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  1. Anybody else noticed a few missing voices from the Old Folks Home?  Wonder if they're on a Mission. Frank
  2. "No multi class racing" - except for Endurance? Frank
  3. This from Loore  (about GRID A): > As a FYI some of the cars confirmed so far:WTCC Chevrolet Cruze WTCC BMW 320 TC BTCC Ford Focus ST Dallara F312 Audi RS5 Coupe Mercedes Benz C63 AMG BMW M3 E92< I'm pretty ignorant of Touring Car parameters.  Is the E92 considered a Touring Car, or must it have a TC designation, like the 320 and Focus? Frank
  4. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?  Looks like this one is going to generate a lot more positive feedback once people are playing it, so get them playing a piece of it a month before release and boost pre-orders big time.  But I suppose there's more to it than that from Codies view. Frank
  5. Thanks Loore.  You guys really have been tight lipped.  Certainly made GRID A a bigger surprise, and made a lot less cause for wild speculation.  Nicely done. Frank
  6. Ravenwest again?  Goody! This looks a hell of a lot more like a GRID sequel than G2.  Good for you, Codies.  Some niggles and some questions yet, but this looks very promising. Will there be a demo?  Before or after release?  If not I'll have to wait for some post-release feedback on handling.  Otherwise I'd actually be tempted to pre-order. I like the car behind arrow a lot.  And the mini map looks like an improvement over GRID.  Graphics look great, of course.  Disappointed tuning will be involved, but not a deal breaker.  I take it tuning
  7. Looks like a legitimate non-approved leak, sort of.  Or not.  Come on Flash, what have you got?  The eurogamer link has no text, except the sidebar. The pics are dandy.  Look a lot more like GRID than G2.  Got the haze and dust in the air, depth of field is great. Frank
  8. Is that street racing in China Town, San Francisco, on New Years?  Or Macau? Frank
  9. What Ryder said, plus a few more things:  GRID(08) handling, persistent and accumulative damage, post processing, especially similar color filters, racing without tuning, GRID's tracks plus some from G2, etc, etc.  "It's all about the race!: Frank
  10. So.  A lay day between egg deco and RIC.  Think I'll spend the rest of it at Okutama.  Or Spa. Frank @ UTC -9
  11. Mazda 787B at Okutama Grand Circuit does it for me.  And same car at La Sarthe ain't bad. Frank
  12. My internet connection is back up to its usual low performance threshold, so I've been googling on those two recent visitors' names and looking/listening to the teaser again.  The visitors are both BTCC champs (remember I'm a Yank, this is news to me).  Also Rallycross, but the teaser displays the GRID background - so BTCC it is, or Touring Cars anyway.  Not DiRT, not ToCA. Personally, I think a car expansion pack for GRID(08) with several touring cars to add to GRID's Lacetti and BMW 320si with a few new events on the original tracks would be just dandy.  Maybe a couple o
  13. Hey Miatakias, As more of a GRID fan than a ToCA fan, I have to disagree about a GRID game with a penalty system.  I take it you're talking about track rules, flags, all that.  GRID's simplicity, including no penalty system, is a large part of it's appeal to me.  In GRID cutting corners has logical consequences usually causing a drop in speed if not an outright spinout or crash.  Not sim, more fun, just racing.  There are enough sims with track rules.  I think direct consequences are more appropriate to GRID's niche than track rules would be.  "It's all abou
  14. I'll have to take your word for it, Assie.  At least for awhile. Frank
  15. I don't generally do DLCs at all as a single player, but having followed the forums the G2 DLC program does seem kind of desperate.  My face has turned red several times just reading about it.  Just saying . . . we know Codies can do better. Frank
  16. I got the news from a mention of the Racing teaser on the pCARS OT forum. Frank
  17. My internet provider sucks.  Besides, I can convince myself I'm a decent race driver as long as I stay offline.  I saw Zorada's pre-G2 release GRID vid (Spa) he posted on the old forum.  Remember that?  Whoosh.  My ego can't handle much of that. Frank
  18. I'm with Britpoint on GRID's palette and color filter.  Made GRID stand out in 2008 and still works for me.  I do turn off the motion blur though.  I get plenty of self-generated immersion without it, bobbing and weaving in my chair, keyboard in my lap. Frank
  19. The dragon sim is appealing, but I'd really just like a flamethrower - for the forums. Or GRID(1) Legends. Frank
  20. As far as GRID Games goes, I think having both games together in one section is better than separated (as they were in Codies Forum 1 & 2).  Previously, after the GRID2 section was opened most of the GRID traffic went to the GRID2 section.  You had to look in both places to find GRID threads - now they are all in one place. And although I'm still getting used to it, I think I also prefer this general organization and overall look.  Nice job.  Thanks, Satine. Frank
  21. A pickup camper with big side mirrors and cockpit view - DLC for GRID2.
  22. Wondered where you guys were.  I was scratching around in that Steam forum wondering what I was missing, because whatever it was sure wasn't there. Frank P.S.  Thanks for the "young" bit, Cap.
  23. That's one of the nice things about a wide range of race modes and tracks:  you have to use lots of cars.  GRID has specialty races for the Mazda 787B, LMP, FJ1000, TVR Tuscan Challenge, etc.  And where else do you get night races at Shibuya & Mt. Haruna, and day races at Istanbul Park and a time-scaled 24 Hours of LeMans with day and night laps, with four classes of cars and an AI team mate? But heck, I would buy it if all Codies came up with was a SP real time 24 Hours of LeMans with AI team mates, pit stops and driver swaps as a GRID expansion pack.  To me that woul
  24. There is going to be a free pre-release demo, right? Frank
  25. @ Britpoint: That small open wheel car in GRID is an FJ1000. @ Flash: As an offline single player, the elements that most impressed me about GRID when I started playing in 2008 were the handling and the strange but very cool post processing - the haze and dust/smoke in the air and the depth that gave to the long range views. Plus the range of cars and tracks in the game.  Diverse, never sure what was coming next.  Learning new racing modes. Then, I was/am very impressed with GRID's persistent and accumulative damage.  Also the ability to dial in assists and difficulty, from
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