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  1. MrGhostO1O

    Classic Tracks

    The major difference that people seem to forget between Classic Tracks & Classic Cars is that Cars are very restricted in terms of their use in gameplay. You will barely see any league or lobby run Cars because they cannot be set to equal performance and are generally not as well liked as before. Tracks on the other hand are guaranteed to be used in every aspect of the game. Leagues can have custom seasons with classic tracks, career mode can have more interesting events in combination with classic cars and online in general is very likely to pick an unfamiliar/"new" track over one of the current calender that they drove a thousend times already when it comes to track votes in lobbies. However you look at it, classic tracks are going to be great sellers and if they released even more in actual DLC's further down the road then it would make them even more money while keeping their daily player counts up. It is a win-win for both sides.
  2. MrGhostO1O

    Question on Braking

    F1 cars in-game are able to slow down from ~350 km/h to ~90 km/h within 125 m. These values come from Italy Time Trial in Turn 1. This is what you call a hard braking zone because the "amount" of speed you reduce per meter is high compared to most other corners on the calender. Depending on the nature of the corner (tight hairpin/tight hairpin followed by a corner in the opposite direction/corner combinations like suzuka first sector/long corner like parabolica in monza/long corner after long corner, high speed corner like spoon in suzuka) you will always want to reduce the speed for the corner as much as possible while still maintaining enough speed for the fastest possible exit. Most people call this the "slow-in-fast-out" method. Now although it is technically true, in reality you will always want to go fast-in-fast-out, carrying the maximum possible speed through a corner and its exit. But again, it depends on the corner you are going through. In most corner combinations you will want to go slow-in-fast-out because you have to open up a radius for the next imminent turn. I always suggest for starters the "slow-in-fast-out" because it is the easiest way to learn cornering before trying fast-in-fast-out. Take your time and practice as much as possible.
  3. MrGhostO1O

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    The bump before the main straight is definitely way too harsh and I hope they fix that in the near future or at least next few games. Regarding 1st gear: The first gear is faster in many corners like spain hairpin, Bahrain T1 & T8 as it gives the car more turn-in due to extreme engine braking. Esports drivers and experienced league racers know about this and use it as the cars in-game unrealistically lack overall mechanical grip (the grip that comes from the suspension geometry as the downforce effect only starts at a specific speed/airflow) compared to IRL. Watch some IRL & game onboards of tracks with hairpins or tight corners side by side and you will see that the IRL cars turn way faster around slow corners like hairpins. If they increase mechanical grip and reduce the strength of the engine braking then 1st gear will never be faster except Monaco hairpin.
  4. MrGhostO1O

    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    F1 is a more unique game than others that are released annually. They need the first couple if not the first half of the season to see where the teams stand in terms of perfromance for career mode. They can't just release the game every beginning of a new season because then the performance would be all over the place or unrealistic. There are soooooooooo many things CM has yet to add to their F1 game series to improve it for everyone and it makes me very happy when I see so many people sharing & collecting their ideas on this forum because that shows that people care for the series even if others do not, however, releasing the game even earlier than now is counter-productive in all aspects. I would not mind them releasing every second game during summer and the others during fall/winter if it means that at least for every second year they have more time to develope and ensure good quality of the end product on release day.
  5. MrGhostO1O


    They don't need to be accessible by the player. They need to be used in cinematic cutscenes to hype up a practice, quali, race or other session. The game needs a way larger variety of cutscenes to make the game feel more alive. It is really dull when you get almost if not the exact cutscene session after session, race after race. The same goes for the podium cutscenes. It has a fair amount of negative effect on the replay value of the game for a casual or new player.
  6. MrGhostO1O


    I understand your points and it makes sense but using the argument that tcam makes you less skilled is old and untrue. Yes it is more realistic and limits visibility but again, if you are a non-assist user who has been driving for years then you know everything about all tracks and should not struggle to get used to cockpit for long. My point is that it is going to kill off ranked completely if they implement it as there are not many seriously skilled drivers who play ranked often.
  7. MrGhostO1O


    Make fun of side effects as much as you want people will still be pi55ed if you force cockpit on ranked lobbies. I would not mind it tbh as I would quickly get used to it unlike you with tv cam obviously. It does not make me any worse than when I use TV cam nor does getting used to no tc make someone any worse. It is only going to make the ranked lobby more dead than it already is. You can have it in unranked as an option if you cannot live without it but forced cockpit view should not and will not happen in ranked lobbies, period.
  8. MrGhostO1O

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    I said it multiple times already but IMHO places like Monaco, Singapore and Baku are not race tracks. Monster cars like F1 should not be confined in such pathetic narrow streets. These places are proof of FIA's hypocrisy when some other real tracks' beautiful flow gets destroyed by disgusting chicanes because "there is not enough run-off area". Yes, Monaco is a beautiful and glamorous city but it is just not suitable for such wide cars and speed. If the qualifying event is the most exciting part of the weekend then there is something fundamentally wrong. In terms of it being "unplayable": No, it is not unplayable. It is just narrow, bumpy and therefore low-grip af as it is supposed to be. The "track" is well recreated.
  9. MrGhostO1O


    Keep in mind that they also need to show their onboards while driving esports events. If you show people their cockpit views in live streams then viewers are going to be pi55ed because they cannot stand the view and would like to see more around them like IRL. They could use the spectator to use exterior view but then they are missing a lot of telemetry and MFD options as well as track map. It is a simple no-go for esports events. Again, if everyone can use TV cams then it is not an advantage so why would you go for cockpit view even if you like it and not just get used to TV cam just like you would have to get used to no racing line or TC? If you restrict ranked gameplay to cockpit view I guarantee that more than half of the community will moan about that they cannot use their preferred view just like they cannot invite friends to ranked lobbies. Camera preference is not as simple as categorizing ranked lobbies by assist and non-assist users.
  10. Although the ideas here are awesome, keep in mind that the PS5 and new Xbox consoles are rumoured to be released next year which means that the next F1 game might be the last on the current engine. If F1 2021 is going to be on a new engine then expect not many if any major additions to F1 2020 as they will have to shift focus on programing the new engine (they might have already begun). They might just release some more premium customisations to fund their new engine and F1 2021. But even if CM does not make a new engine for 2021 or in the near future then you can still expect disappointment in the quality of their product. Still so many glitches and bugs since F1 2015 have not yet been fixed which just shows they either have a biatch of an engine or they simply do not have the funds/time to fix them. Sometimes I wonder what a larger developer with more funds could do with the official Formual 1 license. I am not intending to discredit CM even if I post/say some heavy stuff about them sometimes (it is just "chronic frustration" ). They are good developers if you look at other products of them but they are simply too small and unequipped for annual releases of sports games such as F1 or FIFA. Each year it feels like they are a decade behind in terms of content and quality control. It is just too big for them.
  12. MrGhostO1O


    It is a game not a simulator even if CM tries to sell that BS to us through fancy trailers and text. Someone who runs no assists should know the track and their "difficult to see from the cockpit view" - corners if this is what you are on about. Again, I do not see why it should be restricted. Esports does not restrict it and everyone there is allowed to change their camera settings "to see easier". If everyone is allowed to do it then it is no advantage nor assist but a preference and therefore needs no restriction.
  13. MrGhostO1O


    I agree that players should be categorized by the assists they use but I don't agree with the camera position. Unlike the assists it is a perfectly fair preference and does not need restriction.
  14. MrGhostO1O


    Some of them look really awesome.