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  1. RubyRuby

    Toca Race Driver

    Heck, why stop there? Include ToCA 3 and Race Driver: GRID too.
  2. RubyRuby

    Any chance to get a new GRID/TOCA game?

    In the past Codies have tossed quorums and started new ones in the runup to new sequels. Following the past, maybe saving this forum's precursor means there won't be any more GRID games. I don't believe that. But I'm pretty sure that Codies will build another GRID game when it looks like financially a good investment.
  3. Hey, Codies. Thanks for including the old forum in the new one. That's a big improvement over the shredder solution. I'm still getting used to the appstore look, but no biggy. Hey, Mia and Captain. You guys still hanging in there? Now, about the avatars . . . Get the good stuff; just the good stuff. GRID: the best in 2008, and still Number One.
  4. RubyRuby

    What is the next GRID-Game you want?

    This is still here? GRID:  The Legend.  Simply a remake of GRID with a few more tracks and a few more cars (more "Club GT" cars); and all the cars and tracks of the original game.  Doesn't need to be flashy.  And don't sneak in any tuning.  Keep "It's all about the race."  And you should probably really truly especially not forget cockpit cam and Derby.  And though I'm not a multiplayer, multiplayer probably should be fixed - and a way for the community to support servers when the company has to cease support. Touring Cars is cool, but Club racing is for heros. 95%er here.
  5. RubyRuby

    The Game Thread!

    Thanks, Operator.  Nice to hear from the other gene pool.  I remain not persuaded that Win10 is worth the hassle.  Not sure why a different point of view arouses such passionate defense of what in my own experience is a net neutral at best (and that's being generous).  I'll be moving along.
  6. RubyRuby

    The Game Thread!

    My AMD problem was with laptop graphics drivers.  Maybe they weren't missing, just taking a time out.  I gave them four days to show, but that game does not age well. The MS problem wasn't with their spying, just with me knowing what's going in or out of my PC.  As for dodgy activities, I'm not engaged in any but it looks like MS is.  The software is from MS, but the PC is mine and that's where MS thinks they are entitled to dump or remove anything whether I want it or not, whether I know what it is, or not.  That doesn't seem dodgy to you? I have a couple of SSDs for the PC, so I reckon I'll be getting much faster boots soon without Win10.  I am content with 1080p and 60fps.  And RAM is cheap, especially if I stick with DDR3 for a while longer.  I don't need the best tech, just sufficient tech.  As for privacy, I don't have anything to hide but that doesn't make my privacy less important.  Generalities are insufficient and I'm still dubious.  I'm willing to give Win10 another try, but not until I see solid reasons to do so.  I'm aware that eventually I'll have to give up on Win7, but not yet.
  7. RubyRuby

    The Game Thread!

    I'm sure there's a more appropriate Win10 thread somewhere on Codies forums, but since you mentioned it here what are some of the most important ways Win10 is better than Win7?  I tried Win10 a few months ago for four days, then rolled my laptop back to Win7.  Mostly because of missing AMD drivers, but also because I just didn't see anything that looked like an improvement.  It just looked like Win8 with stretched smartphone UI screens.  Not to mention Win10 seems more invasive, plus I really don't want MS deciding what updates will be installed on my PC and when.  There's already more than enough unsolicited crap floating around.  (Sorry, got away from me for a minute there.)  Basically, what am I missing?  How is Win10 going to benefit me enough to more than make up for the negatives?  I'm on Win7 64-bit Home SP1, with another copy in the wings for my next desktop PC. Or just put up a link to that more appropriate thread.  Thanks.
  8. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    Scots, English (Separatists), French, Swedish and probably Welsh and German, with a Native American (or two) in there somewhere.  And the gratuitous Irish of course.  Plus all the others I'm not aware of.  The upshot is that most of my people wanted to be somewhere else and were willing to risk a lot to leave where they were.  A lot were misfits and outcasts.  They fit in well enough here, and I'm pretty typical.
  9. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    CMR and Subies aside for the moment, anybody know anything about the availability of the PC retail version from North American vendors?  It's being released by Koch Media with the consoles in April, but . . . will it be overseas shopping again, as it was with Bandai Namco?  Game.co.uk is great, but a long ways away.
  10. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    Just to keep the record straight regarding Porsche and it's inclusion in any CM games, it is in the original GRID (2008).  But it's available only in the career game when the player is driving as a mercenary, and in the demo.  It can't be bought or driven as a player-owned car.  I don't recall if it's available in Quick Race.
  11. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    Far as I know the 96 was offered in the 2-stroke for the first year or two of production (1967-68?), then in either the 2-stroke or with the Taunus 4-stroke V4, from about 1968 to 1982.  I might be off a bit.  My Saab was the 1969 V4 4-stroke, bought as a dealer demo with a couple hundred miles on it in the winter of 1970.  Great car.  No castor oil.  The original clutch didn't make it past 30,000 miles; the second one wore much better. P.S.  The price new in 1970 was about $1,500.
  12. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    Had a Saab 96 V4 for four years in the '70's and it seemed like I was constantly shifting, but I loved that car. More Saabs!  The one single 96 V4 in Rally Trophy has never been enough.
  13. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    What does this mean? No DVDs in the USA? Don't know yet, but that's how the distribution deal with Bandai Namco has worked in the past, necessitating US DVD buyers ordering from overseas vendors. Thanks!  I'll have to check that out. :) Edit: A Google translation of the 12 December 2015 press release from Koch Media - <DiRT Rally appear on April 5, 2016 for consoles, Steam release today, PC-box this month.> So far I have no idea what the "PC-box" includes - just a download key, or an installation DVD as well; or who and where are the vendors.
  14. RubyRuby

    DiRTy Gossip

    It's getting plenty of word-of-mouth advertising - highly thought of on the pCARS site, for instance. On another note:  looks so far like the Bandai Namco plan for the DVD distribution will be zip for North American vendors again.  Anybody got anything to the contrary?
  15. RubyRuby

    Grid Black Edition

    Ravenwest being in the game is a shout out to long time GRID fans, and as Ravenwest liveries are always black it makes sense in a wry manner to make Ravenwest's special "Black" livery white.  At least that's how I see it. I want a black TVR Tuscan Challenge.  We've got TC.  How about Club GT next?