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  1. Spammers on a Codies forum - been awhile since I've seen that.
  2. Purp, that sounds a little better than what I've read from The Crew's own marketing, but so far it doesn't stir any more of my interest than NFS The Run did.  I think I'm going to be plenty busy enough with other games for the rest of 2014 anyhow.  Like GRID Autosport, ROF, pCARS and maybe Assetto Corsa.  At the pace I move those items will keep me occupied well in to next year. @ Cap:  I know, I was thinking of other sandboxes that could be used by a dev team who wanted to make another open world game and get similar sized territory without arbitrarily removing big chunks
  3. I don't have a problem with an open world that takes 90 minutes to drive across, but calling it the USA is the silly part.  Atari didn't exactly exhaust the possibilities.  How long does it take to drive across Ireland, for example?  It takes very little research to find other candidates. Anyway, GRID Autosport FTW. Frank
  4. I like the three mini-expansions being put out for offline as well as online. :) Frank
  5. We already got a good one from Rastus in the wayback.  A Day Two follow up from him would be great, since there is no demo.  I don't recall ever reading a "professional" racing game review that was better. Frank
  6. The USA, coast-to-coast with only about 2,500 miles taken out of the middle, and mandatory cop chases - not my cuppa chai at all.  But that's just me.  A historic Dakar Rally game done seriously might get my attention though. Frank
  7. FWD is definitely less persnickety at launch, in GRID.
  8. Good grief.  Even here, it's Orange is the new . . .
  9. Yep.  I view this as not quite the GRID sequel I would have made if I was God, but definitely a real GRID sequel.  Worth the price ( I have paid full price in the past for games I ended up playing very little), and maybe even approaching GRID's long term compelling playability.  Collectively holding our breath maybe, not wanting to put a hex on the good stuff. Frank
  10. Wow!  Gotta love Mont Tremblant.  Never even heard of it before the forum discussions.  Watching the video I kept reaching for the look back key.  I'm not real happy with everything I've seen about the new game, but I think I'm going to like it a lot - especially if Advanced Settings for the rest of us get squeezed in some how. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  11. Yeah.  You want to be sure and hose that KB down once in awhile, get the cocoa, Coke, tomato sauce and ice cream out of there.  Don't forget to yank the plug first.  B-) Frank
  12. In GRID SP I blame my poor launches on my keyboard, but when I get the occasional fast launch it makes me realize it's just one area of race driving I've neglected and probably could do better if I spent more time practicing.  Oh well. Frank
  13. Who needs a high end graphics card?  How about a GTX 660, 2 GB @ under $200? I race because I have a PC that will play video games and do other entertainment, work, communicate, create and do my banking  If I had to have a console to race, I wouldn't.  PC forever!  At my house anyway. OK, I'm done. Frank PC/keyboard
  14. Race Day in the GRID(2008) single play mode includes a 1:1 scaled time 24 Hours of Le Mans (24 hour race takes 24 hrs), but no co-drivers, pit stops or anything else - just 24 hours of straight racing.  Push ESC for a substantial break and if you're not back in the saddle in a few minutes the race quits with a DNF (never actually timed it myself).  However, I can imagine that 2 or 3 committed (certifiable) Gridders could actually organize a driving schedule with drivers being relieved on the fly in the middle of the pit straight.  Never heard of anyone actually doing it though.
  15. Jackie Stewart's opinion is good enough for me.  I haven't done well with the Green Hell at all.  Would rather see the Nurburgring GP track in GRID A or it's child. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player - GRID since 2008, still.
  16. When Codies followed the three ToCA games with GRID I think they made it pretty clear that GRID (& the series) is not ToCA and is designed specifically not to be a sim or have many sim features.  It fills its own niche in arcade racing, and there ain't no pit stops in that place.  As you've mentioned, there are plenty of other racing games for people who want pit stops, etc.  GRID is different, like it or not.  As far as I'm concerned they've already made more than enough "improvements" in GRID A. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player - GRID since 2008.
  17. At Long Beach in GRID there is a race with 8 very short laps in the career game.  That's the race with the most laps in GRID that I recall.  There is also a race at Shibuya that is 6 very short laps (may be 8; not positive).  Also, a 6 lap race at Okutama.  Most are 2-3 laps. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  18. Maybe Codies just figures we need a little break just to keep up with you guys.  Not the South Americans though, I reckon. Frank
  19. Jeez, Loore.  Just back from Texas, now this little E3 thing-a-ma-bob.  I'm starting to think you're just bored at home. :P Have fun.  When you get back I want to know:  which vendor was the funniest? Frank
  20. Yeah, well I'm impressed with what Codies seem to be putting out in just 13 months.  Not to say that I think it's all good. Frank
  21. Hey, sjsharp.  Surely you don't play GRID at the default settings?  Seems close to impossible to me on a keyboard.  I play at Savage with Traction Control on, usually.  Played quite a bit at the middle setting (forgot what it's called) before I found my sweet spot.  Maybe it's just the difference between game pad and KB. Frank
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