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  1. Why cant Codemasters use the Bahrain Martini 'RACING' livery for Williams. If its fine for a strict islamic country how can it not be fine for the game
  2. And yet, he still chooses to work for the plonkers at Sky. He didnt have a choice. Bernie sold the rights to pay TV, Brundle had to swallow his pride amd put the fans first as he knew otherwise he wouldnt have been commentating on 100% of the GPs. Brundle knows that no man, team, driver, or tv network are above the sport. Codemasters could learn a lot from that man
  3. He was great in the Sony games, don't know why he isn't in any of codies. Either a) codies cant afford, are unwilling to pay for him b) codies, aware that 99.9% of casual gamers wouldnt know who he is, dont beleive his inclusion would "add anything to the game" (or were too dumb to consider him in the first instance) c) brundle himself refuses to have his name associated with an inferior product or d) 'FOM/licensing issues'
  4. Martin Brundle is a man with expensive and refined taste. A man who knows quality and demands exellence. It is telling that a man of his racing and broadcasting experience is absent from f1 2015.
  5. This shows why the Codemaestro's design and sell to casuals, because they know actual F1 fans will buy by default as they are the only official license holders.
  6. The day Codemasters lose the license is the day ill be popping champagne
  7. Someone steps up on here and the fanboys jump for the flag button. Typical one eyed codies fanaticism id be surprised if these guys even watch F1.
  8. Any money they dont even use the FOM hud.. they used every excuse in the book over the last 5 years
  9. Considering it, and having the technical nouse to design and implement something effectively are 2 entirely different things. Sadly where Codemasters are concerned we are left with more questions than answers. Im sure Hatta's ghost is still lurking here, its like the guy never left (or was never here to begin with)
  10. I think Codemasters F1 games are as dry as a dead dingo's donger, and they are on borrowed time to re-hydrate their efforts.
  11. Yup, should be some interviews and previews from the press going up and maybe some other stuff. :) Interviews... who cares about what the devs think about it. We know they will say it's going to be better than ever (like last year). We want gameplay videos and so! The devs seem to beleive the sun shines out from where the sun dont shine. I agree, who cares what they think, we are the paying customer, we're not dropping money on these rubbish ganes to massage Codemasters ego's (at least most of us arent), we just want a good F1 game
  12. Like I said in the thread about this issue, it must be true because F1  Championship Edition had the same limitations in career mode. And I remember reaqding back then that the F1 license is very strict and very limited. The drivers numbers were based on driver/constructor championship placings between 1996 and 2013. 2014 the driver picked a number, so of course CE wouldnt have that option but whats Codemaestroes excuse? But even then the numbers should have automatically change each season. Besides, I meant the restrictions like helmet sponsors, driver name and flag etc. OK I
  13. It wS such a problem that they allegedly all mutually agreed to use 5 engines instead
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