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  1. And I reckon that is the reason Codies want to have flashbacks in Grid Games.  To make the games more welcoming to more new recruits.  So, how to implement flashbacks for new players without alienating the veteran fans?


    P.S.  Not all of us used flashbacks even as new players.  GRID was only my second contemporary racing game and I managed to get into it without flashbacks, but that doesn't seem to work for everyone.

  2. Especially Lamborghini, as the Murci is such a big deal in GRID (2008).  Can't buy a Porsche in GRID, but it is available in some of the Driver Offers driving for other teams.  That leaves Ferrari.  I don't miss them, but would like to see the other two in GRID A if it's at all feasible.

    PC/keyboard, offline single player.

  3. It's 54/64.

    I don't use Flashbacks; would rather use Restart.  But this is pretty sloppy.  "84% of online players in the forum think it best not to have Flashbacks online."  - Doesn't compute.  The per cent is correct as far as poll respondents go, but it's a very large and unwarranted leap to apply the results to all online players in the forum.  May be a fair representation, or not, but this poll doesn't warrant the conclusion here.  The total number of online players in the forum hasn't even been established.

    Are you tired, Purp? :-S

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  4. I bet some people will be still complaining about corner cutting lol
    Yep.  Sounds like a big improvement, but I still very much prefer the original GRID penalties:  no official penalties, just natural consequences to cutting, like loss of traction in grass, dirt, gravel, kitty litter - or rocks, holes, various obstructions, etc.

    Nice feedback/feedback, though.  Thanks.

    Frank (the new guy)

  5. "Other Frank?"  Hey, you're still The Frank; I'm still the new guy.

    Fingers crossed on GRID: Autosport.  Probably won't be as long lived for me as GRID, but nothing else is either, and it could be even better than I expect.  Good enough for me, for now anyway.

    PC/keyboard, offline single player.

  6. @ couger1981:

    My 17 May post referred only to Codies racing forums online since the 2008 GRID release, not the entire Codies forums history.  Thanks for the vBulletin info.  I couldn't recall it, just a mental image of that black background and yellow or white text in the GRID forum.  Never cared much for that color theme, but the forum itself was very active for a long time, helpful, informative, full of ideas for a GRID sequel.

    PC/keyboard, offline single player.

  7. @ Cap Jack:

    ". . . then you also have detected some merit"

    Sure have, enough that I want to play the game and that I believe from the evidence at hand that it will be worth the freight.  But there's still room for reservations, criticism and disappointment.  Won't be the perfect GRID sequel of course.  Even GRID has never been perfect, but it is my yardstick.  I'm pretty sure I'll still have criticism of GRID A even while I'm enjoying it, and I'll post the good along with the bad right here (or on the next Codies forum).  For me as a single player the true test is how long I will be playing it.  I have a lot of games, good and bad, that I don't play any more.  Still playing GRID after almost six years.  It will be interesting to see if I continue once I've put some time into GRID A.

    I believe GRID: Autosport is going to be at least a pretty good game, and maybe a lot better than that - for single players.

    PC/keyboard, offline single player.

  8. I agree with Workhorse.  That's Time Trial.  In Time Attack you compete against other cars on the track at the same time from a staggered start, rolling or standing.  You race for a specified number of laps and the shortest lap time wins.

    And Tuners, yes!  It's great fun beating Vipers in a Skyline R34 in GRID.


  9. Tr3voRR said:
    Andi said:
    Tr3voRR said:
    Practice and quali, but no pit stops... It surely not impossible to have pitstops. There sister dev team (f1 games) have got pit stops very nicely nailed. So why not tap in that to bring it to Grid Autosport... it baffles me.

    About the cockpit I try not to be sceptic and wait for an official confirmation, but since they are still not talking about it, my expectation is very low...
    In the formula one games races can go for 50+ laps, even endurance races in this game are nowhere near that length.
    Well in grid 1 they had LeMans type race, if that's present in this one it would make since to have pit stops. If they only have short race like WTCC or touring in general I guess yeah you don't really need pit stops. If they offer anything higher than 35 laps, you would definitely need pit stops and if not than I understand.

    To be honest I am more concern about the cockpit, may be weird for some, but I like quality cockpit, for me this will determine if I make a purchase or not. It's very odd, because the F3 cockpit looks detailed and next to that they show the audi cockpit with zero detail. I wish they made some clarifications.
    Regarding GRID (2008) and pitstops, there are none that I've ever seen.  The 24 Hours of LeMans in the career is scaled to only 24 minutes long.  You can create longer time scaled endurance races in race day, but as far as I have seen even in the real time 24 Hours there are no pitstops. 

    PC/keyboard, offline single player (still).