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  1. The same happens to me too, only I have a Formula Force EX Gutted, after all this time, seems theyv'e managed to introduce some issues. Any idea how to fix this @justbiglee ? Just some info, i've tried with Vsync on and off, since i know that can cause issues with Codemasters FFB, but that doesn't help. Checked D2, and right enough it works beautifully, so definitely an issue with D3, on my wheel. :/ Bit of a letdown tbh. Same here guys,  g27 pulling to right, not the wheel as tried with Grid Autosport.  I have tried all manner of things all settings on high, low, mixed.  I'm just a bit sad now, after getting all excited, and i know Codies have plenty of g25s and g27s in the house. Keep us updated @  thanks Add me to that ever increasing list!! Pretty disappointed tbh