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  1. Even if it hadn't already been game with both in it before. Do people really think its worth sacrificing a huge chuck of the game so that we can now have two (probably dull) cut scenes?
  2. Officially confirmed I see. Well then it's been fun (usually) over the last 5 games but that confirms no sale for me. Adding in some podium animations and more dreadful commentary from Croft isn't worth chopping off half the game. Like others I'm impressed with the concept of project car's career mode and codemasters have made the decision of which game to buy easy. Hopefully that game lives up to its potential.
  3. More realistic physics than ever is the same thing they say every year. If they put out a demo i guess ill try it and see if i'm blown away. Otherwise this game just looks far too sparse on features to justify buying at anywhere near full price when its competitors are offering so much more. Would love to be proved wrong in future announcements though. I just really need decent single player options to stay interested in a game for long. Especially a yearly title where the only population may drop rapidly.
  4. 1. Lee is a Codemasters employee. 2. Everything he says about the game is official. 3. He said that you CAN'T USE YOUR OWN NAME in F1 2015, you PICK A DRIVER TO RACE AS. 4. You can't use your own name and create your own driver -> no career mode. Creating your own driver is pretty much the definition of career mode. Codemasters: "F1 2015 won't have online mode." Delusional fans: "NO ONE HAS CONFIRMED THERE WON'T BE MULTIPLAYER" Topkek. Hm, What about picking a driver (let's say Felipe Nasr), starting at Sauber working your way up to the world champion in 10 seasons with changing team
  5. Because if you cant use your own name offline (see the post above yours) then it confirms that there wont be a career.
  6. In F1 2015 you pick which driver / team you want to race for and compete as them. So Career mode has been cut basically? Replaced by putting more emphasis on season challenge/ quick race style options?  I'm concerned by that. It was where i put the bulk of my hours in previous titles. 
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