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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmsvx4C260U First online race. it's such a happy feeling when you find a fellow clean racer
  2. Not working for me as well. Usually I can use FanaLED for it to work on my SRW-S1. I have to use audio queues to shift now, which makes perfect shifting harder
  3. Very odd! If you let a a replay cycle through on its own does the helicam and trackside cam appear on its own? I'm not at my PC atm so can't check myself but will take a look once I've got access again. Hi Loore. what I meant was there is no camera option that is just only for Trackside or Helicam only, without the Codemasters™ quick camera swap changing from trackside to onboards. 
  4. Testing out F3 cars with all assists offhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH-LnO4eyvchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXSr9mwZZBo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xthwjYoiy4
  5. @loore: Helicam and also Trackside Cam (without cutting into the in car cam which is the Codemaster's trademark). Cycled through all cameras during replay
  6. Blurred cockpit is one thing, no rev lights is another. I am pissed that I have to rely on the rev meter on the right instead of the rev lights on the steering for my shifting cue. 
  7. I love Autosport, but that's because it's just so different from Grid 2. The F3 cars are a lot of fun. But there are some issues that I still am not happy with. 1 - Promised new cameras, but there were none http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/522/request-proper-trackside-camera-without-the-codemasters-artistic-camera#latest2 - FFB are still bad for steering wheel3 - Weird bug in practice mode, where after you finish practice, the AI's time are wiped out and then given times that are different from the ones that they have set in that session
  8. after playing the F1 games from 2011 to 2013, the FFB in the EGO engine is quite lacking. Using a G27 steering, there is no difference if the car is sliding, locking up or loosing traction. All what you feel through the steering are just random rumbles. What's worse is that sometimes the steering will yank to the opposite side if you use the kerbs, scaring you from using kerbs in the game.  I just hope that in Autosport, the FFB will be fixed
  9. Cool! thanks for the reply. This makes making race recording easier, especially online races
  10. I prefer an invisible wall option than a corner cutting penalty. You not only lost time due to the penalty, but momentum as well. 
  11. That is kinda weird, since there are quite a number of last, last gen games that have normal trackside cameras without any problems. They just lessen the draw distance.
  12. I am looking forward to Grid Autosport. But please, oh please Codies, add a proper trackside camera. One that would emulate the camera you would see from a TV viewer perspective. Even in the F1 games, the trackside camera is still jumbled up with camera spinning around the car, which IMO kills the emulation that you are watching a race from TV. 
  13. you need to properly reconfigure dxtory dude. Best thing about it is that if you configure it properly, you can set dxtory to record at 30FPS while you play at 60FPS  Also if you have an Nvidia card, nvidia has their own game recording software
  14. Lessen the penalty for getting off track. You are already loosing time, but the car being throttled down is a double whammy, especially if you took an avoiding action not to run into another car. You are being slowed down not because your own fault
  15. LotusI can handle Melbourne and Sepang easily enough. But in China for some reason the tyres just went off no matter what I did. By lap 5 the softs will always be finished.  I even restarted the race and coasted in all the tyre eating corners (1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, and 14) and still the tyres went off at the same lap every time.  I am thinking the tyre wear is mostly scripted
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