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  1. MrGhostO1O

    What F1 2020 desperately needs

    Lando Norris talking about the current ERS system of F1 2019. Thought I might just leave this here for discussions. https://twitch.tv/SpoopyGleamingBaboonSSSsss
  2. Just had a 100% league race around brazil and I was lapped due to a crash early on during the race. I had fresh soft tyres when the SC came out on lap 18 and was expecting to be let through to unlap myself in order to not disturb the leading cars in their own race. However, even though the SC was out for 3 laps almost the whole field was bunched up until the end of it, it did not let me unlap myself. This hit the final nail in the coffin of my race and I was forced to retire after the restart, 46s off the rest of the grid and with only a fresh Hard tyre remaining. My question is: Does F1 2019 have the feature to let the lapped cars unlap themselves as in the rules & regulations of the real Formula 1 race events or was I just unlucky? I honestly don't remember ever being in such a situation or that the game actually let someone through to unlap themselves.
  3. Even if some of those points come very late, it cannot be denied that it is a great update, especially the track map for spectators. The communication also seems to be on point and I hope it continues like this. Good job. Keep pushing.
  4. MrGhostO1O

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    You are basically Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead when Negan and the Saviors came to take almost all their stuff and in the end he even thanked them for it.
  5. MrGhostO1O

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    The career mode of their F1 games are repetitive as hell. It is always said how great the game looks but they don't do anything with their great graphics. It looks good and that is it. No new animations, intros, podium celebrations, etc. "Commentator" intros are almost always the same making it unnecessary in the first place. Track intro animations are also pretty much the same. Interviews become annoying because it is the same question & answer only asked & answered in a different way. There is absolutely no story after F2. F2 rivalry between you, WEBER & BUTLER is the best part of the whole career mode and it is not even F1. After F2 the career mode is a complete copy of F1 2018 with driver transfers + WEBER & BUTLER. Generally the game still has bugs and glitches that exist since F1 2016. Safety Car barely comes out. (Saftey Car feature really seems to be CM's kryptonite, I mean 2015 did not even have it at all) Penalty System is punishing all drivers involved instead of the one T-Boning half the field in T1 and other hard braking zones. Track limits are inconsistent in the majority of the corners of the calendar. You can cut some corners in a specific angle and get away with it gaining time. On the other hand you go off track on the exits of some turns, which costs you time and you get a penalty on top of the time lost. Since 2015 we are still waiting for a proper penalty system. Their highlights feature works like a$z recording the whole field getting past a camera that keeps on recording the same part of the track for 10 more seconds after. Then it just records random moments while missing or cutting off all the actual great moments like overtakes. The only good thing about the highlights feature is the slow motion shots but they come barely once in every highlights video. Exported videos have a very low bitrate and only 30FPS. Half hearted implementation like many other features of this game. We wanted a FULL REPLAY FEATURE where we could watch, save and export the entire race from different angles and driver perspectives like after grand prix and career mode races. Apparently that is too much to ask even though Supreme Commander, a game from 2007, had exactly that. Another example for half hearted implementations would be the driver transfers in career mode. Everyone wanted it for years and they go "Alright, alright, here! Have your bloody driver transfers and leave us alone!" *throws driver transfers into the game that are unrealistically fast and break championships* All of this mess comes down to Codemasters Birmingham, including Lee Mather (Game Driector) being one of the most half hearted and most clueless (in terms of Formula 1 motorsport) developers in the history of gaming. The only way I can see them getting all those great ratings and "Best Racing Game Of The Year" awards and what not is by imagining that the people rating the games got temporary amnesia, forgetting or simply ignoring the fact that the game is part of a series where the previous two titles barely differ from it. I don't see a bright future for this game series because every time I open the comments section of their forums or a twitter post regarding F1 games by CM the majority there are always the same negative comments about bugs and features. It just shows that they are losing their community. The new Xbox and PS are going to be released next year. I assume that F1 2020 will be a complete copy of 2019 + some new premium liveries and the final game on the current engine. I just cannot believe that F1 2019 has been in development for 2 years. At the first glance and couple of minutes into the game it felt like a new game. However, once you get a bit deeper into it you basically play the same game as last year. They probably wanted to release it as early as it was to focus on coding a new engine for F1 2021 in two years. F1 2021 will most likely be next gen. New engine and all like F1 2015. If 2021 does not kick a$z then it is only going to get even worse and it is already pretty bad. Their game development progression from one game to the next is so slow that they just need a good kick starter base game which F1 2015 was the complete opposite.
  6. MrGhostO1O

    Manual start buggy?

