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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Hi to all and hi Codemasters, I have some tips to give you, I hope you find useful these tips (if you read this message). Sorry for my bad english but I'm not English. I' m an avid fan of "F1 SAGA" and i can tell you that the game is becoming boring and uncared in some points, that I like other players would like to be correct.  1) AERODINAMICS: As we know is one of most important aspect of modern F1 and the principal factor that make you able to run in a good way in the trakck. In addition i must say that is a complex value, and for this he can't  be summarize certainly in 5 simple value. Aerodinamic, in your game is for first  too much exemplified, almost to resemble the "arcade mode". How second thing much seriuos is that (exceptions are extreme tracks like Monaco or Singapore) the aerodinamic no help the player , whatever the value is given the performance of the players in the track don't change like we aspected from a changing of parameters. This is not acceptable in a world (the F1 world) where a small change make the difference in positive sense or negative sense. But the most serious thing is that from too much year Codemasters continue to insert this "arcade value" in the game. I hope that this aspect  will be improved in F1 2015, to offer to the expert users a complete and funny expirence that can change based on how you change the setup.  2) PIT STOP: It's impossible that in every race the percentage of error in a pit stop is always 0,0% and also that a pit stop during ever the same time of seconds.  This makes it all very unreal (but is truth that F1 still remains a game). The races are decided some times also from the mechanics that can do some error and wast time to the driver, in this sense for the driver is possible to earn much time with a perfect pit stop. The possible  development of this problem is to insert a visualization (dirung the stop) of a some button that the player must press in a good way to have a good pit stop without errors. This make all more funny and dynamic and the player would feel satisfied also after a pit stop, and not with the same during of  3,1 or 3,0 second!  3) "Ghost driving aids" Much of expert player disactive completely the aids to have an experience more real and that put them in a hard test. However remain activate some "aids" that in additional are tremendously annoying. If you go out also for a bit and with bit of the car from the roadway suddnely brake. Besides being a usles thing, is also not believable!!! When ever in F1 we se a driver going out the track on external way and he brake?? Go outside means alredy "loosing time", and i understand that the car automatic brake when i cut a corner, but i can't understand why the car brake when you go outside (external, or for a bit). I can't accept this in track like Singapore or Sochi (and also other). 4) Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intellects must be made in some way more reactive!! An expert player in the most difficoult modality (LEGEND) probably going to boring. In the best case at the IA is given one second at lap with cars like Force India or Sauber and this is not real. For not mention the thing that when the IA cars are in a excellent position to try an overtake inexplicably brake and for this they lost also 3 or 4 seconds!! For excellent position i mean for example with DRS turn 3 of Australian GP (to internal).  5) Damage: We are arrived at the 2014 chapter of the saga and we have only the coinsistent damage of the front wing, I hope that in the future are improved the damage to the car in especially to the sides rear wing engine break and the shift.  6-7) The last pointS are the tires temperature and invisible walls; In your game after a curvilinear arduous and stressful after 300 meters of  straight the tires become cold, and the engenier continue for the rest of the race to tell you " Warms the tires, warms the tires". We must consider the presence of invisible walls especially at the enter of the box!! I don't remember exactly in wich track but in Austin ther is this problem.  I know it's a very long message and I know that it is written in a very bad English, but I hope that someone read this message because the last chapter that was created by you, wasn't not the best of history. I wasn't here to write if by player, I had not encountered many problems.