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  1. what do you all think of this?
  2. i just seen this image on Facebook does anyone have any ideas where i can get one its made by a UK company called Game Tech Innovations.
  3. cool I've been looking at a a G27 as a steering wheel and i been looking into the delta six gun too that thing looks bad ass.have you ever seen this on face book as a desk? 
  4. what about gaming controllers and PC gaming desks?
  5. thats what i mean by new gamer I'm just having my rig built and getting in to gaming my best friend gives me loads of shit about not being up with a technology so I'm trying to get involved get my knowledge up and then get gamming
  6. hey guys hows it going I'm just getting into PC racing I'm thinking of buying F1 2015 is it anygood?
  7. you guys I'm an new PC gamer and I'm just getting set up does anyone have any ideas where i can go to get a good gaming desk?
  8. hey everyone im new to the forums and im having trouble finding live forums to talk to people about stuff where do i go?
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