a spokesman. I will post the link tomorrow. And to be honest, I guess he is more referring to third party and wheel manufacturers stating it’s to expensive to create a specific SDK for a “few” users.
  22. 1512marcel

    XBOX - Fanatec/ Logitech (and other wheel) button support

    Cheaper to switch to pc.
  23. 1512marcel

    XBOX - Fanatec/ Logitech (and other wheel) button support

    Beware you need to upgrade your Fanatec stuff too. V2 will not work on PS5 if you have the Xbox version etc.
  24. Are you within the first 10.000 players? If not, your time will not show on the leaderboards.