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  1. A few posts with a bit of banter go off topic in a non serious generic F1 thread and you come along threatening to warn and ban people?     thank you for contributing to these forums being as dull as you are. and fyi "warning and bans" are essentially ineffective thanks to proxies and temporary email accounts, so your warning is quite pointless and wasn't needed in any way.   go back to moderating school.
  2. Even if it was there's still technically nothing wrong with it, it's just what your perception and implication of the image is. What do i see? 4 friends out together on a walk as it's a nice day, they come across a cotton field, they decide to pick it, Tyrone ( at the back ) decides to take off his belt and whip that cotton instead of picking it, this seems like a more efficient way.
  3. Hi i'm Steve and i took the F1 games in a stupid direction
  4. They could go what GT6 does, have these advanced setup options, but also a description of how this affects the car so even if you have no clue, it will teach you in a simple way you can understand, surely learning these things will be productive, if even it's for a casual f1 fan, if they are a fan of the sport, surely they would enjoy learning how changing the car around can affect it, i don't know anyone who has an interest in F1 but has no desire to learn even in a small way "how it works"
  5. As long as they get rid of those bloody setup sliders, i don't want to see all setup options based on a number from 1 - 11 i mean, really? 
  6. You'll find the opposite actually, lets use GT6 as an example, it's probably the most popular racing game out there that offers a ton of features and the ability to adjust your car, and 90% of the races i have online in there, people enjoy having practice sessions before a race tuning their car, there's alot of fun to be had doing that, and essentially it means time spent playing the game, which is what they want, these people you speak of who "just want to jump in and play" also usually get bored after 10 minutes because they get frustrated that they keep getting penalties for corner cutting
  7. Yeah people buying into the "license" crap are just fanboys. No one seemed to realise that in their previous games, you could literally have the wheels fly off the car, when in real life they are tethered on, why would the "license people" allow wheels in the game to go flying off after spending millions in r&d to stop that happening, surely they'd want to promote it. it's just peoples get out excuse for features that are lacking "hurrr durrr muh license"
  8. Don't get your hopes up, i bet before you start the game they've given crofty another cringe worthy script to follow
  9. Wheels are "usually" faster, more progressive throttle, braking and steering.
  10. Yeah, just 100 other bugs and things were wrong with 2013
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