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  1. MrGhostO1O

    When will the betha to f1 2020 program start?

  2. Why would someone not want an F1 sim with a full 20 car lineup? Having an authentic visual, acoustical and physical recreation of the real Formula 1 motorsport cars is the dream of everyone who is a Fan, or at least enjoys it. True Formula 1 fans will never be satisfied with a wannabe recreation of a car. Having a more "realistic handling" will cause newcomers and current F1 fans to realize and appreciate the skill that real pilots have and that is required to maneuver these monsters around a circuit. And no, most leagues do not want to use custom liveries. It is something that is not essential for an official motorsport game as well as league and is only an extra headache in the organization process that wastes time. It is good to have the option, but it is not essential. Formula 1 fans want the most real thing possible, with all official teams, cars. handling, drivers, sponsors, accurate recreation of circuits of the respective season and challenge. Although I am not sure about FSR, the general category of leagues you are referring to has participation fees due to the creation of their own Formula cars. It is an immediate turn off not only for "casuals" but also advanced SimRacers. Unless you are dead serious about making Simracing a significant part of your life with enough financial means then those kind of leagues are not the way to go for you. Also, even if the-oh-so-great Greco is leading the handling team, does not mean that it is going to be a good recreation without accurate reference data from real cars, which is what Codemasters should have access to as the official developer of Formula 1 games.
  3. I think it is about damn time a "high profile" in the F1 and F1 gaming community speaks up about some flaws of Codemasters' F1 game(s). Hopefully they get some pressure from that & Liberty Media to improve the game on all fronts. Don't get me wrong. I think the game is good. It has everything essential to be an official Formula 1 (or motorsport in general) game... but that is really it. If you have played their games for enough years and each of them for enough hours, you will realize that a lot of detail is missing, not only in the racing part itself but also the settings, etc. that make the game more user friendly, stable and above all enjoyable for all kinds of players. Some examples would be: Information on what each graphic setting does and how it affects which hardware (maybe with some comparison screenshots). You have so much space available to the right of the settings. Use it. Information on what each audio category in "Audio Volume Levels" includes in the game (Speech: Commentator, Engineer, Interviewer, etc. as an example) Speed trap values displayed in race director. "Voice Chat Disabled" option in "Advanced Audio Settings" to disable the transmission of all microphone audio by other players in a lobby without having to "Mute All" manually every time. This fixes/is a workaround for a major issue in the game where the player's audio volume of all sources outside of "F12019.exe" is reduced permanently by about 50% when joining a lobby and another player transmits audio through his microphone. Selecting the "Do nothing" option in the "Communications" tab of Windows' "Sound" settings does not solve this. And lastly - of course - the general stability of the game as a whole. I have a pretty decent pc and rarely tab out of the game but still, it crashes every now and then. According to Lando Norris(don't remember exactly when he said it), he installed the game on 3 different PC's with the same results. Crashing almost every time he tabs out. This needs to be investigated and improved for the next titles. Major additions like interviews and F2 make a game good, however, it is the details that make a game great. - - - - - - - - - Regarding "arcade" handling: Codemasters' F1 games are, have never been and will never be decent sims like iRacing. Due to it being an official motorsport game it cannot be restricted to advanced drivers/SimRacers like in iRacing. Being an official game does not have to mean that you must be playable by all kinds of players, but in order to maximize the potential of the player count you are pretty much forced to. I think the handling of F1 2019 is ok. For an "arcade" game it is good. It definitely still has a long way to go in all departments. Examples would be the feel for the weight of the car (understeering in slow speed corners), how the wheel responds to tyres giving in and traction being way too low for such huge tyres + weight of the car. What they absolutely have to change in the handling though is: How the downshifts affect turn in. It is so ridiculous when I can simply go one gear down in order to make a corner even though theoretically I was already on my way off track for carrying too much speed into the corner. It would also be cool if we could not go to Neutral unless we are standing still with brakes applied. DRS effect being ridiculously strong and dirty air not existing at all. This makes serious races a cat&mouse game from the start to the very end. Chasing drivers have to be in DRS range to be able to catch up and to save ERS because DRS is so powerful that you can easily drive in None behind someone. That makes defending a position impossible because while you are using all your ERS to stay in position the driver behind you can simply go in None with DRS enabled and wear you out until the final 3 laps where he the overtakes you when you have barely any ERS left.
  4. Here are my top 10 things we NEED in F1 2020. I made this list alongside more that I will include in further videos later through the opinions of social media and this forum. I really hope Codemasters manage to make numbers 1, 2 & 4 happen. TL;DW More story even after F2 to give the career mode more life because the F1 career feels soulless compared to the F2 introductory events. Double Interviews with BUTLER or WEBER + live reactions and replies instead of simple off-screen interview transcripts When in title fight: Provocative comments or behavior during mini cutscenes like F2 introduction Maybe add more fake drivers? Stronger "Dirty Air" effect so that being ahead actually gives you an advantage unlike now where it is the complete opposite. Training Mode for solo practice in custom online track conditions Basically the same as a custom lobby only that you can get into qualifying and race sessions alone without needing a second player. Customise glove and suit color patterns like helmets and liveries Improve Damage Model Floor damage when driving too fast with a puncture for example, causing drop in rear stability. Suspension damage Caused by driving aggressivly over sausage kerbs, by strong contact with other cars or other objects. Constant vibrations in the force feedback, easier lockups, less grip when car leans on that tyre. Constant vibrations when locking up too often or hard, causing strong vibrations, less grip and even more lock ups. Wind Physics Have engineer update you on direction changes (e.g. "Ok, so we have head wind into turn X.") Headwind causes later possible braking point. Current wind direction and speed can be viewed on the info screen while in the garage during a practice or qualifying session, or on the grid before the race start. A voice command to receive current information about the wind ("Wind report.") VR Support Virtual Mirrors for HUD customisation Hotkey for OVERTAKE mode (press and hold hotkey to enter OVERTAKE mode, release to enter last selected mode) and remove HOTLAP mode from race sessions. No more DRS failures in online lobbies Honorable Mentions: "PUSH TO TALK" as default setting when launching game for the first time or creating a new profile Swap Multiplayer Car liveries in a lobby, not having to leave, select and rejoin. Generally better track limits
  5. MrGhostO1O

