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  1. codies devs are like  http://commentphotos.com/gallery/CommentPhotos.com_1391958779.jpg
  2. what a joke. CM used to be pros. now they are just a bunch of amateurs
  3. overpriced crap again. why not add all tracks to the game. im not paying £10 for 2 tracks. are you on drugs CM?? 
  4. cos its a forum and we can debate anything. dont like dont comment. not rocket science is it
  5. who cares. i refuse to giv codies anymore money. they have robbed enough off us and your a tool if you buy their dlc.. times need to change and we need to boycott them.
  6. yet again another lame pack. waste of money DLC> glad i aint bought none of it. Seriously CM code of practice is now shocking. all you guys care about is how much you make. something needs to be done about you. its shockingly bad.. . so glad i only paid £10 for grid auto. maybe one day you guys will get it right but i doubt it
  7. erm what? how can you not feel the need to sub forum the consols and such? other dev forums do it so why not you? its so much more easier if there was a console and pc section. it takes like 2 mins to add to forum and thats it. not hard at all. and yes i know as ive ran a forum before. but hey who are we when it comes to CM and decision making?
  8. thats exactly what i been saying for years. instead of going forwards they are going back. its the only game company that i know of who cant seem to get it right lol. toca 1 and grid 1 still knocks the socks off these 2 other grids.. going americanised is what is destroying the game.
  9. i gave up caring about CM games a while ago
  10. your mad if you agree to give CM even more money
  11. they are onto f1 2014 now so dont expect much response on this forum anymore. 
  12. and here we go again. CM have failed yet again... why release a tt mode if we cannot choose any car and any track? kinda pointless dont ya think?  seriously who in the hell makes these decisions at head office? cos you need firing
  13. yeah you'r right what is 2 months? I'm sure we'll get that patch when we'll be all playing on PS6! Tehy can't even patch a game based on physics of 5 years old. 25 Years experience they mention on their website! What a joke! 25yrs exp on website but i can guarantee nearly all staff at cm are not even 25 now lol.  if they were older folk then the games would be find. instead they hired some young devs and screwed up.. toca on ps1 is still a better game. go figure... its time CM stepped down from the gaming market
  14. its a joke how CM handle these situations. still waiting for console patch and tt mode. grid 2 failed and now they dont give a toss about GAS. they have moved onto f12014 now so why would they concentrate on this still. they have got their cash from sales?? but i can safely say i will never buy another CM game again. whats that saying??? "couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery" comes to mind
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