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    In the past Codies have tossed quorums and started new ones in the runup to new sequels.  Following the past, maybe saving this forum's precursor means there won't be any more GRID games.  I don't believe that.  But I'm pretty sure that Codies will build another GRID game when it looks like financially a good investment.

  2. Hey, Codies.  Thanks for including the old forum in the new one.  That's a big improvement over the shredder solution.  I'm still getting used to the appstore look, but no biggy.  Hey, Mia and Captain.  You guys still hanging in there?  Now, about the avatars . . .


    :classic_ninja: Get the good stuff; just the good stuff.


    GRID:  the best in 2008, and still Number One.

  3. Check out -

    I live in the US and have used GAME several tines.  They are very efficient and easy to deal with.  No VAT or other tax for US customers, and the shipping fee they do charge for oversees delivery is very reasonable.  No problems with currency exchange. :p:smiley:  All true as of my latest experience, several months ago.

  4. Glad to see you're still above ground, Cap.  I can't disagree with you very much on any of this.  Doesn't cost much to look, and I'm still looking.  Spoiled by GRID I guess.  It's hard to work up much enthusiasm about installing new games when GRID is right there next to the drive.  The "new" PC makes more of a difference than I thought it would:  150-200 fps on high settings compared to struggling to get 30 fps, on same single 24" display.  Practically a whole new game, making GRID even more fun.  Does that  just mean I'm easily amused?

  5. This is an old topic, but maybe this will help some new players -- GRID is ten years old and still attracting new players!

    If you have issues like the OP's, experiment with the Advanced settings at Main Menu>Options>Driving Options>Advanced.  Clicking the Shift key at any particular setting displays a brief synopsis of that setting's effects.  For instance I having been using Steering Deadzone, Saturation and Linearity settings at 20%, 100% and 4, for years.  But your PC and your controller and driving style may work better at settings entirely different.  For example one GRID fan swears by settings at 50%, 90% and 6.  Contrary to sporadic comments from misinformed wheel players, playing with a keyboard does not mean loss of throttle control.  Experiment with the advanced settings and you can see for yourself the outlines of throttle control. You may find that practice and trial and error work wonders for you.  Tap the gas pedal with a finger instead of your toes.  And keep in mind that high powered light cars will break traction easily, because that's how many of them respond in real life.  I'm not saying that keyboard is better, just that you should never be put off a game because you don't have a wheel and pedals.  Practice.

    My comments are based on my own experience with the none-Steam game from the retail DVD and a keyboard.  Keyboard is the only controller I use and GRID is the most keyboard friendly racing game I own.  I'm strictly single player, mostly career player - and still play GRID regularly.

  6. ^^ I'm with you guys (as you know) although I'm not sure how likely it is.  It might be just as feasible to develop a whole new game, with updated graphics, tracks and cars, yet as true to GRID as possible.  Also, there are GRID fans who want changes contradictory to what other groups want.  Like tuning.  To me that's nearly a deal breaker, simplicity being key and plenty of other racing games being available for that aspect of racing.  It's all about the race.  Let the Race Driver do his thing, and the engineers and wrenches do theirs.  And the handling.  Should it be more realistic, or retain the original game's niche in the zone closer to sim, but more accessible  (My keyboard seems to have let some keys go on spring break.  Sorry)  There's more, but my tine seems to be up.

  7. As a single/career player and GRID fan since 2008 a big part of GRID's appeal is its simplicity.  Most of the suggested "improvements" I read about do not appeal to me at all.  Add a few new tracks and cars, update the graphics, and GRID Legends is done.

    Of course if Codies actually did that they would get dinged by the critics for putting out the same old or being cheap or lazy or whatever.  Screw the critics.

  8. I think opening DiRT up to non-WRC competition is a great idea.  And how about some homebuilt rat rod racing as well?  If rat rods were taken seriously, how about considering a capability of players building individual rat rods from components available in game?  Not to displace any WRC focus, but to broaden the game to include less sanctioned, even fictional, competitions.  Seriously, no joke.

  9. Still playing GRID here.  Finally got my "new" 2013 DIY gaming PC running and online, and GRID handling is noticeably improved.  I thought it was great before, so for me this means even more fun for even longer.  I may have to bump up to Extreme difficulty though.  The handling now seems smoother, more precise and predictable - the car goes where I'm trying to get it more often.  And the graphics are all pegged at High.
        The "new" rig:
         i5-4670K (quad, 3.5MHz, stock), GTX 660 (2GB), 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 650W PSU, single 24" display at 1080p, keyboard.

    Nothing unusual,  but a few notches above what I've been using for the past several years.  And a reminder for other racers in fringe areas - GRID installs from the disc and starts right up with no requirement to be online at any point (for single playes only, of course).  My disc is showing significant wear (original, from 2008), so I may have to start using a backup before this time next year.  Oh well.  Should be good until 2026, eh?  I'm considering adding a second optical drive so I won't have to swap out discs so often.

    Sure would like to see another Club car or two out there.  I still love the TVR Tuscan Challenge, but it does look lonesome some times.

  10. This is still here?

    GRID:  The Legend.  Simply a remake of GRID with a few more tracks and a few more cars (more "Club GT" cars); and all the cars and tracks of the original game.  Doesn't need to be flashy.  And don't sneak in any tuning.  Keep "It's all about the race."  And you should probably really truly especially not forget cockpit cam and Derby.  And though I'm not a multiplayer, multiplayer probably should be fixed - and a way for the community to support servers when the company has to cease support.

    Touring Cars is cool, but Club racing is for heros.

    95%er here.

  11. Codies did keep up support for G2 for quite awhile and made at least an attempt to restore some of the missing features from GRID.  Derby, and sort of a cockpit view.  But . . . it still isn't the sequel to GRID we had been waiting for.

    CobraGamer's 12:03 post bears out my opinion that many GRID fans want too many contradictory features in a sequel for Codies to make one that won't disappoint big sectors of the fan base.  A major factor to me is GRID's simplicity.  It's Race Driver, and "It's all about the race."  It's about driving, not about engineering or tuning, not about customizing.  Racing games that provide all that detail are all over the place.  GRID is not one of them.  GRID dared to do less, by focusing on the race itself, and ended up doing more.  My opinion.

  12. That's encouraging.  I may have to give GAS a try yet, though Codies seem to have dropped support already.  At least once dev support ends you know that what you've got is it.  Unless one of those clever folks comes along and adds/improves stuff on the side.