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  1. enrico68

    Lobby Formula 2

    Hi ... with my group ... we are trying online races on Formula 2 !! With Set Race 1 and Race 2, 50% race distance, Parc Fermé, In Race two the game mounts used tires and not new tires as per regulation, how come? Another problem ... players with a set room, just friends, in case of Crash they try to get back ... the game loads ... but then they come to a point that the TV remains black, why?
  2. Admin Forum Italiano ..DTI DRS Team Italia , Organizziamo campionati online di F1 - Assetto Corsa - Progetto Cars su piattaforma Xbox ..www.formula1gp.forumfree.it

  3. enrico68

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Hello , I am part of an Italian forum , where away from F1 2010 championships and we have fun with your formula 1 !! Please tell me that with F1 2015 there will be replays !! :) , Then we are interested in much the online multiplayer , there are some good news ?