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  1. Here are my top 10 things we NEED in F1 2020. I made this list alongside more that I will include in further videos later through the opinions of social media and this forum. I really hope Codemasters manage to make numbers 1, 2 & 4 happen. TL;DW More story even after F2 to give the career mode more life because the F1 career feels soulless compared to the F2 introductory events. Double Interviews with BUTLER or WEBER + live reactions and replies instead of simple off-screen interview transcripts When in title fight: Provocative comments or beh
  2. Although the ideas here are awesome, keep in mind that the PS5 and new Xbox consoles are rumoured to be released next year which means that the next F1 game might be the last on the current engine. If F1 2021 is going to be on a new engine then expect not many if any major additions to F1 2020 as they will have to shift focus on programing the new engine (they might have already begun). They might just release some more premium customisations to fund their new engine and F1 2021. But even if CM does not make a new engine for 2021 or in the near future then you can still expect disappointm
  3. Download the latest version of the "Logitech Gaming Software" from the Logitech website and install it. Make sure your wheel is disconnected from your PC before doing that.Once the software is installed, start it up, go through the initial startup settings, connect the wheel again and let it calibrate.When the calibration is done open the "Logitech Gaming Software" window, select your wheel in the device list, click on any glowing button and double click on "Wheel" which is positioned at the top of the steering wheel picture. This will open the wheel settings.In the wheel settings you can chan
  4. Will there be any scenario mode? Will there be any restrictions in gamemodes when playing the F1 2014 season? Will the game support VR technology?
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