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    The bump before the main straight is definitely way too harsh and I hope they fix that in the near future or at least next few games. Regarding 1st gear: The first gear is faster in many corners like spain hairpin, Bahrain T1 & T8 as it gives the car more turn-in due to extreme engine braking. Esports drivers and experienced league racers know about this and use it as the cars in-game unrealistically lack overall mechanical grip (the grip that comes from the suspension geometry as the downforce effect only starts at a specific speed/airflow) compared to IRL. Watch some IRL & game onboards of tracks with hairpins or tight corners side by side and you will see that the IRL cars turn way faster around slow corners like hairpins. If they increase mechanical grip and reduce the strength of the engine braking then 1st gear will never be faster except Monaco hairpin.
  6. MrGhostO1O

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    I said it multiple times already but IMHO places like Monaco, Singapore and Baku are not race tracks. Monster cars like F1 should not be confined in such pathetic narrow streets. These places are proof of FIA's hypocrisy when some other real tracks' beautiful flow gets destroyed by disgusting chicanes because "there is not enough run-off area". Yes, Monaco is a beautiful and glamorous city but it is just not suitable for such wide cars and speed. If the qualifying event is the most exciting part of the weekend then there is something fundamentally wrong. In terms of it being "unplayable": No, it is not unplayable. It is just narrow, bumpy and therefore low-grip af as it is supposed to be. The "track" is well recreated.
  7. Although the ideas here are awesome, keep in mind that the PS5 and new Xbox consoles are rumoured to be released next year which means that the next F1 game might be the last on the current engine. If F1 2021 is going to be on a new engine then expect not many if any major additions to F1 2020 as they will have to shift focus on programing the new engine (they might have already begun). They might just release some more premium customisations to fund their new engine and F1 2021. But even if CM does not make a new engine for 2021 or in the near future then you can still expect disappointment in the quality of their product. Still so many glitches and bugs since F1 2015 have not yet been fixed which just shows they either have a biatch of an engine or they simply do not have the funds/time to fix them. Sometimes I wonder what a larger developer with more funds could do with the official Formual 1 license. I am not intending to discredit CM even if I post/say some heavy stuff about them sometimes (it is just "chronic frustration" ). They are good developers if you look at other products of them but they are simply too small and unequipped for annual releases of sports games such as F1 or FIFA. Each year it feels like they are a decade behind in terms of content and quality control. It is just too big for them.
  8. MrGhostO1O

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    Both Sony with their "Playstation 5" and Microsoft with their new Xbox console(s), codename "Project Scarlett", are rumoured to be released in 2020. If so, then F1 2020 might be the final game of Codemasters with the current engine. Just like 2013 to 2014, F1 2020 might be a complete copy of F1 2019 with only little noticable additions/improvements. In conclusion: Do not get your hopes up for the next title but look forward to F1 2021. New regulations, generation of consoles and hopefully new & more stable game engine.
  9. MrGhostO1O

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Will there be any scenario mode? Will there be any restrictions in gamemodes when playing the F1 2014 season? Will the game support VR technology?