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  1. Hello, Dear development team, the brazilian portuguese pacenotes on Scotland are a mess =( . I don't think that too many portuguese speakers come here to report these problems, but it's impossible to play using portuguese pacenotes on Scotland, specially on Newhouse Bridge at Perth and Kinross Stage (the one I recorded this video) on Conlin Mcrae new mode (year 1991) you guys made. I haven't tested on other modes because I've got so upset that I just close the game. I've already found those problems on other stages (and on dirt rally 1, but this one had the support finished) and I don't exactly remember now the stages, but this problem happened on other stages as well, as far as I tested today, this problem doesn't happens on english pacenotes, I know that although I speak english I could play using english pacenotes, but I react better on portuguese pacenotes. On the video IDK if the portuguese speak is long or just happens a desync with the game, but the pacenotes degradate fast, my upload is terrible and I can't upload the whole video because it will take too much time, but this is the point where the notes start to get late from there and beyond It'll just get worse, on 24 seconds you can see an arrow pointing 3 right and the voice says Left 3 related to the left turn that happened 5 seconds earlier that I made a mistake on the video. As I said I saw this happening on other stages but I didn't recorded or minded to report it, because I thought it was a pontual error which would be fixed on a patch, and I saw a few players mentinoning portuguese errors, but this kind of problem with pacenotes wasn't patched.