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  1. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    @SamuelTrautman you'll realise when you play it that project cars isn't all it's been hyped up to be, I don't see how everyone is raving about it, the ai are just stupid frustrating idiotic at times, yes I know it's only just come out but the bugs that are in at are terrible, sound, frame rate, seriously I could go on for a long time at how terrible it is, even to the point where I had my wheel turned completely left and the steering on the game went full lock right then tried it with a pad and the same thing happens, seems quite a common issue reading through some forums, you can't even go in a straight line without correcting the car 1000 times and then just completely ending in a tank slapper... 
  2. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    @Restricted do we really expect anything though lol I yes was a fool last few weeks while others have been moaning getting pissed off Etc I still kept a tiny bit of faith that we may be rewarded at some point but no, I have lost all interest in this game if that's what you want to even call it, I seriously hope codemasters report all time loses and fold, there fucking useless at every aspect of this. 
  3. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    Haha typical, can play part of the game if your there, but no news, trailer... NOTHING... I actually with some hope at the start of this week thought yes surely Friday will be the day for something... But no,
  4. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    mmpaw37May 1  in F1 Games - General Discussion Good afternoon everyone!, Just thought I would inform you all..., ALL assets have now been signed off with the game; which means that the game is near completion!  @TheLeeMather has confirmed this on his Twitter page - He also stated that there is video which will be released soon; however, these items need an alternate signing off process, but it shouldn't be long until we actually see something worthwhile. He stated a few days ago that the clips had been sent on the 26th April I believe, so I would assume we can expect something next week...(Well...Here's to hoping anyway!) So, there you have it everyone! - It's not news we'd hoped for but at least the picture is a little clearer!  Have a great day everyone!  Not sure if anyone actually reads the other discussion threads but surely some sort of good news regarding some videos? Hopefully next week? 
  5. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    How many more Codemasters F1 games there will be remains to be seen, with another year left on the licence, and with the intent on the publisher's behalf to renew it once time is up. F1 2015 doesn't exactly mark a bold new direction for the series, and it's not quite the reboot that was promised, but in its full-blooded simulation of the new breed of F1 cars it is at least a reminder that Codemasters understands where the sport's real appeal lies. From euro gamer, end part of the article doesn't sound promising? 
  6. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    @justbiglee  Will there be a formation lap included? Also not sure if you can reveal any sort of camera views, there's the traditional cockpit view but any sort of helmet cam, like on f1 2013 when you took part in the young drivers test, it went into a cinematic scene and put on the helmet and you got a perfect view from inside a racing helmet?   
  7. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    @ChromeChrome  i think I saw earlier in this post that justbiglee said only the console versions with kinect and playstation camera would be able to talk to there engineer :-/
  8. Delpheac

    Announcing F1 2015

    Hi @justbiglee  newbie so if my comment has no place here please feel free to remove it, great that news has finally arrived I for one applaud codemasters, yes like others it has been frustrating to wait and wait but look at the likes of project cars, ever since it was announced there has been endless gameplay videos which for me has kind of taken the excitment out of finally playing it when it arrives, I know your very busy but I noticed in a few posts people asking for formation lap which I would really love to see and you said you would find out and get back to us, any news about it you can share?  Cheers