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  1. neilpountney

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    So Chris I have noticed very few attempts to go with a lower number of pit stops for tyres ( Be it 2 or 3 depending on race length) does that mean it is not achievable or not even worth considering in these simulations? The wear from car to care seems hugely different.
  2. neilpountney

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Great Job Chris, brave or stupid to hang on to the win final race, well I guess that proves you are a racer!!! What is the next challenge?  You are the best in the McLaren, can you make it more difficult for yourself or will you have to step back in terms of a car? Either way I hope you continue to post your races! Best wishes Neil
  3. neilpountney

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Hi Chris, watched all your races and hopefully learned something!!!!  You need to finish top 3 to win this Championship assuming Hamilton wins the race. Awesome stuff, great commentary too. All the best Neil