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  1. GRID: Just finished three races at Shibuya.  I wouldn't want to base an entire game on it, but it sure makes a great break from more established racing disciplines.  What a blast.  Couldn't possibly be dropped from GRID A, could it? Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  2. Amazon, US, still not listing GRID A PC, but PS3 and Xbox360 are listed - pre-order for Black Edition @ $49.99. Frank
  3. Drifting around the double apex turn at San Francisco in GRID is always fun, mainly because it's a bit unusual, not typical. Frank
  4. @ Miatakias: A gift like a Trojan Horse, perhaps? Frank
  5. Diversity is one of the strong points of GRID and leaving Touge out of GRID A makes it less diverse.  Would be a more diverse game and more clearly a GRID sequel if Touge was in GRID A.  Unless Codies made up the diversity in other ways (?). Frank
  6. Tried it again, it worked, got 10, 10, 9.  I think my problem was just my connection flaking out. Frank
  7. Ah.  In My Drafts.  That works.  Thanks. Frank
  8. So, where did Jon get the idea Rally was going to be one of GRID A's race discipline's?  I don't usually pay any attention to any of these non-dev blogs/reviews, and this one illustrates why. Frank
  9. Sure would be nice to have a Cancel button in the Comment drafting box.
  10. No scaled time 24 Hours of le Mans?  Just ran one earlier today on GRID.  Maybe I need to put a second ODD in my new rig.  One for GRID and the other for some other game. Frank
  11. It's still going around in circles here.  Maybe it doesn't like the ATI laptop I'm actually on.  Doesn't matter. Frank
  12. From the link: the final release of GRID: Autosport will come packing more than 100 tracks spread over 22 locations, ranging from rallying to street-racing. Quoted from: Jon Does Jon know what he's talking about? The calculator won't let me select the i5-4670K that's going into my DIY PC.  Not that I'm worried about it. Frank
  13. I checked the box that ain't there.  Won't use it at all.  But I'm glad for you guys that it's in GRID A. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player -- with a single 24" display. Card carrying 95%'er.
  14. Miatakias, I don't think you're supposed to be having that much fun here, are you? B-) Frank
  15. In GRID there are only two drivers per team, but over 250 teams.  This looks like fewer teams, but a lot more drivers per team; quite a bit more complex career and a more directed career, but still with plenty of flexibility as to paths.  Going to be very interesting. My "Purchase" key is blinking at me, but not yet. Frank
  16. Quickly done, Loore.  Thanks. Frank
  17. After looking at the GRID(08) team lists in a couple of profiles (seasons 2 and 9; nothing further along on this computer) I don't see Oakley Motorsport.  Is this a new team just for GRID A?  Will there be any career GRID A teams other than Ravenwest that are from GRID(08)?  And in the career will we be able to create and recruit our own team, or will we only be choosing a pre-existing team to sign up with? Not a big deal, just curious.  I'm getting antsy though. Frank PC/keyboard, offline single player.
  18. The proof is in the pudding, and so far the recipe looks pretty good but . . . Frank
  19. ????????????????????  Your clearly not what I meant by casual, if your still playing GRID 2, or other CM games, long after their release.  :) Deleted my post because it didn't make any sense, seeing as how I was thinking GRID A and then realizing after I posted that you were talking about G2.  Since this is a mixed forum, game title in the thread title would be helpful.  Thanks.
  20. Touge is a Japanese head-to-head race in two heats.  One car starts ahead in the first heat, the other starts in front in the second heat.  No contact, the overall win awarded to the shortest combined time.  Passing is permitted, but a large time penalty is imposed on the "aggressor" if there is contact.  Usually on a mountainous bit of public highway, one heat down the mountain, second heat on the same highway back up the mountain.  Pro Touge is in daylight on a closed road.  Night touge events are on open roads and include dodging traffic, and contact is permitt
  21. Hey, Cap. I really hope it pays off, man.  Xbox360, or PC?  I'm fairly convinced, as I guess you can tell, but not quite there yet.  I'm still holding out.  Cheers. Frank
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