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  1. Sorry to hear that you are going and unlike @UP100 I thank you for all your time dedicated to supporting this game series develope into something better like many others here on this forum. Even if ignored by the game's team, rest assured that the dedicated community always listens. I wish you an your family the best for the future and good luck in your career.
  2. MrGhostO1O

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I have almost never had bad races with a wheel (370° rotation) in Monaco in leagues. I believe I am really good at it but hate it with a passion. As difficult to drive they are and as much as a driver can make a difference, to me those 3.3km are no race track. A racetrack should always provide the necessary room for overtaking opportunities and battles, wether you drive a 1m wide kart or 2m wide, high downforce F1 car. Anything else is just not suited for racing cars, no matter if it is as "glamorous" as they say. You just end up with a grand prix weekend where qualifying is a lot more exciting than the actual main event, in which they only follow each other in a train formation, hoping for a lucky safety car situation or a mistake from an opponent. I just do not see the joy in watching something like that, let alone driving at it.
  3. MrGhostO1O

    Scuderia Ferrari MISSION WINNOW Livery!!!!

    To be honest I would rather have their games be rated 16/18+ than have a so called "Ferrari" as a blank red car. I am 110% for authenticity of sports games. Kids are going to get the game anyway if they want it, wether they buy it themselves or receive it from parents. Most of them do not even get what the logos represent. Even if they really do not want to raise their rating, they should at least allow texture modifications for online.
  4. MrGhostO1O

    Is multiplayer broken? 1.05

    I also have the feeling that the TT performance of the game is far superior to online one-shot and 5 lap races. I was driving the Mercedes with a setup and managed a 27.3 (1s faster than pre-patch) but when I used the same setup on a one-shot quali with 5L race the renault I was driving felt absolutely horrible. No grip on the rear tyres at all. It was so bad that I first thought the lobby was set to realistic performance. Barely managed a 28.5 in one-shot. I know the 2019 cars, even if set on equal, have slightly different performance but this was extreme. Don't get me wrong, it is not wrong for TT to have better performance than the rest but online felt like it was stuck with the pre 1.05 perfromance.
  5. MrGhostO1O


    Well my idea would be to have a team to look at highly reported accounts and the footage that come with the reports. However, because they protect their identities, it would have to be private/anonymous reports that are sent directly to the team, not through the forum. It would be much easier if there were saveable replays so you could do the reports privately with 100% legit footage directly in the game and not here but we are unfortunately stuck with the "highlights" feature that shows anything but the highlights of the races, barely any slow motion shots either. If enough reports are made and a CM team member takes a look at an accounts cases + the footage that come with it then he/she can then decide wether to apply the week ban or not. However, I guess CM does not have the time and will to do this, seeing that with the performance patch 1.05 two tracks were apparently forgotten to edit. SMH
  6. MrGhostO1O


    I said it before and I will keep saying it every year: This game series needs a ban hammer for players like this. It is far from an uncommon issue and has existed since around 2012 in the online department of Codemasters' games in general, not just F1, which ruins the experience of players who just want to have some short-term fun. Not everyone has a specific time of the week or time in general available for leagues. For those "casual" online players MP is a massive turn-off when things like in the video above happen. It does not have to be a permanent ban though, only temporary one week bans if a specific amount of reports are made. It should be enough to discourage this behavior. Unfortunately, unless it is an ingame, anonymous report feature, Codemasters will protect these guys' "identities" in this forum, therefore allowing this kind of behavior. The penalty system is a mess, punishing the wrong players severely for the smallest things. For example: I was in a public lobby starting from P4 in Silverstone ( 5L race ) and I was rearended and pushed off of turn one as expected. When I (very) slowly rejoined the track after being offtrack for a couple of seconds the game gave me a 10s penalty for "track extention", while the guy who hit me had only received a warning. Insane. The safety rating system does not work. It does not mean much anyway as you can simply search for small ranked lobbies with maybe 5 players. Avoid the carnage at the starts and there you go. After a couple of races you have at least a B rating. What this kind of players break the most about the game is the competition points, which were designed to keep the player in the game or MP specifically as long as possible. Every time something like in the video above happens to someone, they lose potential CP and therefore cannot unlock more ingame content, which frustrates the player even more and will eventually cause him/her to drop MP and its content entirely. It becomes a waste of time and effort. Codemasters really need to start to take action against this stupidity to allow players to enjoy racing against the more competent opponents.
  7. MrGhostO1O

    Codemasters is just taking the Mickey now!

