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  1. (note: this is a clone of a post I made in the Steam forum for the game, I am adding it here in case someone with the knowledge I seek reads one and not the other, hope it doesn't bother anyone) I tried out this game on another PC and I quite loved the handling and graphics as well as the AI performance. I am someone who likes to create fictional offline racing leagues (race of champions between the best drivers in the world in multiple disciplines, anyone?) and I have mainly used rFactor for this in the past as it is basically the only racing game, sim or arcade, that allows the customization necessary. However GRID Autosport clearly outperforms even rFactor 2 in every entertainment-related way, it's one of the most pure fun racing experiences I've ever had even if it's not a perfect simulation. So I would love to buy the game and get involved but I can't seem to figure out whether the game has any modding support in this area. At the bare minimum I would like to be able to change driver names, nationalities and basic skill stats as well as the team names. Ideally it would also be nice if a custom car skin/paint feature could be linked in somehow. Is this something that could be accomplished? Even if it required coding? There isn't much information about modding the game so I don't feel optimistic asking this question but I thought I would, just to put it out there. As well as color me very interested in the next Codemasters game if it adds these features. On a humorous note, I was in with pCars from the beginning as a contributor (though not a high dollar one) and this exact feature was requested by quite a few members and we were all given emphatic assurances that the devs felt the same way...then reality sunk in and now if you were to ask for anything like that the response would be.... *crickets*...they don't even seem to be able to get the basic game working right. Sigh. I did not appreciate being misled, though I understand my use is a rather small niche within the genre as a whole.