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  1. JamesG

    Should Hubert be in F2 on the game?

    I felt like it was right to keep him in the update for last year's game out of respect, but him being in this years game does feel weird and eerie. I really don't feel comfortable racing against him, and trying so hard not to punterino him. It just doesn't sit right with me. I actually came to this forum just now for this reason. Was gonna ask if anyone knew of they were going to release the 2020 season because I really love F2 but don't feel comfortable racing against Hubert.
  2. They have a freaken North Korean flag in the game... I don't think politics concerns them.
  3. Or we could keep discussing it to keep this thread near the top and hopefully they will note our request for more national representation.
  4. See, that's another one they should have and you'd think they would because Egypt is an important and large country. Yet, no nationality in the game?
  5. JamesG

    F2 championship Sprint race - pit stops?

    I came on here to bring this up myself. The AI keep doing 1 stop strategy in Sprint races and it's annoying. I feel like I have to pit too just to keep it interesting. This bug never even existed in the old game and they basically built on top of that, so how is it here now? How does such a big issue go unnoticed after all the play testing?
  6. I agree that they need more flags. I wanted to represent the Republic of (North) Macedonia. They have Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, but not the country right in the middle? Come on, Codies, it's probably the only European country to not have a flag in the game! And with Puerto Rico, that's a popular one, I know plenty of Puerto Ricans who like racing games and F1, but people can't choose it?! Meanwhile you have places like Zimbabwe and North Korea, which are only useful for comedic purposes if you have a dark sense of humour because who the hell is going to play from North Korea? It's not even possible. And people who escaped wouldn't want to represent it. I'm sure it's not a difficult thing to add more. Be more inclusive. If not as an update, at least in the next game.
  7. JamesG

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Please oh please fix the skin on the 2014 McLaren. You're still using their testing livery? Come on... Update it.