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  1. JamesG

    2002 Ferrari missing in F1 2019

    Wow you're right. 1995 was one of my other favourites. Surprised I didn't notice TBH. I used to pick these cars all the time. If the F2002 was allegedly stolen from an AC mod, then the '95 Ferrari was probably ASR's model. Kind of disappointing TBH if that is the case. They should bring back the classics from 2013 to compensate.
  2. Bruuhhh... I wanted to do a race with F2002's and came to realise that there aren't any F2002's... I'm a man who preferred the 2002 over the 2004 as I'm more fond of the early 2000s. It actually surprised me as they kept the rest of the classics but removed that one car. Discuss.
  3. JamesG

    F1 2019 Legends Edition in Australia?

    I hate digital too, and you technically don't own the copy, only for as long as you can access your account. I wouldn't buy it digitally. I'd buy a physical copy online from overseas like the UK/Europe and get it shipped over here. Although there's the risk that it might arrive a bit late which is unfortunate. It is worrying though, Australia sucks for retail. Doesn't matter if it's games, items/toys, or even clothes, we just don't get everything here. I guess because of our small population. But it just sucks. 😞 I know we could get the Anniversary Edition and then buy the DLC, but I want the Legends Edition box. It's sort of a collectors thing in its own, a special edition of a game. Anniversary Edition is basically standard. The struggles of being Australian.
  4. JamesG

    F1 2019 Legends Edition in Australia?

    That's stupid of them. Of course nobody is going to pre-order if people like myself are waiting for the Legends Edition. Why pre-order the Anniversary Edition if you want Legends? Plus there's no point even pre-ordering F1 games because they aren't exactly that popular here to the point where they sell out on day 1. I would only ever pre-order a game if it's something like GTA and will sell out straight away. I just hope my local store at least orders 5 copies. I need at least 2 or 3, me and my brothers race each other in a private lobby. xD
  5. JamesG

    F1 2019 Legends Edition in Australia?

    Nah, it'll likely be $119. And yes, it's the same just with the Senna/Prost DLC included. So if it's just that DLC with two cars, I don't see them charging more than 109-119 for it.
  6. It's been over a week since the reveal and box art reveals, but still no Australian retailer as updated their websites or stores. EB Games and JB HI FI only have the Anniversary Edition and they haven't even updated the box art with the new one with the drivers on it, and are yet to add the Legends Edition which is the one I want to get. PS Store and Amazon don't even have F1 2019 listed AT ALL. What's going on here? Less than two months away from release and it's almost like the game doesn't even exist yet.
  7. JamesG

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    How about you just don't buy it then? Skipping a whole season just because someone on the internet is crying about multiplayer is stupid, considering the majority of players only play single player. Multiplayer is far from being the most important aspect of the game, it's just a side-thing. The main focus in F1 games is the career mode and single player, that's why 95% of people buy the games. There's more to gaming than just "online". To suggest that they should skip the game and fix multiplayer, and prevent people like me from enjoying career mode is just dumb. Maybe they should just skip multiplayer.
  8. Please Codemasters, let us choose our AI in single player classic races like you can in multiplayer and LAN. I'd love to be able to race all 2010 cars together, maybe with a 2009 Brawn, to sort of make a 2009/2010-ish grid. I don't like choosing a class and then having a bloody F2004 dominating the race, so give us the ability to choose the AI cars like we can in multiplayer. It's a desperately needed feature. Or at least let me play LAN solo. Either would work fine.
  9. Very impressed. I can tell 2019 is going to be an amazing F1 (and F2) game. Going to get the Legends Edition, once any Australian retailer updates their site and adds the damn thing. Looking forward to it more than any other F1 game before. I hope there's more classic cars, sort of disappointing that it's just the same old boring Ferrari and McLaren's announced so far though, I'm getting bored of them... How hard is it to walk up to Eddie Jordan and ask him if you can add the 191, 195, and 199?
  10. JamesG

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Please oh please fix the skin on the 2014 McLaren. You're still using their testing livery? Come on... Update it.