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  1. 2months ago it was June.. But ok.. THIS GAME LOOKS F`KIN FANTASTIC...
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4icRS9Bephc&feature=youtu.be&a lol. :dizzy: 
  3. Things Change all the time. hahahaha. :dizzy:  How can things change when it`s only four weeks until relase? Codemasters really...
  4. Looks like even forum is going down, because no one is hyped for game. :dizzy: 
  5. I don't think I can talk about multiplayer stuff yet, you'll have to bear with me on that side of things for now. I'll have a look into wheels when everyone's back in on Monday. Dave (one of our handling guys) has been busy setting up action maps on various controllers for a little while now, but I don't know what the full list is. Bear in mind as with all things there may be stuff that prevents me from just posting a 'supported peripherals list' but if that happens I'll try and let you know at least. If you must talk about something non-F1, talk about Stock Car Extreme for a bit. Might be a
  6. 10th May. One Month until Relase. We still have almost nothing! Thanks Codemasters! Love you.
  7. Maybe they have a trailer for Dirt since the game is released today?...(early access) I dont care. its 1month and 10days until relase and we have almost nothing 
  8. https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/592674569703460864 This is funny. :D DiRT wasn`t annoucment but we get gameplay trailer, and F1 2015 was annoucment 1month ago and we still dont have trailer.. lol This is what Codemasters thinks about F1 Games.
  9. We can`t be patient when it`s only 2months to release. C`mon guys we must have MORE INFO i know it`s only 2weeks from annoucment but... this  know what is promoting game? They`re doing it wrong.
  10. @justbiglee  Hello. So we will get first videos, screenshots from 2015 next week? Or u cant told us? :dizzy:  And what about Formation Lap? Can u finally tell us something about it'?
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