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  1. chrissinclair

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Windows voice control isn't designed to let developers integrate it into games; with consoles it is. I'm sure it could be done with sufficient effort or licensing 3rd party solutions, but in the meantime Windows users can probably use Tazti or, as you say, VoiceAttack. Ah that's interesting - I've never played around with it fully just seen a few MSDN articles. Its a shame though because VoiceAttack (or possibly Tazti, can't say I've used that before), can only send key presses through to the window and as a result you can only appear to do things in a context sensitive way and it's never quite been perfect. My experience was on Elite Dangerous, and it holds up well for basic operations, but anything more advanced (e.g. Requesting docking permission) and it doesn't really work. It's a real shame because a lot of the use cases that spring to mind and are pointed out would fall much more into that category. I just hope that if it's not going to be in the base PC game it can be modded in. Thanks for replying though - learnt something new!
  2. chrissinclair

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Why no love for PC on the voice control front? We talk too! Windows has support built in - just look at VoiceAttack! Otherwise though some really exciting stuff in there, roll on June!