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  1. Mate, you are blowing it way out of proportion with this comment. We are talking about naming and shaming someone for cheating not death threats. Death threats are a completely different thing and should be handled appropriately. Only special kinds of garbage people send death threats. There is a big difference between "You are a di** for cheating" and "I am going to ******* kill ya for this sh**". Also, players cannot have the same "name". There are always different properties and ID's to specifically identify a user who is cheating. If it were the case of a bug or desync, we would know because there are thousends of such cases with video evidence online. Report them if you see them but defending them from being called out is not the right way to prevent them from doing it again at some point. That is all I meant.
  2. IMO naming and shaming should not apply for those who breach the softwares terms of service.
  3. MrGhostO1O

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    I wouldn't call it abuse. They are just calling them out on their major bugs still not fixed half a year after release. Ofc they will shift more focus to the next title but ignoring the feedback and reports will only make the bugs carry over to the next game (green flag glitch for example, from 2017 to 2018). People are just starting to get tired of the "release unfinished now, patch (& potentially break even more) later" mentality from CM.
  4. People here seem to forget that every game since 2016 is more or less a DLC. Yes, they do add some new features, redesign the car models, reskin them and tweak the handling model but engine wise it is just a DLC every year. Bethesda pretty much does the same thing and you can see how well Fallout 76 was received by the fans. Anyway, a DLC is unlikely for me because the PS5 releasing in 2019 is just a rumour so far. F1 2019 will release as a standalone title for sure.
  5. MrGhostO1O

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    If we are lucky there may be one or two final tiny updates. Usually the games support ends with new year so I would not be surprised if there was none in the end.
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    Merry Christmas Codemasters & Thanks

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