    Codemasters rebranding a feature with additional options without actually thinking it through?! I am schocked, this has NEVER happened before! *kappa*
  8. MrGhostO1O


    It is a good idea. It does not matter which pitbox you as you travel the same distance at the same speed anyway. However, imagine the leader pitting with 5 drivers directly behind him, if he gets into the first box then he will definitely be blocked in it until all 5 pass. So first one to come in should always get the last box first to prevent that at the entry. Another idea for league mode would be to let an admin edit the team pairs and have the game indicate when the member boxes.
  9. MrGhostO1O


    The reason why ranked is dead is because damage is on in 5 lap races. I kept mentioning this to my friends since 2015 that I never understood why it is on in such short race distances in the first place. Having a good result when you are taken out by children with controllers / keyboards who think this is mario kart or simply rammers or even low connection players in the first turn is impossible in 5 lap races. So why should anyone bother with ranked? I personally find more players in 25% ranked lobbies simply because there you can at least have some chance with good skill of fighting your way back after being almost a lap down because of an early pitstop. For example: Today I had a player infront of me during an unranked 5 lap race in Silverstone. He was the only one lagging so bad that he was jumping from one side to the other almost every half a second, making passing him impossible without contact and the system inevitably giving me a time penalty in the end. So I stayed behind and let others coming from behind me pass to have a go themselves. Guess what happened... Now imagine that being a ranked lobby. Why should you bother with such players at all if all they gain from that is an unfair penalty and deduction of safety rating etc.? Why is there no max. allowed ping before he gets perma-ghosted in a lobby anyway?
  10. MrGhostO1O

    Manual start buggy?

    I was doing some ranked online yesterday and had the same problem at every start ruining my races as well as score. My Clutch and Throttle are mapped on the same Upshift button on my Logitech G29 wheel and when I press and hold the shift up button the car does not go into 1st gear automatically like in F1 2018. It does however indicate to me that the clutch is being held. Even letting the clutch go earlier than lights off, without 1st gear engaged, gave me a drive through for jump starting once. It is really weird, I will compare my settings to F1 2018 to see if I changed something incorrectly, but if nothing is different then this is either a bug or I do not understand the starting procedure. Cars in IRL usually let you select 1st gear even without reving the engine higher. @Acerees
  11. Like with the rest of the cars, the engine sounds generally realistic, however, way less powerful. It sounds like it is 500-1000 rpm short. They also need to make the rising of the engine sound with the rpm and shifts faster, because as it currently is in the F1 2019 game, the engine sounds like it it was shifted to early with every shift.
  12. The general sound of the engines are very good. My issue with them is that they are way too low pitch in higher RPM's. I keep shifting too late because I am used to 2018 and its way high pitch engine sounds. It might just be a thing that I need to get used to but right now it is really off-putting. A little bit highe pitch on high RPM would do the trick for me.
  13. In case you are wondering why your recorded gameplay stutters every second, your GPU might not support DX12. You can run the game without problems on DX12 even if your GPU does not support it but once you capture footage, it will stutter heavily. Here are some example videos: This is how your recording of F1 2019 (DX12) will look like with an unsupported/outdated GPU: And this is how your recording of F1 2019 (DX11) will look like with a supported GPU: The GPU I was using in these videos is the Nvidia GTX 780. It does not support DX12, only DX11. Although the recording of DX11 still is not 100% fluid, it is still far better than DX12. In the links below you can check whether your Nvidia/AMD GPU supports DX12 or not: https://www.argoncomputing.co.uk/directx-12-nvidia-supported-cards https://www.gamespot.com/forums/pc-mac-linux-society-1000004/amd-releases-list-of-compatible-directx-12-gpus-ap-32058329/ If your GPU is not supported and you want to record your gameplay then try using DX11.
  14. MrGhostO1O

    performance problem

    high CPU usage? I cannot see any way your internet connection can affect your FPS in an application.
  15. MrGhostO1O

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Never believe the press reviews. They unfortunately lost their integrity as not few can easily be bought. Now I am not accusing CM of buying reviews but I generally like to experience the game for myself before I judge it.