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  1. If we keep this topic activate perhaps they will or have already seen it to add more national representation in the 2021 game.
  2. They have a freaken North Korean flag in the game... I don't think politics concerns them. Edit 2021: And Project CARS 2 has all 197 nations, and I think GT Sport does too. Seems pretty simple to me!
  3. Or we could keep discussing it to keep this thread near the top and hopefully they will note our request for more national representation.
  4. See, that's another one they should have and you'd think they would because Egypt is an important and large country. Yet, no nationality in the game?
  5. I agree that they need more flags. I wanted to represent the Republic of Macedonia. They have Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, but not the country right in the middle? Come on, Codies, it's probably the only European country to not have a flag in the game! And with Puerto Rico, that's a popular one, I know plenty of Puerto Ricans who like racing games and F1, but people can't choose it?! Meanwhile you have places like Zimbabwe and North Korea, which are only useful for comedic purposes if you have a dark sense of humour because who the hell is going to play from North Korea? It's n
  6. Please oh please fix the skin on the 2014 McLaren. You're still using their testing livery? Come on... Update it.
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