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  1. Oh dear another boring arcade racer codies...why dont you add tyre wear and pitstops to these games ?, add some stratagy for once !.... I fear this game is DOA last grid was rubbish , just too boring , this will be the same ..one to miss for me.
  2. yep totally agree ..Ai way to fast on this track
  3. My 10 season were in My team career mode , not driver career mode
  4. So instead of looking at the Rev lights and trying to get them in the middle , which you cant , I looked at the green bar which lights up just above them , managed to hold it when it got to just under half way , when lights went out I didnt slam the throttle down (on controller) i waited for the car to pick up a little speed then did it , and it worked !! I held first place !!, didnt always get it right but at least im not always being swamped all the time by other cars ... appreciate everyones help !
  5. So ive slogged out 10 seaons on My Team , and what do you get at the end of it ? Nothing ... it just goes back to the main menu. I mean even a screen showing your overall seasons results would have been nice or some sort of message about you retiring from the sport ... just something! . I was gutted lol
  6. I will try this , never thought of that
  7. So I just wanted to ask I to be honest I dont expect a reply , but what happed to this game ? Why is the damage model so poor , I mean i stopped playing it shortly after i bought it as it was boring bumber cars, i reinstalled recently , i thought after a couple of years It may have changed a bit with patches, but its still the same, i mean if the damage model was better i would play this more , you have to smash the car non stop to get any kind of damage Why no fuel usage , why no tyre wear why no pitstops ? this game could have been brilliant , these things are needed especially in mult
  8. Still dont quite understand what your asking me , sorry mate , Im in My Team season 10 my car is maxed out I qualify in the top 10 quite a bit , a fair amount in the top 5 , not all the time mind you , as i do one shot qualify , when I get pole its normally within a few tenths of 2nd place. But i get taken every time at the start by at least 2 cars
  9. sorry not been around for a few days wow so many answers , ok so i cant do a video , as i dont know how to get it from my PS5 to this forum @marioho its says the level is hard. "Assuming you're playing with realistic performance, are you using a "legitimate" pole car? Or are poles still hitting above your weight given your car's performance?" not sure what you mean by this. @DRTApophis no formation lap, i have ERS on right from the get go @Cook95 worth a try @gatorlb I hold it full , its impossible on the controller to hold it any less , Ive tried to hold it more gentle bu
  10. I disagree that its too often , Ive done nearly the full 10 seasons now , and yes in the early seasons it happened a few times but i never felt it was overkill, as ive got nearer the end its happened less and less which i feel would be in line with your car getting better over the seasons, turn it off if you dont like it
  11. Agreed ai need to make mistakes , more fun
  12. I was playing with the Ai on 78 in 2020 in 2021 im on 75 (as they harder, plus Im not that good) In 2020 if i got pole i was able to fight to keep it (and it was a fight) from the start of the race , in 2021 IF i get pole Im taken almost immediatly , I'll try and do a video.
  13. But I never had this with 2020
  14. Not once during the 9.1/2 seasons ive played in My Team have i been able to keep the lead from the start. Every time at least 2/3 cars zoom past me once the lights go out , im using full TC, as I cant play any other way. Is this a known thing ?
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