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  1. you sure about g2a? Cause I can buy the Grid2 all in dlc pack pc steam key global withn no problem if I want to. https://www.g2a.com/nl-nl/grid-2-all-in-dlc-pack-pc-steam-key-global-i10000083985001 unless you have a non steam version off course
  2. 1. the ultimate edition gives you extra cars you can buy, but no free cars 2. yes on controller it is best to keep it on manual sequential. you dont have enough buttons to assign the gears. 3. no dont expect anything qua patches or updates. they are working on a new grid game, so everyone is working on that and if they wanted to do patches or updates they would done that awhile ago already.
  3. As you already mentioned yourself you noticed it after installing the logitech G923. Which is offically not suported in grid2019. Try it without your wheel plugged in and see what happens. https://blog.codemasters.com/grid/09/grid-wheel-support-all-the-details-you-need/
  4. tPictures tells more then words 🙂 Grid Autosport
  5. What are you talking about? Project car 3 base game is 60 euro's on steam same as the price was for grid2019 when it was released, and it is bigger then grid2019. Dirt5 isn't released but it wil have more content then grid and base game wil be 60 euro's aswell. And I have no doubt that on console all new games has the same price for a base game Yeah the ulitmate version is
  6. PC3 AND Dirt 5 has more content then I had for the pre-order ultimate edition for example. Grid 2 and autosport has more content.
  7. They should have never called this game Grid 2019, same as PC3 shouldn't be named like that. By doing that they raised certain expectations especially with the people who played the original Grid. And they failed to deliver that, so people are telling them that. Content: It is just to little for that price, minumum al the 3 seasons should have been in the base game from start. Also Grid was known for his different disciplines, you cant leave that out of the game and still call it Grid then. And no people are not expecting to much as there are more games with 3x the con
  8. Seen enough vids about PC3 that tells me to stay away from that game even on discount. And that is not because it isn't a sim.
  9. It was 2011 the servers shut down Miat. We played it a few times after that thru Hamachi but since that close down there is no way to play grid against each other anymore.
  10. So I took over the setting in the profiler. 100 overall 100 constant 100 periodic 100 damper 0 spring Ingame overall on 75% Rest i left default But i am not really satisfied with this. Do you mind sharing your ingame settings or have some advise to improve mine? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ah thanks for clearing up my confusion 🙂
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but on the beta forum i believe it was you that said strenght to 75 to avoid clipping or was that another wheel brand then the t300?
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