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  1. more likely 1 person against 39 AI or only the AI. rofl
  2. Assiemodis

    New GRID 5 (Start from here Codemasters)

    exactly, not a word infront and even after they closed the server it took them way to long to respond. Just got home one evening and couldn't get online anymore. The forum then was exploding much worse then now. Nope, this was the last grid I bought. Never ever am I gonna fall for that again.
  3. Assiemodis

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    DId you use primer?
  4. He gooner how are you m8. What can I say. A boring SP with no progression, just a table with single races which only last 3 laps. (proberly more when you get to the end but not intrested to find out) Multiplayer suxxx big time. FFB needs work. etc etc I dont want to spend my time on this game anymore. Maybe I install it again later when I read it is improved but for now I got other games to play. Read the comments from codies employees here (how they avoid the topic to be precise) and remember the past. I give it 95% it will never happen
  5. don't know Miat. depends how the public lobbies looks like I guess. First of all flashbacks should be disabled then and no AI. But there were more reasons to uninstall the game
  6. Unistalled the game m8 sorry Hope you have fun Miat
  7. Assiemodis


    He matey. Saw in steam you owned the game. No use to go to multiplayer indeed, nothing for us to find there. But maybe we can get a big enough group of old gridders together some day to make a private server. I really have little hope codemasters wil fix anything based on previous experiences.
  8. Assiemodis

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Like I expected the multiplayer is so disappointing. Only quick match and private match. REALLY?????????? Also in private match you need to setup the lobbie after every 5 races again. You guys at codemasters really don't have a clue what the original Grid online made such a fun do ya? well we told ya a hunderd of times and you won't listen. Good luck with your money grab
  9. Nice but I wait with buying the game till I have seen your review about it. lol
  10. Assiemodis

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Same here m8. But I won't see it happen. Why? Just the way the online part is setup for example. You can use playlist (which we hated in AS cause of the official cheat called backflash for example) or setup our own server, which I dislike aswell (and most of the people I played with in AS) cause you have to change the tracks again after every 5 rounds. Then there is the car handling I see in most videos. I don't see us going around the track in packs of 6 or 8 cars (depending how many friends there are online) like in first grid.
  11. Assiemodis


    That is what they should have done flash. Instead they made a GAS2. 🙄
  12. Assiemodis

    Grid ultimate edition

    The 3 day early access is part of the ultimate version not for pre-order alone. If you pre-order the basic game you wil not get 3 day early access or atleast steam store doesn't mention it with basic game only with ultimate version.
  13. Assiemodis

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Track-IR support
  14. Assiemodis

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    Yo flash good to see you again aswel m8. That might be the best idea to do. Like I said I haven't decided yet, but maybe we catch each other on the track. 🙂 Hey rastus, Good to see you again aswel m8. You stil playing FH4? Havent been on myself for a while now as I am playing mostly wreckfest or a shooter game lately. I know McRoss, Cama, Wolf and goonertez are intrested in the game, but not sure if they wil buy it. Miat wil buy it he wrote to me but don't know about cap and DJ yeah what I read here on the forums here doesn't give a good feeling about the gfx indeed. Also other things I read and video's I watch makes me doubt more and previous experiences with codies doesn't make it better. But with this game I want to give them a chance for like you said, the friends I picked up then and stil have and the fun we had. Wil never forget the close bumper to bumper races we had and specially not the fun we had with cops and robbers with the all cars on all tracks mod from ryder. so for now I stick to my original plan and wait til after game release and wait for players reviews like yourself as it turns out. And I agree i would rather spectate and relax a bit then skirmish aswel but maybe it turns out to be funny you never know, but I am affraid it is gonna be boring quick. Think most of us learned from each other with spectating, I learned alot from watching you drift in grid. I really hope for that times to return again but what do they say about that again? lol Catch you soon in fh4 maybe or do you have wreckfest aswel then we could do some races there 🙂