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  1. Madmaz116

    Thank you CM

    Hi look I just wanted to say thank you to you CM I am really enjoying F1 2020, you guys get alot of flack on here , but there doesnt seem to be much praise , well Im enjoying the game ...alot.. Im 62 and Im not the best player in the world , the best i can do against Ai is 75/76 difficulty. I have also enjoyed the videos that PJ Tierny (sorry if thats wrong) does , and i learned alot from him about how to race without traction control, Ive not got there 100% yet Im on medium at the mo , but its been most helpful. im looking forward to the story mode on 2021, but these days i dont buy game
  2. Madmaz116


    ok thanks , bit strange you can change the number but not the color , im on PS4 so no chance of modding.
  3. Madmaz116


    Can you change the number on your car or the colour ? I cant see where if you can ..any ideas ? Thanks
  4. Madmaz116


    ok look im not against DLC , but i just think DLC for this game on PS4 is WAAAY too expenisive. I kind of wish I had a good PC to run this on as they get MODS for the cars and some of them look awesome! At least give the PS4 owners some motivation to get some of those skins , even if we cant get the fantastic ones the PC guys can. I mean £10 for the schumacher DLC is outrageous. Just my opnion.
  5. Madmaz116


    Thing is if Spain is a weak track for me Hamilton should have hammered me , Man Im so confused as to what to do now lol
  6. Madmaz116


    ok so your saying run an F2 race , and do the Qualiy test ? then use that as the basis for the F1 experiance ? if so on what track ?
  7. Madmaz116


    Man , this is what i want to avoid , keep putting Ai up and down
  8. Madmaz116


    ok thanks will do
  9. Madmaz116


    ok so what am I doing wrong ? Went to GP mode selected Bottas and the Spainsh circuit , did short qualifying , was within 2 tenths of hamilton on Ai 50, I thought thats looks way to low for the Ai , so I ran with it , went and started My Team. First race i qualified 8th , i thought then this is wrong , so had a bad race a couple of crashes finished 18th. So went to 2nd Race got Pole and absolutely smashed that race , came first with about 15 seconds between me and the Ai in 2nd. So i cant work out that test at all. What did i do wrong ?
  10. Madmaz116


    Ok thanks , I might try this idea. Do you do this every season in My team or just go with it ?
  11. Madmaz116


    Man seems alot of faffing around to get the Ai right ..ok appreciate the help and suggestions , i dont see the point of doing these tests though if the practice programs become too difficult to complete if you set the Ai difficulty to where you are within 1 or 2 tengths of your teammate 🤷‍♂️
  12. Madmaz116


    Sorry explain this again please ?
  13. Madmaz116


    so this may sound dumb but i havnt played the game just yet , If i do the Ai test as above over time , taking into account what I upgrade, is my car going to be able to compete with the top teams like Mercedes ? or will i always be one step behind ? Im aksing coz Ive found in previous versions in the career mode the way to the top was to do well in the lower teams then you''ll get a contract with a better team, so just wondering,
  14. Madmaz116


    ok just to clarify , is it the overall time in the race Im comparing it to , or qualifying time?
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