    If you use a wheel with a gear stick connected then make sure that the gear stick is in NEUTRAL and not in a gear. I fixed my starting issues that way. Not really an issue really it was just a silly mistake on my end.
  7. Here are my top 10 things we NEED in F1 2020. I made this list alongside more that I will include in further videos later through the opinions of social media and this forum. I really hope Codemasters manage to make numbers 1, 2 & 4 happen. TL;DW More story even after F2 to give the career mode more life because the F1 career feels soulless compared to the F2 introductory events. Double Interviews with BUTLER or WEBER + live reactions and replies instead of simple off-screen interview transcripts When in title fight: Provocative comments or behavior during mini cutscenes like F2 introduction Maybe add more fake drivers? Stronger "Dirty Air" effect so that being ahead actually gives you an advantage unlike now where it is the complete opposite. Training Mode for solo practice in custom online track conditions Basically the same as a custom lobby only that you can get into qualifying and race sessions alone without needing a second player. Customise glove and suit color patterns like helmets and liveries Improve Damage Model Floor damage when driving too fast with a puncture for example, causing drop in rear stability. Suspension damage Caused by driving aggressivly over sausage kerbs, by strong contact with other cars or other objects. Constant vibrations in the force feedback, easier lockups, less grip when car leans on that tyre. Constant vibrations when locking up too often or hard, causing strong vibrations, less grip and even more lock ups. Wind Physics Have engineer update you on direction changes (e.g. "Ok, so we have head wind into turn X.") Headwind causes later possible braking point. Current wind direction and speed can be viewed on the info screen while in the garage during a practice or qualifying session, or on the grid before the race start. A voice command to receive current information about the wind ("Wind report.") VR Support Virtual Mirrors for HUD customisation Hotkey for OVERTAKE mode (press and hold hotkey to enter OVERTAKE mode, release to enter last selected mode) and remove HOTLAP mode from race sessions. No more DRS failures in online lobbies Honorable Mentions: "PUSH TO TALK" as default setting when launching game for the first time or creating a new profile Swap Multiplayer Car liveries in a lobby, not having to leave, select and rejoin. Generally better track limits
  8. MrGhostO1O

    Classic Tracks

    The major difference that people seem to forget between Classic Tracks & Classic Cars is that Cars are very restricted in terms of their use in gameplay. You will barely see any league or lobby run Cars because they cannot be set to equal performance and are generally not as well liked as before. Tracks on the other hand are guaranteed to be used in every aspect of the game. Leagues can have custom seasons with classic tracks, career mode can have more interesting events in combination with classic cars and online in general is very likely to pick an unfamiliar/"new" track over one of the current calender that they drove a thousend times already when it comes to track votes in lobbies. However you look at it, classic tracks are going to be great sellers and if they released even more in actual DLC's further down the road then it would make them even more money while keeping their daily player counts up. It is a win-win for both sides.
  9. MrGhostO1O

    Question on Braking

    F1 cars in-game are able to slow down from ~350 km/h to ~90 km/h within 125 m. These values come from Italy Time Trial in Turn 1. This is what you call a hard braking zone because the "amount" of speed you reduce per meter is high compared to most other corners on the calender. Depending on the nature of the corner (tight hairpin/tight hairpin followed by a corner in the opposite direction/corner combinations like suzuka first sector/long corner like parabolica in monza/long corner after long corner, high speed corner like spoon in suzuka) you will always want to reduce the speed for the corner as much as possible while still maintaining enough speed for the fastest possible exit. Most people call this the "slow-in-fast-out" method. Now although it is technically true, in reality you will always want to go fast-in-fast-out, carrying the maximum possible speed through a corner and its exit. But again, it depends on the corner you are going through. In most corner combinations you will want to go slow-in-fast-out because you have to open up a radius for the next imminent turn. I always suggest for starters the "slow-in-fast-out" because it is the easiest way to learn cornering before trying fast-in-fast-out. Take your time and practice as much as possible.
  10. MrGhostO1O

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    The bump before the main straight is definitely way too harsh and I hope they fix that in the near future or at least next few games. Regarding 1st gear: The first gear is faster in many corners like spain hairpin, Bahrain T1 & T8 as it gives the car more turn-in due to extreme engine braking. Esports drivers and experienced league racers know about this and use it as the cars in-game unrealistically lack overall mechanical grip (the grip that comes from the suspension geometry as the downforce effect only starts at a specific speed/airflow) compared to IRL. Watch some IRL & game onboards of tracks with hairpins or tight corners side by side and you will see that the IRL cars turn way faster around slow corners like hairpins. If they increase mechanical grip and reduce the strength of the engine braking then 1st gear will never be faster except Monaco hairpin.
  11. MrGhostO1O

    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    F1 is a more unique game than others that are released annually. They need the first couple if not the first half of the season to see where the teams stand in terms of perfromance for career mode. They can't just release the game every beginning of a new season because then the performance would be all over the place or unrealistic. There are soooooooooo many things CM has yet to add to their F1 game series to improve it for everyone and it makes me very happy when I see so many people sharing & collecting their ideas on this forum because that shows that people care for the series even if others do not, however, releasing the game even earlier than now is counter-productive in all aspects. I would not mind them releasing every second game during summer and the others during fall/winter if it means that at least for every second year they have more time to develope and ensure good quality of the end product on release day.
  12. MrGhostO1O


    They don't need to be accessible by the player. They need to be used in cinematic cutscenes to hype up a practice, quali, race or other session. The game needs a way larger variety of cutscenes to make the game feel more alive. It is really dull when you get almost if not the exact cutscene session after session, race after race. The same goes for the podium cutscenes. It has a fair amount of negative effect on the replay value of the game for a casual or new player.
  13. MrGhostO1O


    I understand your points and it makes sense but using the argument that tcam makes you less skilled is old and untrue. Yes it is more realistic and limits visibility but again, if you are a non-assist user who has been driving for years then you know everything about all tracks and should not struggle to get used to cockpit for long. My point is that it is going to kill off ranked completely if they implement it as there are not many seriously skilled drivers who play ranked often.
  14. MrGhostO1O


    Make fun of side effects as much as you want people will still be pi55ed if you force cockpit on ranked lobbies. I would not mind it tbh as I would quickly get used to it unlike you with tv cam obviously. It does not make me any worse than when I use TV cam nor does getting used to no tc make someone any worse. It is only going to make the ranked lobby more dead than it already is. You can have it in unranked as an option if you cannot live without it but forced cockpit view should not and will not happen in ranked lobbies, period.