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  1. SillySinStorm

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Anybody else having the game stutter, freeze and then shut down their Xbox One X? Doesn't happen with any other game.
  2. SillySinStorm

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    The AI are great this year. After pitting at Spain i had a 26 lap battle with Hamilton to the finish. Absolutely mind blowing. It took all my defensive driving skills to keep him behind. Love it
  3. SillySinStorm

    Petition to make the multiplayer car default for Time Trial

    I'd even go as far as having "stock" time trial events. No setups just a tune created by Codies for everyone to use for that track. Everyone has the same tools as extreme setups would be moot.
  4. How about NOT buff assists and just put the "majority", as you call it, in their own lobbies. Problem solved. Assist users have had it sweet for a while. About time they raced as the game intended. F1 as a motorsport ditched assists over a decade ago.
  5. Pointless to race online? Did you post the same thing on Reddit a while ago too? Create assists allowed lobbies and away you go. Don't hinder those that have taken the time to run unassisted.
  6. SillySinStorm

    Class is in session

    That's a shame as i'd have liked to have raced with you. Hope you enjoy the game on release.
  7. SillySinStorm

    Class is in session

    Are you on Xbox? Could do with a decent racer friend for when F1 2019 launches...
  8. SillySinStorm

    GRID pre-order links

    Need some Xbox One Ultimate Edition digital goodness 😎🏁
  9. SillySinStorm

    Track models in F1 2019

    Turn 10 have laser scanned versions of Spa, Silverstone and Suzuka that perhaps they'd licence to Codemasters. Saying that i imagine the cost of the F1 licence alone is a big enough hurdle to overcome without factoring in 3rd party assets.
  10. SillySinStorm

    F2 in Career Mode

    Not defending Codies at all but i imagine they have access to data regarding the average player vs career portion completed ratio. I also imagine that a large percentage do only one or two seasons before sticking to multiplayer or moving on to other games. In this regard it's understandable that the F2 portion of the career isn't the focus. Not saying it's right but i can understand their reasoning.
  11. First time in the beta and am so happy. Looking forward to giving feedback on handling.
  12. F2 confirmed? I'm a happy boy. Hurry up release day 🏁
  13. SillySinStorm

    Not much has changed - WR times & hack setups

    I'm with you totally. I don't even bother with TT. When i venture online the "fast" racers come unstuck when i'm host and set setups to "fixed" and assists to zero. Hoping the introduction of this spec car will usher in "hardcore" lobbies with fixed setups and no assists.
  14. SillySinStorm

    Why pre-order?

    I've preordered and prepaid F1 2019 as i've supported Codemasters since Dizzy in the 1980s. They've given me countless hours of entertainment so i'm more than happy to support them.
  15. SillySinStorm

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    On the subject of setups i'd love for Codies to limit the use of extreme setups on multiplayer. I tend to stick to "fixed setup" lobbies in order to have a level playing field. At least i know i lost due to my lack of skill rather than not having a trick setup.