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  1. Madmaz116

    This is getting ridiculous.

    errrr.... I want Ai in leagues thank you .
  2. Madmaz116

    Can you do anything about league Ai ?

    I dont mind the Ai in single player , its just not aware of the player at all in mutiplayer.
  3. CM , is there anything you can do about the league AI ? I mean they seem to be just robotic. They have no awareness of you and where you are in relation to them. You can be on the Inside of them on a corner and they will still try to take the inside slamming into you and then you get a warning for a collision you didnt cause. The amount of times they have just rammed me because im in the way , its stupid. Takes away all the fun of the game for me. Other players in the leauge (of which there are only a couple of friends, hence the inclusion of the Ai) have the same problems. Surely if it can be programmed in single player it must be possible in multiplayer. Just make them more aware of the player, thats all.
  4. Madmaz116

    League Ai

    ok sorry of this has been asked already, but can you change the Ai difficulty in a league once you have started? As i have tried and it tells me that the changes have been sent to other players to vote on , but im told they cant see an option to vote , and when I go back into the league it hasnt changed. So just some clarification please. Thanks.
  5. Madmaz116

    F1 2019 try size

    OMG are you serioulsy moaning about the wheel size ? Petty.
  6. Madmaz116


    Sorry CM but this years F1 is boring as hell. I mean the Ai are almost perfect very rarely making a mistake , no spin outs etc no crashes between them, just a long train of cars one behind the other , yeh they try and overtake you here and there , more like barge you out of the way , they have no spacial awareness of you they will just cut right across you or just ram you. thats not the Ai making a mistake , thats programming. i dont want to bash the game really i dont , but Its just boring , in my opnion.
  7. Madmaz116

    My Career Mode Summery: Season 3

    I mean if the R&D is maxed out at 3 seasons then yeh thats stupid , but i quite like the idea that drivers move to lesser teams , and that lesser teams get a chance to shine. ive not got passed first season yet, but I dont want Mercedes winning all the time.
  8. Madmaz116

    Announcing F1 2015

    Is there any feedback at all about co-op in F1 2015?, I'm hearing that' is not in the game this year. If that's the case I can see this game not doing that well what with no career as well.
  9. Madmaz116

    Announcing F1 2015