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  1. @ MTonly: DLC for everybody; if that's too difficult - no DLC at all. Frank
  2. Playing GRID with a keyboard on two different PCs (same KB used on each) I use different Advanced Settings on each in order to get the handling I am accustomed to on each.  Can the new game automatically optimize the game on different PCs and arrive at solutions that fit not only various systems, but personal driving style as well?  Doesn't seem likely, but I'm willing to be persuaded if I'm wrong. Realizing that the very difficult keyboard handling in GRID could be tuned (default is not sacred, in fact sux), and arriving at my own solution was one of the personal achievements that helped make GRID my favorite racing game.  No Advanced Settings seems like a move toward NFS ProStreet rather than toward GRID.  And I know that's not your intent.  I've got my order in, but I'm beginning to question my sanity. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player; GRID fan since 2008 - still playing.
  3. Are keyboard players going to have Driving Options>Advanced Settings or not?  What's the deal here, Loore?  The world wants to know. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  4. I was sort of with you until that last part.  I agree about G2 tracks (I'm more interested in more tracks than in more cars), but putting out a track or car expansion pack for multiplay but not single play would be a big mistake - like putting out an expansion pack for a platform or two but not all platforms supported in the original release.  Which Codies did in GRID (08) and royally pissed off a lot of fans.  That's one of the old major issues that this team should take to heart.  Don't release any DLCs or expansion packs until they are ready for all platforms and both types of connections - in other words, if you're going to raise the tide make sure it floats ALL the boats. As for San Franciso and Washington:  very much like old home week.  Detroit:  as far as I can tell it's only for Derby; is that right? Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.  GRID since 2008, and continuing.
  5. I voted with the majority!  That seems a little strange. Frank
  6. GRID's Advanced Settings are necessary to optimize handling with a keyboard as well.  Pretty unmanageable without correct settings, and they vary from PC to PC.  I don't see how handling can be optimized without it. Frank
  7. RubyRuby

    Dedicated Servers

    If I'm not mistaken, there is no LAN for GRID A.  I've been wondering why the multiplayers haven't mentioned it before. Frank
  8. RubyRuby

    Grid Autosport

    5 laps of la Sarthe would be tasty. Frank
  9. I was just looking again at the confirmed/likely track list on RallyDriven's thread and I've just got to say, looking at what we know we've got and disregarding what else we would like to see added, this is a great track list.  Sure, it would be easy to add 20 more, but the existing list of 21 looks really good to me.  I can drop a few tears for missing friends, but this is good stuff. Frank
  10. RubyRuby

    Grid Autosport Review

    @ sjsharp2010: Kudos, man.  Using two hands I'm mediocre at best.  You must have some pretty nimble fingers. Frank
  11. RubyRuby

    Grid Autosport Review

    Single player - offline - career. Frank
  12. That's a tough list, but there are no stand-ins for Shibuya - it stands alone. Frank
  13. RubyRuby

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Last year, the more I heard about G2 the less I liked it.  It's just the opposite with GRID A.  Although I'm disappointed with a few developments, the more I learn about it the more I think it's going to be worth a buy. Frank
  14. RubyRuby

    Grid Autosport Review

    Don't know if you are old or not, gor, but I am.  I'm still playing SP exclusively and enjoying it.  And paying full price + offshore delivery costs for my GRID A disc.  So pretending like SP doesn't really matter is pretty uninformed.  I reckon there are quite a few of us, still. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player - GRID since 2008.
  15. RubyRuby

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    I would rather pay to import a disc then not have one.  Got into Steam not long ago and have downloaded just enough to confirm that I really don't like it.  On my miserable service it means spending a day or two nursing the damned thing along (G2), vs an hour installing from a disc.  The freight for the disc is still a bargain to me. Frank
  16. @ RobertKNL Sounds like you need to spend some time tuning your Advanced Settings.  The default settings suck, and time spent tuning them pays off.  And they will vary from one PC to another.  Driving GRID was difficult for me as well until I got the settings right. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player; GRID since 2008.
  17. RubyRuby

    What you want to see from GRID

    DEMO!! Who said that?
  18. RubyRuby

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Ordered the disc from an unnamed vendor.  Disc installation coming up; no waiting. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  19. The only times I've noticed AI cars coasting along at a low speed in GRID is well into a race and I just assume they are going slow due to damage - tires, engine or suspension. Frank
  20. RubyRuby

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    Seems like I read somewhere else that Long Beach was in.  That must be it. And that Milan-looking shot has been confirmed as San Francisco. Frank
  21. Like GRID.  On keyboard at Savage (2nd from Extreme, the hardest) and assists off, except Traction Control on, I can usually win except beating Ravenwest requires lots of restarts.  Leaves the challenge of upping difficulty to the last notch and/or turning off Traction Control, either of which make it very difficult to win.  With all assists off at Extreme I can still drive the car, but winning is pretty much impossible.  And that's the way it should be, I think.  Settings can be adjusted to where anyone can win, but difficulty options are sufficient to always have something more to achieve, at least at my level of driving.  Just make GRID the reference and you can't go too far wrong. Frank
  22. RubyRuby

    GRID Career Mode

    Sounds like your Advanced Settings need some work. Frank
  23. RubyRuby

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    Googling Okutama auto racing turns up a bunch of game videos and a Youtube video of a drive around Lake Okutama.  Looks a bit like GRID's Okutama in spots (the long circuit through the rocks), but no track like the game.  Interesting.  Not even a two lane road, really. So, we're still short one track? Frank
  24. RubyRuby

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    Okutama and Hong Kong are listed separately in RallyDriven's list of 22 tracks.  Might Hong Kong refer to Macau? Frank