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    Toca Race Driver

    Heck, why stop there? Include ToCA 3 and Race Driver: GRID too.
  2. RubyRuby

    Any chance to get a new GRID/TOCA game?

    In the past Codies have tossed quorums and started new ones in the runup to new sequels. Following the past, maybe saving this forum's precursor means there won't be any more GRID games. I don't believe that. But I'm pretty sure that Codies will build another GRID game when it looks like financially a good investment.
  3. Hey, Codies. Thanks for including the old forum in the new one. That's a big improvement over the shredder solution. I'm still getting used to the appstore look, but no biggy. Hey, Mia and Captain. You guys still hanging in there? Now, about the avatars . . . Get the good stuff; just the good stuff. GRID: the best in 2008, and still Number One.