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  1. It will be interesting to see how my own racing develops following the GRID A release.  I have bought several racing games since I bought GRID, yet GRID is still the game I play the most.  I think GRID A is going to be good, but not sure whether it will be such that I will want to play it more than GRID.

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  2. I've noticed remarks several times here and another forum about GRID being to hard to drive.  For the benefit of new GRID players I would just like to point out that GRID's default driving settings are terrible.  It took me some time to get it right when I started in '08, and tuning the settings makes all the difference in the world.  I'm not talking about Assists - go to Main Menu > Options > Driving Options > Advanced.  There are seven adjustments available and it's purely a matter of trial and error.  What works best for you will vary from PC to PC as well as player to player.  I have GRID on two PCs and my settings are different on each.  Spend some time with it.  You won't regret it.

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  3. I've started the real time 24 Hrs of LeMans a couple of times as a single player, and as far as I can see there are no pits or team mates and you can't pause the race any longer than the rest of the game before pause goes off automatically and you're back in the race, ready or not.  Not long enough for a nap or much of anything.  Not quite impossible, but nearly.  I've heard from people who have done it in other games, but not GRID.

    I believe there have been one or two drivers in real life who did the whole 24 Hrs solo, but that's been outlawed for years.


  4. I reckon you know how I feel about GRID:

    The features that make GRID stand apart for me as a single player:

    - Easy to get into a race; no fooling around much with tuning or upgrading or customizing.  "It's all about the race."

    - The color filter and the depth of the view provided by the haze/dust effect, a little weird but cool.

    - The challenge.  There is always a way to improve my skills, and the game is always ahead of me.  The difficulty level can always be taken up a notch or two farther than I can handle, yet the racing is always rewarding.  Maybe I'm just easily entertained.

    - Great tracks.  All of them.

    - Individually selective assists; I can make the driving as easy or difficult as I want, no waiting for a challenge, it's right there.

    - Club GT racing - TVR Tuscan Challenge.  [TVR needs some company - ]  Just as much fun as Touring Cars.

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  5. Nicholson, quoted by Purp:

    "So what we’re not going to make you do is stay awake for 24 hours and swap the driving seat with 2 other guys to get round the track and so on, . . "

    Just a nit, but as a supporter of a real time scaled 24 Hours of LeMans, in a long endurance race with two team mates, AI or warm blooded, you will have time for naps, etc.  Home delivered pizza.  Use two alarm clocks.  It can be done, by the seriously dedicated or deranged.

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  6. There are 16 Endurance cars in GRID (2008) if you count all the LeMans GT1, GT2, LMP1, LMP2 and Prototype cars.  The 787B is classed as a Prototype, which also has has the Nissan R390 GT-1 and the Ford Doran JE4.  (There is a very cool 3 lap race at the old La Sarthe with the 787B and R390.  Two more laps of that, or more, would be great.)


  7. Yeah, kind of silly feeling this way about a game, but it's nice to have enough company to feel almost normal.

    As to Codies schedule with GRID A, it looks to me like they wanted to get some redemption with the new GRID game plus some time after release to work out the bugs with two or three patches as seems always to be required, maybe some DLC, and rebuild their GRID fan base before fall - when pCARS comes out (in Q4).  Because pCARS will probably suck the air right out of the room and any racing game released that late in the year is going to have some very stiff competition indeed.  Works for me.  I'm buying both of them + maybe Assetto Corsa.  If these three games were all released in one quarter Codies would have a lot tougher time, a more complete game notwithstanding.  Looks like a smart move to me.

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