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  1. I'm getting dizzy from these escalating effects.  Help!
  2. It would be great to have replay saves and camera settings like GTL and other SimBin games with an ability to toggle between that and the highly entertaining GRID replays that I associate with the game.  Not being able to save them has always been a bummer.  Too ambitious to be expected in the new Codies games I guess. Frank
  3. No invisible barriers please.  This is a GRID game. Frank
  4. Did you do that, Cap?  Tsk, tsk. Frank
  5. The depth of field I notice is just what is provided, I presume, by post processing:  the haziness that increases with distance.  I haven't noticed any changes to it with speed.  And it has been so long since I played with motion blur that I don't really recall all the details.  I at first turned off motion blur to get better screen shots, but quickly decided to leave it off all the time. Frank
  6. Just to be clear, I checked out the cockpit view in GRID last night (don't usually use it) and at SP in the Lacetti it has working side mirrors that display the blind spots on each side, but you still need to use the look back button to see directly behind. Frank
  7. @ Awong124: Speaking as a GRID fan since 2008 who has never stopped playing the game, the GRID identity is based precisely on what was in GRID.  There has always been a strong contingent of fans who have been saying for years that all Codies had to do to produce a great GRID sequel is add a few tracks and cars to GRID and update the graphics.  Not as simple as it sounds, but you get the idea. After a five year wait Codies produced GRID2, which is not a GRID sequel and should have been named something else.  It is an anomaly.  But it wears the GRID cloak and as a result ne
  8. I agree with 30K on motion blur.  In GRID I turned off motion blur after playing years with it on.  The artificial blur is gone, but when I'm in a close race with several hazards in the vicinity and driving as fast as I dare, I get a self-generated blur effect and sometimes a degree of tunnel vision.  And I quite commonly in a close race find myself bobbing and weaving and leaning in my chair - and I don't use FFB at all.  I think these things probably vary quite a bit between individuals, but for me the game's motion blur detracts from the immersion rather than adding to i
  9. Great math.  Heck, why not eliminate all the racing disciplines except those that most GRID players spent most time in?  How much do you suppose would be left?  For one thing the cockpit view would be gone again with that approach.  Open wheel?  Club racing - oops, that's already gone, or is it?  The main feature of GRID is that it has so much diversity.  Stands to reason that not everyone was particularly devoted to all the disciplines.  So what? Frank
  10. Naw, it's gotta be a full race version of the 1970 Saab 96 V4.  Perfect competition for the Mini Cooper S.  They just need to fiddle with the classes a little more. OK, I'm kidding. Frank
  11. Alright, I've caved.  Unless the vendor changes his mind about delivering to my address I'm in with a pre-order - the PC disc.  I was wavering anyway, but the great news about Touring Cars did it for me.  I would still prefer a GRID game closer to the original, but what the hell.  It's only money and I won't have to put up with a glacial download.  Cheers! Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player. P.S.  Black Ed ought to be an AI driver name.  In one of those white cars.
  12. Hmm.  That would be in the ToCA3 Legendary Edition thread, wouldn't it? Frank
  13. Yep Cap; plenty of beavers around here - though they're generally pretty good at keeping their heads down.  Summer has arrived here.  It's always rather startling.  About to get wet though. Frank
  14. +, +, & +; what Rastus said. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  15. GRID 1 Legendary Edition is my favorite GRID Game, so far.  Not enamoured of the name, though.  It will have an install disc for NA and a demo, of course.  Where do I pre-order? Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  16. Was just checking to see if you were still conscious. Frank
  17. Touge doesn't need to be eliminated to eliminate those problems within Touge online.  Just put it in the Party category, like Codies have done with Derby.  You would think that by now Codies would have realized that eliminating GRID features from subsequent GRID Games is not the way to restore and sustain the GRID fan base.  Each of these disciplines has its following, and each time a GRID feature is carved off, a chunk of the fan base is carved off.  Too many of these "improvements" are not. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  18. You have a Drift trailer?  I don't see the link. Frank
  19. Oh yeah, you mean like Bathurst? Frank
  20. Some things can just be listed; some things have to be tried.  Hence, no demo = no pre-order. Frank
  21. Yes, bring back Touge!  Touge racers for sure aren't as numerous or vociferous as Derby fans or we would have heard more by now.  But I've always found the Touge events to be a great break from the prevailing more Euro/American racing.  It's loss is a serious chip off GRID's diversity foundation.  Since the first couple of career games I've played I skip Demo entirely and most of the Drift events, but I always go all out in Touge. And where is Shibuya, entirely different but great fun?  Haven't heard anything about it yet. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  22. I would be willing to pay a reasonable added fee for an install disc, but Codies have decided they would rather forgo disc sales in NA for - fewer sales and more profit?  I'll scout out an overseas source and pay the freight and Codies' distributor won't have to deal with it.  Although last time I did that (DiRT3) I swore I wouldn't do that again.  DiRT3 still tastes bad.  Cost $20-$25 more and took three weeks for delivery.  A day and a half or two days downloading and a 10GB download cap makes me seriously consider doing without download only games entirely - altho
  23. Quite a few of us in the States have horrible internet too.  I don't think the quality of available connections has much to do with it. Frank
  24. On the other hand, there are also the racing games with no replay at all - NFS ProStreet, for one.  And maybe NFS Porsche Unleashed, though I'm not sure about that. Frank
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