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    GRID 1 Legendary Edition

    @ Britpoint: That small open wheel car in GRID is an FJ1000. @ Flash: As an offline single player, the elements that most impressed me about GRID when I started playing in 2008 were the handling and the strange but very cool post processing - the haze and dust/smoke in the air and the depth that gave to the long range views. Plus the range of cars and tracks in the game.  Diverse, never sure what was coming next.  Learning new racing modes. Then, I was/am very impressed with GRID's persistent and accumulative damage.  Also the ability to dial in assists and difficulty, from very easy (too easy) to very difficult (too hard).  The extremes guarantee that no matter how lazy I am I will be able to have a rewarding race; and that I will always find a challenge in GRID no matter how ambitious and good I get.  I still play and that's still true today. The monetization scheme in GRID is near perfect.  The team mate feature is a lot of fun, and adds to the challenge when your team mate becomes your greatest rival.  Some team mates are too lame, some are too good, and a lot are in between. As to tuning and painting, some disagree but I like the simplicity of no tuning and no upgrading other than buying a different car.  I like being able to play a career with none of that dinking around pretending like I understand automotive engineering.  Jump in the car and go.  "It's all about the race!" The handling physics in GRID are not realistic, but they are immersive, plausible and persuasive.  I think they are perfect for a serious non-sim racing game.  To me, GRID alone still occupies and fills that niche in the racing realism spectrum.  There's more, but that's it for now off the top of my head. (Where's my avatar?) Frank
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    All good:  what Loore, Miatakias and LastBreath said.  The one-make Skyline R-34 race at Spa is cool, and the Lacetti and BMW 320Si races at Jarama, Niurburging GP and Washington.  And all the change-ups in GRID:  Open wheel, club cars, GT1, at Donington - all of it, Frank
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    Welcome Back GRID Fans

    The GRID forums are back?  This is lots better than the Steam forum.  Now if we could just figure out how to save this forum for public access when it gets "archived." And what's coming on the 22nd?  Probably something for those console pukes, eh? Hey, guys. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player. GRID fan.